Dawn Of The New Brood

This is my 1st wrestling fanfiction I've ever done. I've watched it for well over 9 years, personally loved the older stuff so I'm writing into more of those areas. I wanted to write something different from what I usually write for a change, try something new. Plus I loved The Brood, as most people I have my favourites and their one of mine. This is around 2001-2002 area, after Edge and Christian split up and the alliance had been tackled down. But with Christian still having his long hair : ) I don't own the people, just created the plot and what's in it, not what really happened in story lines.

A mysterious blood bath happens after one of Christians matches, he didn't do it but who did.........? Return of The Brood? What's really happening and who's returned and why? And...... Why are some people going missing?

"What did father have to say?" Questioned the dark haired young man and raised an eyebrow as he saw the tall blonde walking over.

The small blonde next to the dark haired man dropped a dead body and look in his direction. "Bet he was so tempted to beat you for your failure." He gave a dirty smirk with the comment.

"Quiet, brother, and try and teach yourself to not be so rude and hyper." The dark haired brother scolded. "He is our brother now too."

The small blonde pouted a little at being told off. "Sorry. Just so grumpy, you guys said you'd get Chrissy."

"Your so childish, you know that?" The taller blonde commented, now totally standing with the other two.

"You can be too, and you're supposed to be the oldest and mature one." The dark haired brother shot back.

"No need to dig, you two didn't exactly do a much better job yourselves." The tall blonde defended. "And sometimes.... You're a little to serious and mature."

"Fine, fine." The dark brother sighed in defeat, while the other frowned.

"It doesn't matter who does it, but it must be done." The small blonde continued to frown. "We need to have Chrissy, baby brother."

"He's my real baby brother." The tall blonde replied sharply.

"You're such a jerk."

"And you're such an attempt of a Christian mimic."


"Teeny acting bastard." The tall blonde shot back with just as much energy as the small one. For a moment there was just a little silence and they glared at each other.

"I hate you!" Both shouted at each other in unison.

They looked at each other for a moment again and then suddenly cheeky smirks crossed both of their faces. "Love you really!" Both said in unison again, making them give out dark laughs at the same time and gave a brief hug to the other.

"See, you two like each other really." The dark haired figure joined in and smirked.

"Guess...." The tall blonde sighed. "We all are in the same brood now, nothing can change that. We were all in this brood at one point or another, once a member, always a member. Member for life. But of course not just everyone can be a member."

"So true." The small blonde nodded.

"Of course, that's why it took father so long to decide and prepare for our arrivals." The dark haired one added and then smirked. "For most people, their just dinner."

"Well, I was out of the 'plans' for a while though. Weren't I?" The tall blonde replied and raised an accusing eyebrow.

"That's his decisions, not ours." The small blonde defended.

"Yea." The dark haired brother added. "But you were part of our group and father rethought his plans. The main reason he didn't want you in it originally was because of you dragging Christian away from the group, considered it as your entire fault. Plus he thought it would've been better if Christian had his real older brother permanently with him, he does care about you a lot and often listens to you. Also, we both understood what it's like to want your real brother by your side, can't beat that."

"Doubt he'll be doing that again anytime to soon." The tall blonde joked in a dark tone.

"Most likely right!" The dark haired brother laughed at the joke. "If he saw you walking down the street he most likely would turn around and scream for his life!"

"Whatever, guys." The small blonde interrupted with more deeper concerns. "Better start making our way back home, the sun's going to be coming up soon. I've already eaten enough, so I'm done. Plus, I want to be nice and cosy in my wing/suite and asleep before the sun comes up."

"Good idea, baby brother." The dark haired brother nodded in agreement.

"Ha! When father said he had a space set up for each and every one of us, I thought he just meant a bedroom!" The tall blonde continued to joke. "Each childe's wing/suite is like the size of several houses!"

"One of the great perks of being us." The small blonde smirked. "Much better than missing daylight and sun."

