Kim's is from... krypton. Ron is from...Vegeta . Can Kim and Ron deal with being alien's and still have a normal life. Can they deal with saving the world , super power's , crushes , puberty and HIGH SCHOOL!

( Krypton)

" Jor-el , is the ship ready" ask Lara as she held her baby girl. There home planet was being destroyed by the war. The only way to save her child is to send her to earth the only planet that she can blend into. Kara- el was her name she had red hair and green eye's.

" Yes , Lara I'm making sure that everything is safe we only have ten minuets" said Jor-el as he looked at His Wife she had red hair and green eye's. He had Black hair and black eye's.

" Kara my angel I hope you find love on earth" said Lara as she looked at her sleeping baby.

" Lara it's ready" said Jor-el as he walked to his wife.

" I'm ready as well I just hope that on earth she will be loved" said Lara as she looked at Jor-el and kissed her baby goodbye for the first and last time.

" I know she will shes a El and El's are lucky with love" said Jor-el as he smiled st his wife.

" Hmm, the last of Krypton my darling angel" said Lara as she place Kim in the space ship. The ship looked like a small submarine with a see threw window across the whole thing. In the ship was a crystal and a necklaces with a big "S" the family symbol.

" I wish I could see you grow my dear, I would of love to see you play , learn and fall in love but know this my child I and your mother will always love you" said Jor-el as he kiss Kara on the head for the last time. AS he and Lara went to the control panel with tear's in the eye's as they press the button for the little girl's ride to safety.

" ready to blast off in 10 , 9 , 8 , 7 , 6 , 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 blast off . The ship blasted off away from Krypton as the little girl cried only to see her planet blow up.

In another part of the universe a other planet was also being destroyed. That planet was call Vegeta.

( on Vegeta)

" Kron getKrow in the ship Now! Frieza's going strike soon" yelled Ami as she looked at her mate holding there son. Ami had black hair , black eye's and the saiyan pride a brown monkey tail.

" I got him" said Kron as he looked at his son sleeping. Kron had black hair, black eye's and a brown monkey tail like all saiyan's did , well expect his son , he had blond hair , brown eye's and a golden tail , he was the weakest one born in a long time. But he still loved his son no way in hell was he going to die today with out knowing the first blood battle or the feel of a woman or the way love of his mate. He hope that his son will find a mate on earth, even if there all jelly bag's down there it's the only planet hew can blend into and the only planet Frieza won't look for a saiyan..

" Look I know your sad but look at the bright side he'll be the strongest on that planet." said Ami as she looked at her mate frown.

" I know it just what if he needs some one to tell him how to woo a female and other stuff" said Kron as he looked at Ami.

" Well, if he's like his dad then yes he'll need help , but if he's like me then no he'll be find." said Ami as she made fun of her mate trying to make him happy.

" Har de har , thats not funny I am good with the females I got you didn't I " said Kron as he got up and smirk at his mate.

" No , I GOT YOU" said Ami grinning as she took her son and hugged him one more time.

" Look at him he's so peaceful, dreaming of killing, flying and how to destroy thing's" said Kron as he looked down at Krow.

" Yha , thats our little warrior , I love you son be strong" said Ami as she place Krow in his space ship. The ship looked like a giant metal ball , with small window . In the ship was a black suit, a armer vest , black fingerless gloves , black metal boot's, a red head band with the family crest of black fire with a black bird and the saiyan scanner with a red screen to read the power's of others.

" I hope the clothes fight the doctor said he'd be a big guy , pluses he'll be hung like me" said Kron with a huge grin.

" Hmm, so the earth girl will get 14 inches of pure joy , with my kinky ways THATS MY BOY" said Ami as she grin at her son.

" Oh, yha he'll be a lady killer like his old man BOOYHA" said Kron as he pumped his fist in the air.

" Booyha indeed my mate" said Ami as she place her son in the ship.

" You think we should put clothes on him, I don't know if jelly bags like naked things" said Kron as he looked at his son naked as the day he was born.

