Cutter pinned Stephen against one of the walls, in his office, at the Home Office. "Nick, what are you...? Are you sure?" Stephen gasped. "Here?"

"God, Stephen I need you," Nick moaned. "Now."
"Alright," Stephen agreed. "If you're sure."
"Stop talking," Cutter growled. "I can think of better things for you to do with that beautiful mouth of yours,"

Grinning Stephen flipped them so Nick was leaning back against the wall and unbuttoned the older man's jeans. Cutter barely registered what his research assistant was doing as his denims were pushed down his thighs, his boxers quickly following. Suddenly Stephen was on his knees and warmth enveloped Nick's cock. It took all the older man's self-control not to buck into the willing mouth. Stephen's hands gripped Cutter's hips as he sucked the professor's cock. Nick dropped his hands, carding his fingers through the younger man's hair, silently urging his research assistant to go faster. Stephen eagerly complied.

Neither heard the quiet knock on the door or noticed Lester entering the room. The civil servant stopped short watching in surprise as Cutter suddenly bucked hard into the younger man's mouth, coming with a cry of completion. Without looking over at Lester, or even seeming to realise that the other man was there, Nick pulled his research assistant into a standing position, loosening the younger man's trousers and slipping his hand into Stephen's boxers. Stephen arched against his touch and after several quick strokes gasped, slumping foward so his head was buried in Cutter's shoulder. Holding the other man up Nick finally caught sight of Lester, silently cursing his stupidity for not locking the door.

"Just what is going on here?" Lester demanded.

"Boy's got a really good tongue," Cutter drawled. "An' I needed to relieve some tension."

Stephen snorted into Cutter's shoulder, "Just 'some' tension?"

"Quiet," Nick instructed. "Did you actually want something Lester?"

"Your report," Lester suggested.

"Get it tomorrow," Cutter answered. "I'm going home, to bed."

"Bed's comfy," Stephen commented. "Quite like that idea, let's go."

"If you insist," Nick chuckled. "Bye Lester." Fixing their trousers Nick tugged the younger towards the door.

"I'd tell you to have a nice night," Lester claimed. "But honestly I shudder to think about what you'll be getting up to."

Laughing at him they exited the home office, heading back to the house Cutter had once shared with Helen. Once there Nick dragged Stephen upstairs to 'relieve some more tension.' Lester watched them go, torn between amusement and the urge to bleach the sight of them together from his memories. Shaking his head he returned to his officeto do some paper work, to take his mind off the day's events. If Cutter wanted to sleep with Hart then so be it.