The Secret Of The Stupid Smuggler's Cove

"This is great!" Zach Jr. took in a breath of sea air as Doc drove the gang around in a large boat around several small islands and large rocks.

"Yeah this place is beautiful," Jessica agreed as they looked around. "What is this place?"

"It's called the Stupid Smuggler's Cove," Doc told them as he pointed to a large cave that seemed submerged in the ocean.

"Why is it called that?" Zach Jr. asked.

"Well back in the old pirate days there were a couple of scallywags called the Brown Beard Brothers that fancied themselves rum runners and treasure experts," Doc smiled. "Unfortunately they always got their orders wrong. No matter what they stole or horded, it always turned out to be something completely useless."

"Really?" Jessica asked.

"Oh yeah, once they stole what they thought was a treasure chest but it turned out to be filled with buttons," Doc smirked. "Casks filled with wine were filled with water. You name it, they botched it up."

"Wow," Jessica blinked.

"In the end they got caught by British soldiers for trying to steal a whole crate of shoe polish," Doc said. "The judge at their trial laughed so hard at the whole thing he fell out of his chair and hit his head and was dead on the spot. They decided that this was as close to a real crime as they were going to get so they were going to hang them for murder."

"What happened?" Billy asked.

"The Brown Beard Brothers managed to escape," Doc said. "Unfortunately during the escape they accidentally set their beards on fire and when they jumped into the ocean to put them out, they realized neither one of them could swim. Fortunately the sharks took care of that little problem."

"Whoa," Zozo blinked. "Talk about unlucky."

"The British soldiers fished out what was left of them and threw their remains in the cove and decided the best thing to do was call it 'haunted' and 'unlucky'," Doc said. "And every pirate who heard this story agreed with them. To this day there has never been any treasure found there."

"I'd be surprised if there was," Billy smiled. "Can we explore it anyway?"

"Why not?" Doc smiled as he piloted the boat. "Hang on!"


"Why not?" Doc yelled over the laser blasts. "When am I ever going to learn not to say things like that?"

"To be fair Doc you had no idea we were going to run into some drug smugglers in here," Shane remarked as he picked one bad guy off with his blaster. "Good thing you had some extra blasters in your boat just in case."

"Yeah good thing," Doc groaned.


"Kids just relax!" Eliza told her kids as they stayed in the boat for protection. "It's going to be all right!"

"Don't worry, Mom," Jessica said. "We're kind of used to this by now."

"How reassuring," Eliza rolled her eyes.

"Uh oh," Zach gulped. "Something tells me the smugglers are not going to be the most dangerous part of this afternoon!"


"Uh what was that?" Zozo blinked.

"Please inform us that was someone's stomach," Waldo asked.


"Judging by that giant toothy fish thing that's coming out of the water, I'd say no," Doc gulped.

"Boy that's a big one isn't it?" Shane blinked. "Don't shoot it just yet. Let's see if it goes after the drug runners first!"




"Told you," Shane smiled. "Well this made our job a lot easier."

"Easier? A giant prehistoric relative of Jaws has made this easier?" Eliza yelled.

"Oddly enough, yeah," Zach told her. "Give that thing a few more minutes and not only will we have a confession they'll willingly go to a jail cell!"

"And how do we stop the monster from eating us?" Eliza asked.

"That's the tricky part," Doc said.

"No, there's a couple good stalactites we can use," Shane pointed. "All we gotta do is shoot 'em down to knock it out."

"So do it!" Eliza said.

"In a minute," Shane grinned. "Three…Two…One…"


"Are you willing to swear out a confession and tell us about your boss?" Zach called out.



"That's just what I wanted to hear," Shane aimed his weapon.




"There that wasn't so hard was it?" Shane smiled as he blew away the smoke from his blaster.

"Yeah piece of cake," Zach groaned.


"Who would have thought we'd not only run into drug smugglers but a giant sea monster?" Niko sighed as the Rangers sat down in the living room. "How did a sea monster end up in the Bahamas anyway?"

"Maybe it's on vacation?" Doc asked.

"No, it turns out that there was some kind of nuclear waste dumped down there in the cove that's been in there for over a hundred years," Shane said. "By the way Sheriff Chang sends his thanks again. He's been after that drug running ring for weeks."

"Wonderful. Guys I don't know about you but I have had enough 'rest' from this vacation," Zach sighed. "Can we go home now?"

"I agree," Doc said. "Any more 'relaxation' and I am going to end up in traction!"