Title: You can't always get what you want
Pairings: the sexiest one ever ;)
Genre: Drama/Angst
Warnings: Somewhat AU (more like "What if..." story)
Rating: PG-13
Chapter: 5/5
Word Count: 2438
Disclaimer: I don't own House M.D. nor the characters.
Summary: What if Stacy wasn't the only who was married? The title explains it all. A 5 parts story.

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Chapter Five – Stacy: A closure


"Ok, so I'll see you in 20 minutes?"


"Sure, I'll be waiting in the parking lot."


"Love you, too. See you."

Stacy closed the connection and sighed heavily. She put her mobile phone into her purse looking around unhappily. She had spent the last forty minutes in the cafeteria, trying to busy herself with anything. Mark has been stuck in the traffic jam and wouldn't be able to pick her up for the next twenty minutes. She sighed exasperatedly and entered the lobby. She turned to the clinic and sat down on the nearest chair in the waiting area. There was no point of going to the parking lot for the next fifteen minutes.

A sudden commotion near the entrance to the lobby caught her attention. She turned a bit to watch it more closely. It was better than sitting doing nothing… She was surprised to see Lisa bursting in, her son's hand closed in hers, as she hurried to the nurses' desk. Greg was limping behind her at a slower but steady pace, his eyes looking solemn even if his face was passive, indifferent, the usual bored look on it.

"Brenda! There was a school bus accident and we're the closest hospital." Lisa started in her bossy, yet still quite worried tone. "I need you to page every available doctor and nurse. There were some severely wounded victims and all others would be needed to look at, too." She was full in her Administrative mode and Stacy admired the leading skill of one Lisa Cuddy.

Brenda's eyebrows furrowed with each word and before Cuddy had finished, she had the phone in her hand, already dialing numbers.

"I need you to page Andie as well." Lisa continued. "tell her to collect Mikey in the lobby. And keep an eye on him until she comes."

Brenda just nodded and Lisa turned toward her son. "Honey," she started in a serious tone "No leaving the lobby, no running away from Andie, no sneaking into the ER. Got it?"

"Yes, Mommy." The child replied solemnly, nodding to emphase he understood her instruction. He wasn't looking nervous or anything, more like used to all this. It was clear he knew the importance of his mother's words.

"We'll see you later, alright?"


"Good." Lisa smiled at her son, then pointed to the waiting area. "Sit there and wait for Andie." She allowed the small boy to hug her, a tender look softening her worried features.

"Suwe, Mommy, I'ww behave." He said.

"I hope so." She said smiling and watched her son walk away. "Remember, no running into ER!" she yelled after him then turned to Brenda the Nurse, worry all over her face. "He shouldn't make any problems."

Greg just rolled his eyes exasperatedly at this comment. Brenda, who had sent him an annoyed look, spoke to Lisa for the fist time. "Don't worry, Dr Cuddy, I'm sure he'll be fine."

"Like always." Greg said sarcastically, then frowned a bit watching Lisa. Stacy could tell her shoulders tensed even more. An almost imperceptible movement on Greg' part caught her attention and she watched him carefully. It was a small gesture, that anyone, who didn't knew him as well as she did, would have probably missed. But not Stacy. She was able to see that small stretching of hand in Lisa's direction; its' grazing her arm lightly for a friction of time, squeezing lightly; than as soon as it was done, she saw the reappearing of said hand at his side as if nothing had happened.

But it had.

Stacy could see the change in Lisa immediately. She exhaled slowly, as her shoulders relaxed, her whole posture seeming reassured. Her eyes flickered to Greg's for a moment. He blinked back in a silent conversation they shared (just like all those years before, always using this strange language of their own, that no one else spoke…). The corners of her mouth lifted slightly. For a friction of time there were only the two of them, the world around tem disappearing.

And suddenly it was all over.

Stacy's breath hitched as she watched it all before her eyes. This little moment between them was so subtle, so quick and so intimate that she felt suddenly very voyeuristic. She felt a pang in heart as she realized she could not remember a single time when Greg has reassured …comforted her. No… nothing like this has ever happened between them…

"The first victim should be here in less than five minutes." Brenda said checking her computer. She didn't seemed to notice anything, or rather… that small smile on her face… maybe… maybe she just was used to this subtle signs of affections… Stacy wasn't sure which it was.