"Exactly." The dark haired nodded. "Plus each one is fitted exactly to the person's tastes, good thing too considering all of us having such different personalities and interests."

"He got them down to the details." The tall blonde nodded in addition. "Plus has got material possessions each of us has ever wanted."

"I know!" The smaller blonde burst in happy excitement. "I didn't want to leave my area for ages when I first got it. It has everything I've ever wanted! Right down to even CD's that I love and a game room!"

"You only got tons because you love loads of material things." The dark haired one snorted at that.

"Or maybe yours hasn't got as much because you're so boring!" The small blonde shot back with a smirk.

The dark haired brother just rolled his eyes; his brother was often in this mood, loving to play fight with him. Best just to ignore that comment; he knew he wouldn't win the play fight, which was one of his brother's best qualities.

"Either of you seen Christian's one?" The tall blonde questioned, truly intrigued. "It's like always locked up but at least next to mine."

Both of the brother's shook their heads in answer to his question.

"Not allowed to go in there." The small blonde added in a childish voice, like reciting a parents words.

"Not allowed?" The tall blonde questioned, raising a questioning eyebrow. "Why not?"

"No one except our parents is allowed in there." The blonde replied, looking at the taller one with a strange eye, as if he should know of this already.

"Yep, it's one of their little rules." The dark haired one added. "No one except father can enter in there before Christian's arrival. The new owner's got to be the first one to witness it. Don't matter much anyway; you'll get long enough to look at it when Christian arrives."

"Yea...... I guess you're right. I was just curious, that's all." The tall blonde sighed.

"Better get going, you stay in the sun for too long and you won't be seeing much of anything." The dark haired figure reminded and gestured for them to move on.

The two blondes gave a unison nod and all three started to rush off at what felt like light speed to the place that they were just talking about. What was now called 'home'........

"What do you mean 'lost it'!?" Cried and demanded a frantic blonde. "How could this happen?"

"You need to calm down, Mr. Jericho." A male police officer replied, not liking how his news was breaking.

"More panic will just cause more chaos." A female officer added in.

"But what does this all mean?" Chris Jericho frowned, having a hard time stomaching the fresh piece of news that had just been given to him.

The whole day had passed so quickly in one big massive blur and now it was coming down in one big clashing hit. It was now coming into super late afternoon to early evening, still light hung in there but most likely not too much longer.

Lita and Rhino had been back to visit during the day, along with plenty of the other wrestlers, to check that Christian was doing fine. Most of the other wrestlers brought cards, chocolate and flowers, in the traditional way of saying get well soon. Lita and Rhino said that Matt and Jeff strangely seemed to keep to themselves today at work and just seemed to hide in their locker room, not causing havoc for once. Good thing too, it was most likely the best thing to stay away from them, like Christian had warned them before.

Friends had heard the news and expressed their serious surprise to Christian, couldn't believe Edge would attack him. Some had said he'd been acting weird around the time anyway but still couldn't believe he'd take it this far. Edge was never really that violent to Christian, no matter what he'd done to him.

Edge thoughts had plagued the young blonde ever since he'd woken up in the hospital. Even though he should be asleep, resting, he just couldn't much for the whole day. Every sudden movement or noise made him jump and nearly feel like wanting to cower in a corner. Every time he closed his eyes all he could picture was scenes of what had happened and imaginative images of what might happen to him in the future, none of which looked good for him.

The way people were talking about him..... They made him out like a common murderer or something but no he wasn't, not to Christian anyway. Christian could see it in him, especially in the eyes, that this Edge wasn't a basic killer. This Edge was much more complex than a basic murderer. Edge's eyes........ They were haunting him. They were so dark..... Like they were coming from someone he'd never met before. They said everything, a very disturbed young man led beneath that new set of eyes.

Was his big brother really still in there? That question kept whirling around in his mind. Even though Edge had done those horrible things......... He was still Christian's bigger, older and protective brother. He still had brotherly feelings for him, didn't really want to totally hate him. Even if he didn't totally hate him..... He was scared of him though, that he couldn't deny. Christian had then decided that even though he could still be his older brother, he had to see him as somewhat of his enemy now. He was all alone..... He no longer had his big brother to watch his back, instead.... He had to be on permanent alert against him because he was now the threat.

