Summary: Who ever thought that raising a child was easy? Haruhi and Kyouya both thought so at the start but then...let's just say they changed their minds.

The season of lent.

For some reason, Kyouya couldn't decipher what he felt for this season. For his son either.

He felt glad that Haruhi would be losing those extra pounds that she earned from those cravings years ago. How they managed to stay and not disappear by the years, Kyouya didn't now why but he had an idea.

Every morning, Haruhi would stuff down, perhaps, two platefuls. But that's another story.

So returning to the main plot, Kyouya changed his mind about thinking that raising a child was easy. He was just so wrong.

One day...

"Otoosan! Otoosan!" his son sluggishly called, just to torture him when he was busy.

'Easy there, Kyouya. He's your son. Not some sadistic devil...' he thought to himself.

"What does 'fast' mean?" he asked, pulling the edge of the newspaper Kyouya was reading, making it hard for him to focus.

"Weren't you taught that in school?" Kyouya asked his son, turning his gaze on the sadistic devil that he produced with Haruhi.

"No. Our teacher is stupid. She's the one that asked us what it means," his son replied to him, innocent eyes looking into his.

'Don't give me that look. You're not as innocent as you appear.'

"Well, why don't you ask your mom about it? I'm busy right now," Kyouya told his son, returning to his paper.

"You don't know the answer too? Gosh, I thought you knew everything! You're as stupid as my teacher," his son said and walked away, probably finding his mother, Haruhi.

'Thank god that little devil's gone,' Kyouya gave a sigh of relief. 'I just wonder where he learned to talk like that...'

Meanwhile, Kyouya's son had found his way through the 'labyrinth' and into his mother's room.

"Ah, Sato-kun, what are you doing here?" Haruhi asked gently.

"Mother, father doesn't know the meaning of 'fast'. He's stupid isn't he?" Sato told his mother as he climbed up the bed.

"Don't say such things about your father," Haruhi told him and playfully smacked his hand.

"Surely you must know what fast means," the six-year-old told his mother, ignoring her previous statement.

"Well, it can mean moving quickly or to lessen the intake of food," Haruhi replied, consulting her dictionary as she did.

"So which one is it?" Sato tilted his head in question.

"Uh..." Haruhi stopped to think.

A few years ago...

"Sato, no playing for today. It's Good Friday," Kyouya told his son and picked up every toy in the vicinity.

"Why?" Sato asked, pulling on his father's leg.

"It's Good Friday," Kyouya replied, continuing the pick up of toys.

"Why?" Sate repeated, not content with Kyouya's answer.

"Jesus died today," Kyouya answered.

Suddenly, the child let go of his father's leg and began sobbing.

"Waah! Jesus died? Is that true?" he looked teary-eyed at his father.

Kyouya just blinked.

A year later from then...

"Sato, pick up your toys, put them away and don't play with them today. It's Good Friday," Kyouya ordered his son as he walked inside his room, eying the big clutter of toys on the carpet.

"So?" the five-year old retorted and continued to play with his robot, making 'fly' over a pile of blocks he had assembled.

"Jesus died today," Kyouya said simply, tired of repeating the process all over again.

Sato dropped his robot and the blocks that were stacked up fell down with a crash, and the five-year-old began crying.

"Why does Jesus have to keep on dying?" he wailed and punched the floor.

Kyouya was silent as he watched his son throw a tantrum for absolutely no reason.

Who ever thought that raising a child was easy?

Kyouya had to spend the day making his son stop bawling and crying about Jesus dying over and over again.

Seriously. Kids.

And Haruhi? Well, that's another story.

A/N: Yes, I know this sucks, feel free to attack me about it. I'm not doing any harm. It's not blasphemy! defensive And as I was writing this, there's this movie showing on tv about the life of Jesus. So yeah, have a happy Easter!