"Yeah, we'd better get going." Lisa's said putting on the white lab coat. "You too, Mister!" she said, stabbing her long finger into Greg' chest. He just rolled his eyes again.

"Some people should know they are not mean to drive." He said, exaggerating his patronizing tone.

"If everyone was such a good driver as you…" Lisa mused sarcastically, a twinkle appearing in her eyes.

"I didn't have a bike accident-"

"Yet." She interrupted him, giving him a lab coat to put on.

"-Hey! I'm good at driving!" he said dignitantly, ignoring the lab coat.

"When you sleep."

"Only with you." He said wriggling his eyebrows. Lisa jut rolled her eyes, trying to conceal the small smile on her face.

"Put on the oat, and move" she went pass him, and he watched her backside adoringly for a second, then his face turned serious and he limped after her, coatless.

A movement to her right caught Stacy's attention. She looked there and found Mikey fidgeting two seats away. He noticed her looking at him, and stared back, his eyes narrowing. He looked so much like Lisa in that moment, that Stacy smiled involuntary.

"You've been watchin' them." He stated finally.

"What?" she stared at him, completely lost on what he was talking about.

"My pawents. You've been watchin' them." He repeated, tilting his head to his right. His expression an exact copy of Greg's whenever the Diagnostician was trying to figure out something. "You saw it too!" He exclaimed suddenly, startling her. She just gaped at him not sure what he meant by that.

"The touchin'. And looks. And ba…" he frowned, looking down and speaking to himself. "how did Andie call it? Ah! The bantew." he said staring at her again.

"I- I-" she was lost for words. Surely, this was one unique four year old!

"They do it quite a wot." He continued, ignoring her lack of response. His comment so casual, as if he was talking about a natural set of things, like Sun raising in the East, like night falling after the day, like his Mother and Father… "Not hewe, home mostly." He added, playing again with his toy stethoscope.

"Does it bother you?" she asked him, before she could stop herself, too curious to find out his answer.

"bo-ftew?" He asked confused.

"Does it, I don't know, make you all queasy inside, maybe unhappy?"

"No. Why?" he tilted his head again to the right. "I wike it." He continued before she could even open her mouth. "I wike it when they awe togethew , when I can sit between them watching the tewwy." His eyes brightened at this, then he got back to playing with his toy stethoscope again. "We do it a wot." He added then turned a bit from her. Clearly this conversation was over.

Stacy watched him in wonder, not sure what to say. The boy twirled the stethoscope around him, making wishing noises.


Stacy and the said boy looked up to see Andie the Nanny heading their way. She was a young girl but despite her petite posture you could sense a hidden strength within her. Yes, that was a person Greg would pick for taking care of his son.

"Mike, come here. We need to go to your room." the nanny said making the boy jump from his seat. He started toward her, then stopped suddenly. He turned in Stacy' direction and waved enthusiastically.

"Bye!" he said happily, and continued on skipping to the nanny.

"Bye." Stacy replied automatically, then smiled seeing Mikey tugging Andie's sweater.

"She saw it too." He said in a stage whisper, trying to be inconspicuous and failing miserably.

"Did she?" Andie looked back at her curiouly, clearly knowing what the boy was talking about. Then she flushed noticing they were being observed by Stacy.

"I towd you it's thewe." He said smugly and Andie just laughed.

"Sure it is. It's obvious!" she said, this time she tugged his hand. "Come on, Mike, you need to do your speaking exercises."

"Aw, do I have to?" he whined, and again a smile appeared on Stacy's lips. He sounded exactly like Greg then.

"Yes, you do." The nanny said in no-nonsense voice.

"Why?" he whined again but walked with her willingly.

"Because your Mother says so, and your 'r' is non-existent…"

"Wiww thewe be ice-cweam latew?" he asked hopefully.

"See, you sound horrible." she said laughingly.

"Do not!"

"Do too."


"Alright, alright, It's not that bad." she said, messing his hair.

"Hey! " he said flattening his curly hair, then asked once more hopefully. "Ice-cweam?"

