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A small blonde fox demon broke through the trees of the forest scampering through the streets , he was out of food, and the shop keepers never let him near their shops, they called him a street rat, a thief, even though, except for scraps out of ally way trashcans, he'd never stolen anything in his life. He was hungry and went to the forest looking for food, but there was nothing he could eat. He was on his way home when his body started to feel heavy and hot, it was uncontrollable and uncomfortable, making the poor demon run to his home hoping he would feel better once he got there.

The fox demon stopped as he came to a dark ally way, he checked to see if anyone was watching then scurried into it, at the very back was a small hole in the wall, this was what the fox demon called his home, it wasn't much, but it was all he had and he'd give anything to protect it.

After all in a world where power and who your family was meant everything, the family-less fox named Naruto, who knew only survival, was and had nothing, in a world where your where either a noble of pureblood or mutt, or impure, who middle class or poor. Naruto knew nothing of his family, he just assumed he was impure, he'd never seen a pureblood so he didn't know the difference, therefore unable to tell anyone from anyone else.

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