X-Nina doesn't belong to me I just got permission to use her. Her real owner is Deadly Shadow.


Type: Robot, formerly a human

Specialty: can use weapons that can be equipped to her, jumps far when she is not wearing too much armor, most strong ability: Ninja style fighting and spy sneaking, weakest: in water or high in the air battle.

Friends: Kyle, X-Niko, Regge (a black hedgehog who wears mage. clothes), Robot Army X(a group of X robots), Cyber.

Rivals: X-Niko, Regge (a black hedgehog who wears mage. clothes), Robot Army X(a group of X robots)

Description: a blue female robot with green eyes 1 long spike from her head that pointed/curved down, red gloves, red with blue shoes, a X on her forehead, blue mouth with a blue tongue(yes metal),and body of a spy skinny bot)

Love Interest: Kyle

Info: Once a human spy working for an secret team of defenders called Robot Army X. she was the top spy on the team but her fate was chosen when she fought a man named Reliko. she lost and was kicked into acid witch almost killed her. her partner Jerry Henderson came in just in time to save her....but not in time to save her humanity. she was very sad but after a few months she got used to it and went on with her life. her name was at first "Nina Lamon" but was changed to "X-Nina" once she was turned into a robot. she meet Licro The Robot Knight and Cyhez The Robot Scout on a mission in a kingdom where she met Licro and a mission in a base where she met Cyhez, they became friends and they watch each others back when they are together. X-Nina became a Ninja on a mission to Japan where she met a group of ninjas that were willing to teach her. when she became a Ninja/Spy she quit the Robot Army X and lived her life freely doing jobs here and there.

A while later she met Kyle while training. She met him while he was hunting a demon, the two fell in love shortly after meeting. They had many things in common they both were humans at some point and turned into robots. She became friends with Cyber when she met her at her job. A long while after they started going out Kyle proposes to X-Nina who accepts and the began living a happy marriage occasionally hunting a demon or doing a job.