"We'll see, what I can do." The Nanny said, not promising anything. They disappeared behind the elevators door, Mikey waving toward Stacy one more time. He just shook her head. This kid sure was a piece of work

Her mobile phone rang, and she hastened to answer it.



"Oh, You're here?"


"I'll be there in a moment."

He closed connection and looked at her watch. The twenty minutes passed without her even noticing it. She gathered the films and her purse and headed to the entrance of the hospital. Brenda the Nurse passed her on her way out, and their eyes connected for a brief moment. Stacy smiled slightly at her. Brenda's face was passive, then she nodded, heading to her destination.

Stacy just shook her head. She wasn't exactly sure but she felt approved of. It was a silly feeling, yet so accurate. She never suspected Greg and Lisa could invoke such a protective feeling in anyone, yet during the past few hours she was confronted with a couple of people proving her otherwise.

She walked out of the hospital, thinking about all that she had learned today. She recalled the small touches Greg and Lisa exchanged, how he was giving her support and comfort, when she needed it. Then he remembered Mikey. His happy face, the curious, ever observant eyes, that noticed everything. She thought about Wilson and his resolve to protect them from anything at all costs. She recalled Lisa's tension and insecurity, when the two of them met for the first time this morning. Finally, she thought about the first time she saw the family.

With a wonder, she realized what she had missed earlier, being still in shock after discovering the changes in Greg's life. It occurred to her how Mikey took immediately all of Greg's attention just the moment he appeared… how Lisa perfectly fitted into the picture when she showed up… how the two adult shared a brief moment until their whole focus was fixed on their child… yes, she could see the closeness, coziness, contentment of their happy life.

She felt a sudden pang of longing in her heart. It wasn't the kind of longing when someone experienced missing someone, wanting to be in someone's else shoes. No, Stacy did not want to be in Lisa's place. Not after this day. Somehow she knew deep inside that it would never be this way had she stayed with Greg those five years ago. No… she did the right thing back then. Both of them would be miserable. But now he's happy. And Lisa was happy.

And she- she just wanted to have what Greg and Lisa shared. She left Greg, hoping she would find it, yet somehow she hadn't.

You can't always get what you want… crossed her mind. It was a line from one of Greg's favorite songs. She never was much into music, but those lyrics suddenly felt so accurate to her situation. They seemed to describe her life. A hollow feeling entered her heart.

Mark was leaning against their car, waiting for her. He straightened seeing her and walked toward her. She tried to smile, but her face felt stiff. She couldn't look back at him. She didn't want him to read her, this sudden unhappiness that could probably be seen in her eyes.

"Hey." He said leaning, and kissing her cheek. She did all in her power to not flinch, yet when his lips touched her skin, they left a tingling sensation she hardly ever noticed but today it was more prominent then ever. Mark took the films from her, asking. "Did you see your friend?"

"Yeah, she got married." She said, feeling slightly guilty for lying to him about the true reason of her visit. She'll explain it to him at home. Hopefully he'll agree to do the check up.

"Did she? Is she happy?" he asked curiously as they entered the car.

"Very." She said laconically, looking through her window.

"You ok?" he asked putting a hand on her arm. She looked back at him surprised, not expecting hi touch. She locked her eyes with his involuntary. Her cheek still tingled, her arm felt warm under his touch and the pure concern mixed with love in his eyes brought tears to her eyes. She had a flashback to that little comfort scene of Greg and Lisa she had witnessed minutes before. Somehow the longing in her heart lessened when her eyes locked with Mark's. he didn't felt alone suddenly.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She smiled, more genuinely now. "Just tired."

"Oh, alright." He said starting the car. "I got the movie you wanted to see." He said watching the parking lot a he maneuvered. "What do you say about ordering Chinese for dinner?"

She looked back at him amazed. "You hate Chinese." She loved it.

He smiled widely at her. "But you don't."

She smiled at him sincerely this time. Her heart lightening at his happy, caring face. …but if you try sometime, you may find, you'll get what you need… It was the other part of that song and she smiled wistfully at this quote. Maybe she didn't get what she wanted, but she definitively got what she needed. She just had to try more to see and appreciate that.

She looked at Mark once more. Yes… she could be happy like Greg and Lisa. She will. She'll make sure of it.


End of last part.


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