Even with people visiting, Christian couldn't get his thoughts off of Edge, much to Chris Jericho's disgust. Jericho just wanted Christian to drop all thoughts of Edge but also knew that it was most likely not going to happen.

Jericho and Christian had chatted very often throughout the day on what happened. Jericho saw Christian trying to nod off a couple of times during the day but hadn't stayed in sleep long, no longer than a couple of minutes, kept jolting back awake and the memories hadn't disappeared, not even for a second. Jericho could tell that Christian's thoughts were all over the place though, one minute saying he could totally hate Edge for what he'd done, the next he'd be close to tears remembering the good times with him. He hated seeing his friend like that. But he was also wondering what they were going to do..... It wasn't like Christian would be so happy to go back and wrestle in the company, especially at the moment with them there.

To make the whole thing worse the police turned up for their statement off him and he had no idea what exactly to say. Oh yea they were really going to believe, his older vampire brother trapped him in an office building, killed the security guard and had then tried to knock him out so that he could be taken off into the world of darkness! And oh yea, assaulting his best friend and now didn't have the foggiest clue where he'd have gone. He was just left with saying basics, that his brother had attacked him out of the blue and just went nuts. Also lying by saying that Edge must've been drunk or high on something to behave the way he did. And gave a vague description of what had happened, without all the vampire stuff involved.

Visiting hours were long over and Christian was glad, all he had wanted to do was to shut his eyes and rest, and prayed his horrible memories would go away while he slept, even if it was only for a little while. Couldn't he at least be granted a few moments of not remembering?

Jericho glanced to the side of him and peered quickly into the hospital room that contained his best friend. He was right outside Christian's hospital room, in the corridor, and was looking through the glass. Christian finally looked a little peaceful, now that he was asleep. Christian had been acting so anxious and wanted to hide in a corner all day but couldn't exactly blame him; he'd had the scare of his life. He had been especially worrying about the dark, night time, and wondered whether Edge would try and go for him again. Jericho had tried to calm him and said that there was security and that Christian had a buzzer to call for people and would have himself permanently around. He knew it didn't work to well though but at least tried. And he could understand why Christian wouldn't believe him on being safe, he couldn't really promise his safety and knew that Edge was most likely not going to quit so easily. He just prayed that they would have a little break or something before anything else showed up......

"Do you want us to wake him up and tell him?" The male police officer asked softly, gesturing to the young sleeping blonde in the hospital room through the glass.

"No....." Jericho heavy sighed. "Don't wake him; this has to be the most peace he's had in days. Well the peaceful I've seen him in days....."

"You'll have to tell him then when he wakes." The female officer pointed out.

"And just what exactly do you want me to tell him!?!" Jericho burst, letting his temper get the better of him. "Tell him that officer's working on this case have now been killed!? That all the evidence is missing, including CCTV footage and files on the case!?"

"I know this is an upset but....." The male officer tried to protest.

"Upset!? Upset!!!" Jericho burst again in disbelief and looking at the officer like he was nuts. "Upset doesn't even describe the emotions I'm feeling right now! Do you realise how serious this is!?"

"Of course we do!" Spluttered the male officer, thinking the gentleman in front of him was overeating to the news.

"Thanks to the culprit, they wiped out an entire advanced league squad! Not to mention all the stolen evidence in an extremely important case like this. Something that has never happened before." The female officer added.

"Well what are you going to do about it then?" Jericho demanded, looking at the officers sternly in the eyes. "You can't let whoever has done this get away with doing this."

"We have every intention of not letting this case slide, Mr. Jericho. This is one of the worst extreme offences ever for this area; whoever did it would most likely get the death penalty." The female officer tried to reassure. "But unfortunately it's not all that easy."

