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The whole weekend went terrible. Angela had caught whatever Joe had gotten at the restaurant and wasn't able to talk on the phone for more than five minutes at a time. Bones had no one to tell about the night. She wanted desperately to tell someone. But, she thought it would be too soon to tell her other friends. Angela was the only one she told everything.

Also, Booth's phone had been off for the whole weekend. She had no way of getting a hold of him. How on earth was she going to get her purse? And the kiss kept replaying in her mind, making things even worse for her. How could he have such an amazing kiss with her and then not even talk to her after it? Maybe to him it wasn't amazing. Maybe it was just a kiss, a kiss that meant absolutely nothing.

But it was Monday morning, and she would be seeing Booth. Hopefully, he would have her purse. Hopefully, things would not be awkward.

But, Booth wasn't in any of her classes that day. Well, he might've been in Algebra 2, but she didn't know. The class was split up when she arrived late. Some were downstairs in the computer lab. But he wasn't in second period chemistry, and that was one period before Algebra.

But now it was lunch. All Bones' hopes of seeing Booth were diminished as she walked with her best friend to the cafeteria.

"Okay, so let me get this straight. You were pushed up against the car and he kissed you?" Angela slid into the booth. Bones smiled and nodded. "Are you serious that's so adorable!"

"What's so adorable?" A familiar voice asked, coming up to where they were sitting. Booth was with Jack. Jack slid in next to Angela and gave her a cute little peck on the lips.

"Nothing," Bones quickly answered and smiled. She could feel the awkwardness coming. God, did he look amazing in his white polo and jeans. Of course, Bones just had to match him in her light blue polo and jeans. "Uhm, do you happen to have my purse still in your car, Booth?" Bones asked, still hoping that everything wouldn't be awkward between them.

"Yeah, actually," He laughed a bit. "It's in my car. Do you wanna go get it?"

'He's making me get it myself. Great.' Bones stood up. "Alright, give me your keys." Booth looked at her quizzically. "You lock your car, right?" He gave a little chuckle, embarrassing her.

"Yes, I lock my car. But I was thinking that you would go with me to get it." She blushed violently.

"Oh." He began to walk; she followed.

As they neared the door to leave the building and go into the parking lot, what Bones had feared most was happening. It was really awkward. Neither of the two was speaking.

"Uhm, Booth..." He looked over to her with a smile. "Never mind," How could she possible put it? Was it even possible? This was torture. "Booth?" She asked as he opened the door to his explorer. He handed her purse to her.


"Friday... you kissed me." She said it fast, looking away.

"I did." He agreed. He didn't understand. Her eyes met his again.

"Well, why did you kiss me?" She demanded.

"Why did I kiss you?" He asked rhetorically. "Why does anyone kiss anyone?" Her eyes narrowed.

"Why did you kiss me?" She asked again. He didn't speak. It looked like he was thinking. "Just caught in the moment?" He didn't answer. She walked away, unsatisfied, angry, and sad.

"Wait," He ran after her, grabbing her hand and spinning her around. "I was in the moment." He admitted, causing her to roll her eyes. "But, it was the most amazing moment ever. It's probably a moment I would relive if I had the chance. To tell you the truth I wanted to the whole night." She was melting under his gaze, under his words. If she had been told about a girl feeling like this, she would think the girl was completely pathetic, until now. Her smile widened, and Booth placed his hand behind her neck, pulling her lips to his own. Kissing them softly, confidently, and much different from his style three nights before. He was now unrushed. A loud car horn sounded, startling and forcing them apart. Booth looked around; he couldn't see anyone in their car. When they turned to face each other again, they were smiling.

"I think we better get you back to the lunch room, Bones." He was still beaming. "I believe you're going to be asked to homecoming today." He grabbed her hand and led her into the building.

"Ugh, I don't want to go with Joe." He half smiled to her as she whined.

"You're going to homecoming; it'll be fun."

"I don't want to go." She stated plainly.

"You already have a dress."

"I don't want to go." She emphasized the word don't even more.

"Why not?"

"You know why." He looked at her quizzically, "Never mind. Forget it."

"Miss Saroyan," Principal Williams greeted Cam as she came through the door from the parking lot only 30 seconds after Bones and Booth. "You weren't ditching the last two periods were you?"

"Of course not," Cam politely smiled. She took a sip of her tall caramel frap.

"And that wasn't you who honked the horn very loud was it?"

"I didn't want to run over a bunny." She shrugged and walked into the cafeteria, irritated.

"Temperance," Joe called to her in the lunch room, leaving his friends and hurrying over. "Hey, Booth," Joe greeted him.

"Hey man," Booth clapped him on the back and went to his own table with his friends.

"Hey Joe," She forced a smile. He was gorgeous. He flashed a brilliant set of teeth. Maybe that smile wasn't completely forced. "Are you feeling better."

"Yeah, a lot better. Thanks. Can I talk to you for a minute."

"Sure." Booth was watching.

"So, uhm... this Saturday's homecoming, I know it's late, but I heard you didn't have a date."

'Oh no here it comes.'

"And well, I don't have a date. I didn't ask anyone yet. So, I was wondering if you would go with me. I'm not saying that it has to be a date... unless you want it to be. I mean we could just go as friends."

She didn't listen to a word he said until her said it didn't have to be a date unless she wanted. But he did look cute being nervous. It was absolutely charming.

"It's nice of you to ask me. I'd love to go with you... and... Sure we can make it a date." She smiled, and he walked her off to her table, taking a seat as well.

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