Type: Gizoid

Specialty: copying attacks, weapons and abilities

Weakness: can not copy when interrupted

Rival: Nega-Bee

Best Friends: Sonic, Cream, all there friends, Metabee and Brass.

Love interest: Cyber (Nemesis-Brass)

Description: Emerl used to be a robot built by Eggman to take out sonic but has made friends with him and his friends especially with Cream the rabbit and her chao Cheese also thinks Amy Rose is his mum due to the fact she said to him he was her baby because she thought sonic wanted him to practice until they get a real baby (aka get married). When he got a chao emerald he turned back to Eggman's side but was destroyed by Cream however Eggman managed to savage his body and repaired him making half medabot but forgot to erase his mind. After making friends with Metabee and Brass he settled in Metabot city but still carried the burden of betraying his other friends. Later on Emerl falls in love with a new resident known as Cyber but is heartbroken when he finds out she actually one of Eggman's Medabots known Nemesis-Brass but still hold feelings for her. Emerl is the leader in the group and has the water armour.

In Toy Story parodies Emerl played the role of Buzz Lightyearand underwent several upgrades such as a scanner attached to his head over his right eye, a backpack which doubles as a container for his wings and has clamps for his blaster he also lost the abilityto copy attacks or that what his toy is based off of in the sequelhe became second in command of the toys so when Metabee wasn't around he was then in charge. At the end he fell in love with Peppercat but was a little embarrassed to say anything but she got the point.

In Kingdom Hearts: Emerl Version he was given the major main role as he took the part as Sora, He was in love with his childhood friend Cyber, and was always competingwith his best friend Gemerl. One night after his world was gone he became the holder ofthe Keyblade and used it to fight against the Heartless Counsel (My name for Maleficent's group) Along with his friends NeoMetal Sonic, Gamma, Jaden Korr and Krystal. He became the top brawler and a hero everywhere but all he wants to do mostly is find Cyber and Gemerl.

In Sonic and Emerl Seasons he takes the roll as Max. Other then looking like himself he also wears a blue fedora hatt and has a gun which he keeps somewhere which is best not to think about according to Sonic. Like Max he has a very violent personalty but he also has quite a relaxing one along the road. As the stroy begins we will continue on his character in it.....