"And why not?" Jericho frowned.

"The culprit didn't leave a lick of evidence, nothing." The male officer heavily sighed. "Without evidence this case is purely resting on hearsay. That's if it even gets to court or anything at this rate."

"What does that mean? It'll be Christian's word against his brothers?!"

The male officer stood there for a moment, trying to decide what would be the best tactic to tell his news. He didn't need to, Jericho had already figured out his answer just by staring at him.

"Oh my god! You're fucking shit me!" Jericho cussed is total disbelief; he really did feel like he was going to lose it now. The thought of Christian was the only thing that stopped him from totally losing it, Christian was stressed enough as it was, he needed him to be strong and to not have him also fall apart. He was Christian's next closest thing in his life.... Already lost so much else....

"Language please!" The female officer strongly warned, only letting it slide because the news was enough to send anyone crazed.

"The security guard was dead. What more proof could you need?!" Jericho demanded, just barely taking the warning onboard.

"Yes. And someone does need to be put on trial for his murder but...... There's no proof that Edge did it, not anymore thanks to this thief." The female officer tried to explain. "For cases of murder there needs to be hard evidence, rock solid evidence that tells the court that this person did it without any doubt. We did collect DNA evidence from the scene but unfortunately even that's gone missing, can't even compare it to anybody like Christian."

"Christian? Why the heck would Christian need to be tested?" Jericho scowled and demanded, they better not be accusing him of doing the murder.

"Relax." The male officer tried to butt in and held his hands up in defence, not wanting to be more verbally attacked by the enraged blonde much more.

"It's standard procedure." The female officer added. "Everyone at the scene would often get tested so everyone can 100% be ruled out of the equation. It's also to check up all stories that have been said. Evidence is everything."

"But still..... Does that mean you're going to stop your search for Edge?" Jericho asked nervously.

"We didn't say that, we've got a warrant for him. That's if we can even track him down, he hasn't been seen or heard from since this attack." The male officer answered.

Jericho was in some ways relieved that they were still going to try and get Edge but automatically sank back down again, there was no way in hell they'd be able to control this new Edge. Edge would shred them before they could even contemplate what was going on..... Plus that worried him..... No one seeing Edge since the attack. Was he in hiding or something?

After moments of Jericho not bothering to say anything else and just stand there in deep thought to himself the officers took that as basically conversation was over for now.

"Just please tell him when he wakes up." The female officer reminded Jericho as they started to walk off. "It's important that he's kept in the light of what's going on."

Jericho gave a dismissive nod and with that both officers walked off, back to most likely telling more bad news to others. Chris Jericho once again looked sadly in on his sleeping best friend in the side hospital room through the glass. Thankfully Christian was still asleep and hadn't heard his frustration, he finally looked peaceful..... He wishes he didn't ever have to break it.....

Jericho let out a deep heavy sigh of stress to himself and raked his hands over his face, this news made things so much worse. Then again, if they hadn't lost the evidence and most case parts what difference would it have made? They still most likely wouldn't be able to hold on to Edge anyway, he most likely would've killed whole leagues of officers without batting an eyelid.

Jericho suddenly felt like he needed to soothe his nerves and wanted a cup of tea, the machine was just a few couple of corridors away. Christian should be alright for a few minutes, shouldn't he? He was just peacefully sleeping..... Didn't need him at this direct moment..... After a few moments of swaying back and forth over a decision he finally said 'yes' to himself and he'd come right back, just a few minutes while Christian slept. He took one last hesitating glance at Christian through the glass before he quickly set off walking down the corridors to seek out some tea.

Christian suddenly was overcome by a strange feeling, like he suddenly felt himself being only half asleep but like quite aware in senses of what was going on around him. If he was awake, why wasn't he moving? Why weren't his eyes opening?

Even though his eyes were shut he started having images of the outside flash in his mind, as if he was in a dream and was watching from his point of view, like his eyes were open. He felt his mind do a sudden mental jump when he felt a soft hand had suddenly started stroking his face, almost affectionately.

