Warning: Rated M, with flashes and scenes of violence.


She was drowning in her own blood. That, and something else that was far too horrible to comprehend. Her breaths were coming in short pants, slow and difficult. Her vision was blurry, but she could see enough within the confines she was in. And what she saw, every day, was slowly driving her to that little far corner of insanity.

She would rather be blind right now.

Her body was in pain, but she was too numb to feel it, anyway. Only the memories brought the pain back. She couldn't move, because everytime she tried to, the agony would come back. She didn't have it in her to scream anymore, from the anguish. From the horror.

She was already nearly broken.

From a dim part of the room—or maybe it was just a dim part of her mind—she could hear another scream. Not her voice, no—this was animalistic, and full of hopelessness. Like an animal being tortured, broken to obey its master.

Only she knew it wasn't an animal.

She knew it was selfish, to just lie there and do nothing, but somehow, horribly…she couldn't seem to care anymore. The screams reverberated around the walls, turning into howls that made her stomach turn. Made her feel sick, even as the howls to mere, pathetic whimpers. She didn't cry—there were no more tears left. Eventually, as the moments passed, the sick feeling eased away, to be replaced by a hollowness that left her devoid of any more emotions, any more thoughts. Left her with nothing.

She didn't care.

She could only sigh, through chapped lips, and close her eyes.

Slowly, she let the darkness take her.