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Welcome To My Life

"So, you two got into ANOTHER fight?"

Arceus's voice boomed over every other legendary's voice. Arceus could kill any of them at a moments notice.

"It's not my fault Ar-ar! KYOGRE got in my personal space!" Groudon argued, putting emphasis on Kyogre.

Groudon was male, even though he still appreciated anybody who did not get close to him. He would still be considered a bit immature, for everybody's standards.

"All I did was run into you! Besides, you are SO immature about everything!" Kyogre yelled, obviously pissed off.

Kyogre was female, who was not like the other female Legends. She was a little obsessive, compulsive, and had some anger

"Yeah, well you..."

"SILENCE!" Arceus said, hitting them both with a weak normal-type judgement.

"As you know, this is the fifth fight this century, if we aren't careful, I may have to reset the world... AGAIN! I have to think of a great punishment, and every other Legendary here, you all need to help."

And so, every legendary set to work on a punishment. Giratina was sitting next to Arceus and got a demonic grin on his face. Groudon and Kyogre got an "oh no" look on their faces as she whispered in Arceus's ear.

Then that demonic grin spread across Arceus's face and he let out a huge laugh, knocking everybody else with worry.

"I've got it! Groudon and Kyogre, you are forced to live with each other for an entire year!"

"WHAT? But why do I have to be stuck with him/her!" The land lizard and the orca shouted, Groudon saying her and Kyogre saying him.

Arceus cleared his throat

Lecture time.

"Mark this down, fellow legendaries! If one induces a punishment, the two will do their time, yet when it is all said and done, they will forget everything taught during it. Change is different. If you change something, the two will remember it for the rest of their lives!"

The Legendaries talked amongst themselves and every one of them agreed on this change that will be made on Groudon and Kyogre.

"Starting tomorrow, you two will be cut off from the rest of the Legendary world, if you DO start to neglect each other, you may be cut off from the Pokemon World as well."

With that, Arceus looked at Giratina, who blushed a little bit and looked at Groudon and Kyogre's reactions.

"No... no way! There isn't even a spot on the map that IS half land and half water!"

"I have to intervene." Lugia, Lord of the Sea, said. "There IS a spot on the map. Cinnabar Island. There is a common place where trainers have been surfing around, then suddently get scared away by something."

"I think it is perfect!" Arceus said with joy, "I will create a cave and lock it with psychic energy, only Groudon and Kyogre can go in and out. Plus, I will make them invisible to humans, so when they DO get out, nobody will see them!"


"Quiet, Groudon." Kyogre said, "We are already in some deep crap already."

And thus began the year-long saga of Groudon and Kyogre.

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