"Is this real?" Christian spoke to himself but soon realised he was just speaking in his mind and his real mouth did not move. He felt himself starting to get panicky, why was he able to think and feel things but not move anything like his eyes? Was someone really touching him on the face?

"Uhh........ Little One why couldn't you just have come quietly? I hate seeing you like this......." Christian suddenly heard a voice from above him and shivered from the 'Little One' comment, he was so getting sick and tired of being called that. The voice..... It sounded familiar....... He knew the person that was stroking his face? Sounded like he knew the person but couldn't put a face to the voice. Obviously must be a voice he hadn't heard from in at least a while. He tried to focus on the mental images that almost felt real, he saw a blur of a person standing over him while he remained laid out in the hospital bed. He hadn't noticed the person standing over him before, what was with his senses? He continued to try and focus but to his dismay he couldn't figure out who the person was because they were wearing total black, a massive hood and the shadow of the hood covered the persons face.

"Why are you in my room!?" Christian tried to demand but once again it didn't come out of his real mouth and was more like a thought to himself.

It felt like he was now being forced to stay in the somewhat half asleep mode. Was this person doing this? Forcing him to not totally wake up so he couldn't fight back or call for help or something?

The person sounded like a man; at least Christian was hoping it was a man because that'd mean his hearing going on him as well. What did he want from him? Someone looking like that shouldn't be able to get into his private hospital.

The experience seemed to last a lifetime to Christian, the person continued to stroke his face affectionately and whisper things to him. Kept on calling him his 'Little One' which was making Christian even more cross, he couldn't even correct this person at this point. The person was giving him the shivers, some of the things he was saying gave him the creeps but for a good chunk of it he couldn't hear very well and didn't understand what he was saying. His head at times felt a little dizzy and tired, not able to understand some of the things being said. What was wrong with him? The drugs also possibly playing an act in all of this? He was told that the drugs he was given were quite a high dose........

All of a sudden the hooded figure looked up and darted out of his view. Also all of a sudden Christian felt that mental grip that was keeping him in the half sleep state lift with the person leaving. His eyes snapped open and heard a sudden yelling of his best friend fill the room.

Before he could focus on what Jericho was saying his eyes darted to the window and saw a dark hooded figure jumping out of it as quickly as they could. Christian then turned his attention back to Jericho and saw that he had dropped a plastic cup full of hot tea and it had splattered all across the smooth, clean titled floor near his hospital bed. Jericho looked very distressed and suddenly grabbed the buzzer beside Christian to call for more staff.......

"Christian........ I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have left you!" Jericho suddenly started apologising, grabbing Christian's hand in an attempt to comfort him.

Christian stared at him blankly for a moment, trying to take it all in, which was a very hard thing to do for him when he was feeling so tired and confused from all the hospital drugs.

"I only left you for a couple of minutes! I'm so sorry!" Jericho continued with his quick apologising and looked genuinely sincere to Christian.

"It........ Wasn't a dream?" Was all Christian could croak out of his bad throat. Which to him just proved that him speaking when the supposed figure was in the room had to be a dream, he spoke clear there. But then again it didn't really come out of his mouth...... Or did it? This was too confusing to him. He started to feel more restless and unhappy when he started to question it more "Couple..... Of minutes? It felt like hours......."

"Christian........" Was all Jericho groaned out and used his other hand to try and calm Christian down by stroking some loose hair out of his face........

Aww, poor Christian, couldn't even find peace to rest in a hospital! But who was that hooded man? Was Christian really losing his mind or is he really real?

Wow! Haven't updated in a while. This chapter took longer to write for some reason, felt harder to write and rewritten certain parts of it from the original version of the chapter because I wasn't happy with it.

Plus also had a 2nd surgery on my leg, which by the looks of it went well, yay!

Also, months after not seeing Christian and was taken off TNA, he finally turned up on ECW! In a way just glad he came back to a show but ECW..... Why? Hope he gets drafted soon.