Delusive Alliance

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Chapter 1: Summoned

Sesshomaru had been contemplating on finding someone to give him an heir for a while. It was a demand. He needed to pass on what he knew while he was still young, but the problem was finding a suitable mate. He still had memories of the daughters of the other three lords who joined he's father and himself at a dinner, but they were all idiotic mindless girls as he recalls. He had to mate one of them to maintain his superiority. He would die before mating a human or some disgusting lower life demoness, but he had no interest in the three lord's daughters either. He kept the thoughts flowing as he watched Rin catch fish and the little imp trying with no luck.

"Come on Master Jaken! You almost had it," Rin cheered the imp on.

"I got it! ha ha!" the imp shouted triumphantly with his bird like mouth wide open, holding the fish above his head, but then he started to lose his balance.

"Hold on Master Jaken! It's going to get away!"

"Aaaaah ooof!" Jaken fell in the water face first.

"Rin. Jaken! Let's go. We are going to the palace."

"Yes my lord," the two yelled in unison. Rin swished past Jaken causing him to fall again then she climbed up the two headed dragon's back.

"Come on Master Jaken! You can catch more fish next time."

"Stupid girl! I'm not" the dragon had took off to the sky, behind Sesshomaru."Wait for me my lord," he jumped on to the ended of his pelt, flickering in the wind.

"Lord Sesshomaru?"

"Yes Rin,"

"Did you say we're going to your palace? I never been there before. I can't wait to see how beautiful it is."

When they arrived, they were greeted by some of the servants who wore questionable looks, staring down at the little girl who accompanied their lord. Sesshomaru quickly noticed their curious and rather rude stares.

"We're glad you're finally back my lord and if you don't mind me asking, why is it that you have traveled here with a human girl?" a young cat demon asked. She was around Sesshomaru's age with long black hair, green eyes, and sun-kissed skin.

"It is none of your concern. You will find Rin a room and make sure she is well taken care of. Jaken will assist you," the servant walked over to take Rin's hand but , Rin was a little hesitant looking up at Sesshomaru.

"Rin her name is Natsumi, she will take care of you while we are here. She will not harm you," Sesshomaru's eyes soften to show his sincerity.

"Okay," Rin's slightly frightened attitude changed quickly to his warm look as she bounced down a hall with her new care taker.

"Akio, I need you to meet me in my quarters," Sesshomaru requested. Akio was one of the only men alive he felt he could trust. He was his father's adviser and had already began to gray.

"Yes my lord."

Sesshomaru advised the old man to sit across from him at his desk promptly to their arrive at his quarters. He had to get some information sorted out swiftly and formally. And who other than Akio to do so.

"As you know, I told you all that I wouldn't be returning until I am ready to settle down to find a mate who will give me an heir, and now is that time."

"What is it that you wish me to do."

"I want you to summon all of the eligible daughters of the other lords. I want them here in no more than three days. I trust you will have this information sent out before sunset."

"Of course," he lowered his head to show his respect and left the room.

'Hopefully they have changed since the last time I've seen them. I do not want some juvenile as the mother of my child.'

Akio had the information out in record time. All the lords of the land were over joyed to hear the western lords' request and jumped to preparing their daughters. Although Sesshomaru was the youngest of the lords he held the most power. The only lord who wasn't quite in the same predicament was the Southern Lord. He wanted to build a strong alliance as well, but his only daughter ran away disgusted with his deceptive ways and refused to be apart of it. He told her she was better off dead if she wouldn't make herself of any use. He believed she was too much like her mother, but for that reason she would have an advantage over the other daughters. She wasn't only prettier, she was smart, skilled in the arts of war, and even had her own deceptive ways. He sent out four of his best troops to return her safely and have her prepared to go to the Western palace, but they were about to make a mistake.


