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Kyogre stopped at the Hall of Origin about four hours later.

There, Kyogre and Groudon saw Arceus tapping his foot impatiently.

"Two...hours... how long are you..."

The two did not hear the rest, they sped past him mid-speech and went into the main hall. They were greeted by the Legendaries.

They were home.

After the incident, the two were nicer towards each other, yet...

"What are you doing, Groudon?"

"Oh, I'm creating an island!"

"On MY Ocean? Oh no, you are not!"

...And the two had a minor fight.

Above them, Giratina and Arceus were talking. Arceus made a sigh.

"It seemed it did nothing! They're still acting bad towards each other!"

Giratina laughed.

"You are the main Legendary. Have you even thought of looking past their true emotions? It's a fricken' love quarrel! EVERY lover does that!"

Arceus grinned from... well, let's just say that he grinned big.

"So, it did work! I knew it would all along."

Giratina shook her head.

"...And yet you still have a lot to learn."

"Yeah, now, if only we could do the same to Darkrai and Cresselia..."



Giratina sighed.

"If only, if only, the woodpecker sighs..."

Arceus got up.

"Now, I'm gonna talk to Kyogre in my room for a second. I'll see you later."


Arceus went into the room, he could not see Kyogre.

"Kyogre? Where are you?" He asked. He shrugged and attempted to walk out of the room...

...When he was thrown back by psychic energy.

"What the hell?" He cursed, attempting to get out.

He heard a joyous laugh from Kyogre, who was on the other side of the door.

"You will be exiled for one day for cutting me off from my ocean." Kyogre laughed, walking away.

"Ha-Ha, VERY funny, Kyogre. NOW GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Arceus roared, still attempting to get out.

Groudon was in his room, looking at Arceus's struggle.

"Arce SURE is having fun! And Kyogre, she's having a blast! I'm gonna go talk with her a bit. Right, Mudkip?"

The Mudkip that was sitting beside him looked at Groudon in a smile and gave a word of thought.

"Kip!" It exclaimed in a laughing fashion

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