" Nha, he likes being naked like his ma" said Ami as closed the door.

" Bye son, have fun on earth" said Kron as he launch the ship. Ron didn't cry but he saw a monster and his planet blow up in a pink beam.

As the two space ship's entered the earth's atmosphere the to windows meet and both baby's saw the other and waved as they crashed in the earth's atmosphere at an unbelievable speed.

( Lake Middeltin)

" Look at those star's" said Anne Possible in her husband's arm's. Anne had red hair, blue eye's and was wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans.

" I know and this is so romantic" said Kate Stoppable as she smiled at her best friend , while sitting on her husband lap. She was wearing a green sweater and white sweat pants.

" I'd hope you'd girl's would like this me and Dean went threw hell to get the cabin" said James Possible . James had short brown hair, blue eye's and was wearing a red jacket and black pants.

" Yup , and lookie at what I got" said Dean as he held a bottle of sparking apple cider from France.

" Oh, yummy" said Kate as she kissed Dean.

" With the stars above and our love with us now what can be more perfect then this" said James as he kissed Anne.

" A child" said Anne and Kate as the had tears in there eyes.

" Anne, we still can try come on we only had three miscarriages the forth ones the charm" said James as he looked at his wife.

" I wana show the world our love I want a BABY" yelled Anne as she looked at James.

" I want one too I want a little boy" said Kate as she started to cry.

" Kate I know you want a son Kate and I'm sorry it's my fault that we can have one" said Dean as he frown.

" No, it's mine too I can't have BABYS" cried Kate as she cried even harder.

" Look two shooting stars lets make a wish" cried Anne as she pointed at the sky.

" Thats' not shooting stars there meteors RUUUNNN" yelled James as he and everybody ran into the cabinets.

" Jimmy sweetie aren't they kind big for meteors" ask Anne as she looked at the speed and size of the space rocks.

" Yha they are" said James as he saw that they were separating.

" CRASH" as both ship's crash only a couple of feet away.

" Let's go check it out" said Dean as his inner boy came out and ran out of the room.

" DEAN" yelled all three as the ran after him.

" Dean , are you crazy! What the hell are you thinking checking out a meteor" said Kate as she hit her husband.

" WOW" said Dean as he jumped into the big hole from the meteor's.

" WOW is right" said James as he to jumped in.

" THERE SPACE SHIP'S COOOOOL" yelled Dean as he looked at the two of the ship's.

"HELL YHA" yelled James as he looked at the one that looked like a submarine.

" James be careful" said Anne as she too went into the pit.

" DEAN STOPPABLE"yelled Kate as she followed Anne into the pit.

" Ahh, but is soooo cool" whined Dean as he looked at the one that look like a big ball.

" There some thing in there" said Anne/ Kate at the same time as they open the ship's.

" WAIT" yelled Dean/James as the try to stop there wife.

" It's a baby" said Anne/ Kate as she picked up the baby girl/boy.

" Wow, she's beautiful" said Anne as she looked at the little girl in her arm's.

" HE'S SO CUTE" squealed Kate as she looked down at the baby boy in her arm's.

" He has a tail" said Dean as he touched the tail.

" Umm, Anne your not thinking what I think your thinking are you" ask James as he looked at his wife looking at the baby.

" What" said Anne not even looking up to look at James.

" I am" said Kate as she looked at Dean.

" Cool , I can have a alien for a son" said Dean as he smiled at the little boy.

" We can't tell anybody about him being from outer space" said Kate as she looked at Dean.

" James can I keep her" said Anne as she pleaded.

" Err, fine Dean help me hide these ship's and we'll get the paper to adopt them" said James as he looked at the ship's.

" You know were taking this pretty well , I mean alien's as kid's but hay I LOVE IT" said Dean as he had a huge smile on his face.

" Her name will be Kimberly Anne Possible" said Anne as she looked at Kim sleeping.

" And His name will be Ronald Dean Stoppable" said Kate as she looked at Ron.

I hope you like this . If you have any ideas tell me and I'll will listen. Ja Ne DWS.