Inuyasha and the gang sat in silence around a campfire in the night. They were on there way to a village that reported multiple robberies. They said it was some kind of demon with spiritual powers and the major issue was it's ability to be un-traceable. The demon strikes at night stealing sacred scrolls for an unknown reason.

"So the demon still has no identity. I still think it's strange for a full blooded demon to have spiritual powers. I just can't see how that's possible," Miroku the monk of the group wondered.

"Maybe it's only half demon. On rare occasions demons mate priest or priestess and their offspring receives both their abilities. These demons are rarely seen which brings me to believe they have found some way through their abilities to mask themselves from the world. So that might be our case," Sango clarified.

"Sure but he, she what ever it is won't get away from us. Where's Kagome, that girl still didn't come back, " Inuyasha questioned.

"She's still at the hot spring. If she doesn't come back soon, I'll go check on her," Sango said.


'That's interesting a demon with spiritual powers. Still don't know how it's possible, and how are we going to locate this demon if there is no hints to how it stole these items without being seen.' Kagome soaked in thought, breathing the steamy air of the hot spring.

"Huh...guess we'll figure it out tomorrow. We're not far from the village."

"There she is don't let her get away," a male voice shouted not far from Kagome's location. Then a girl bursted out of the trees, full sprint stopping when she noticed Kagome. She stared for a minute noticing something familiar in her. Kagome picked up a cloth to cover her body and threw on her clothes quickly, but then Kagome noticed the same thing as she stepped closer to the girl.

"Hey is this some kind of joke? You look just like me and this is no mirror," Kagome frowned looking at the reflection of herself.

"We got you this time!" the male voice from earlier shouted stepping into the clearing."

"No this is no joke run," the girl grabbed Kagome's hand and took off through the woods.

"Don't make this hard Naomi. Come with us so we don't have to scratch that pretty face," the man continued to follow now with three other men behind him."

The girls were heading towards a cliff still moving full speed. Kagome began to slow but Naomi pulled her along.

"What are you doing!" Kagome screamed.

"We are running out of options you have to trust me. When I say jump, jump."


"One... two... three...jump!" Naomi yelled squeezing Kagome's hand tight so she could disappear with her, but Kagome was pulled back and only Naomi vanished.

"We got you now Naomi! Now you will go back to your father," the largest man in the front spoke while wrapping a rope around her legs and arms.

"But I'm not...," Kagome was cut off when her mouth was covered with a cloth and she was thrown over the large man's shoulder. She was in for it, and had no idea how she was gonna get herself out. She was afraid her friends would mistake Naomi as her. The men who captured her didn't notice a difference in their scent and they're demons; she was sure if they noticed they would have let her go. Definitely not good.


Naomi knew they would mix Kagome up with herself, but at the time she didn't care because she wasn't ready to go back. She would get Kagome out of that mess but just not yet. She headed for a camp near by, smelling the smoke. She was hoping she could scare them off and take their food, because she didn't feel like hunting and she was starving. As she entered the area she was greeted by a demon slayer.

"Kagome! You're back. I was just about to come get you. Join us and eat. Hey!" Sango eyed her clothing,"What are you wearing?"

'Might as well stay here for a while. I get free food and they don't need to go causing trouble looking for Kagome. So I'll stay for awhile. I might be able to trick them into helping me,' After that quick thought Naomi sat next to Sango and answered, "Oh I brought it in case I got cold."

"But it's not cold," Inuyasha gave her a funny look. It was the middle of the summer.

"I was frightened by the...,"'Where was that girl? Oh yeah,'"hot spring and I knocked my clothes in the water and I left them to dry. So I pulled this out to cover myself ."

"You left your clothes at the spring. You idiot!" Inuyasha scolded Kagome or well um...Naomi. She ignored his comment just glad she had them fooled. None of them gave her suspicious looks and the little red head fox demon was fast asleep on the demon slayer's lap. Although she wasn't ready to pull Kagome out, she wondered what her father wanted her back for this time.


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Natsumi- summer beauty

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Naomi- above all