Ok someone asked what Cassandra's demon form was, its a wolf, but she's a golden red color with black paws, white tipped ears and she has nine tails that have a white tip at the end and a black ring right under the white

Deidara gasped as he recognized the scroll

Deidara gasped as he recognized the scroll. He had to burn it, but how?

His eyes slid around looking for a match, anything that he could light fire to the scroll with. They landed on a lighter sticking out of Itachi's pocket.

Deidara rushed forward, snatched the lighter, flipped the lid up and threw it at the scroll, catching the top of it on fire. There, now Naruto had the free will to choose his mate, if Sasuke won he could go with Sasuke or Orochimaru, if Orochimaru won he could go with Sasuke, it gave him a choice, and if Orochimaru does happen to beat Sasuke, there is a small chance the blonde fox would go with the snake, it was in a submissive demons blood and breeding to go with the mate that could offer the most protection , just like it was in a dominant demons blood and breeding to choose the mate who could produce the best heirs and satisfy the demons needs best. Deidara seriously doubted Naruto would choose the snake over Sasuke seeing as how much he loved the wolf, but still, sometimes survival instincts take over and the primitive demon inside chooses for you.

A pulse of white heat rolled and rippled from the scroll.

Orochimaru screeched "You fool! You've just ruined the last of the Bonding Scrolls!"

Deidara smirked "Yes, I'm aware of that fact, un,"

"It doesn't matter, I can still use the part of it that's left, the rules of the game are just different now, so you can wipe that smile of your face, you know nothing about the Fate of Bonding scroll,"

Deidara let out a bark of laughter "You're the foolish one Orochimaru, my family created that curse, that scroll; do really think you would know it better then me, un?"

Orochimaru growled "Round one of three in this game, the fight,"

Sasuke, with a loud bone stretching pop, changed into his true demon form, much like he did when he and Naruto first met and the Hanuros visited.

He and Orochimaru rushed at each other fists connecting and bodies colliding trying to gain an advantage over one-an-other.

Orochimaru threw a concealed knife at Naruto, knowing hoping it would distract Sasuke. It did, Sasuke turned and block his mate, having the knife embed itself in the wolfs leg, Orochimaru took his chance. Naruto moved forward, he knew he was no where near strong enough to face off against Orochimaru but he didn't care, his mate needed help. Deidara held out a hand and stopped Naruto from moving telling him that Sasuke would be okay but the wolf needed to fight this.

He managed to get a claw into Sasuke's shoulder holding him in place, with each hit Orochimaru landed the scroll slowly started to open Oro- started to write itself in the blank when suddenly Sasuke lunged forward snapping at Orochimaru's neck leaving deep gashes in it, the tab snapped open and Sasuke Uchiha appeared in the space that Orochimaru's name had begun to fill.

Orochimaru growled at Sasuke then turned to the slowly burning scroll, that was floating in air holding itself up by the pulses it kept sending out, he reached out grabbed the scroll and snapped it in half, forget about the scroll, Naruto was his and he was going to get him.

Deidara laughed as blue essence started to seep from the broken scroll wrapping its way around Sasuke who currently had Naruto pushed behind himself taking a wide stance ready to attack or defend.

The blue essence circled Naruto forcing him into his true demon form. The essence started moving faster, blocking the wolf and the fox from view, it was combining them, merging their bodies together, the essence was spiraling higher growing wider, a thunderous roar sent the blue shattering throwing it out only to have it disappear, Naruto and Sasuke where no longer there, instead stood a huge wolf with nine tails made of fire and the blue essence. The wolf was taller then the Uchiha mansion, its dark purple eyes had a sharingan spinning wildling as lightning struck through them.

Orochimaru stared at the wolf-fox-thing with wide eyes "Wh-what's happening?"

Deidara smirked "Orochimaru, you really shouldn't be messing with things that you know nothing about, when you broke the scroll, you stopped the game, and that's against the rules, you see, the scrolls where designed back in the days right before and during the demon wars, they where used to keep some semblance of peace during mating season,"

"During mating season the village leaders would round up all the perspective mates and bring them together, they would use bonding scrolls to know who would go with who, you obviously read or interpreted something wrong, the bonding scroll will not let you take someone else's mate unless you kill said person, when you broke the bonging scroll you where saying that it was over and that it was time to know who won, but sense you broke it before all the tabs where filled it fed its energy to the one who wanted Naruto the most, which was Sasuke, only true mates, with pure love, can bond as these two can, and now your going to be destroyed," Deidara explained with a smile on his face.

A blue tail came down from the fox and wrapped itself around Orochimaru; the wolf-fox brought him closer to its muzzle and snarled before flinging him into the darkest corner of the forest.


Deidara grinned as his kit and Sasuke retold the story about what happened, giving his input at the parts that they didn't understand.

"So, why did me and Sasuke turn into a giant fire thing anyway?" Naruto asked finally voicing the question on everyone's mind.

"Well, like I told Orochimaru, when he broke the scroll he broke the rules, Sasuke cared for you more then Orochimaru ever could, and he felt you where in danger, his body automatically- being the Uchiha he is he has the power to do this- started calling energy to him. The strongest energy was naturally the Fate's essence from the scroll which he was able to summon because he was ready to fight Orochimaru until one of them died,"

"Your body started to mirror his because you have such a deep connection with him and you where ready to help if your mate fell,"

Deidara smirked "And as for the giant wolf-fox-blue fire-thing, mates with a pure love bond can draw the energy from one of those scrolls to use it if their mate is dieing in the Bonding Match, but only the strongest demons can actually use it to be one like that when no one is hurt and the game was over, now that you have the Fate's essence flowing through your body, you will be able to do many more things than most demons can."


(a few days after the Orochimaru attack which Cassandra slept through after brought down into the basement) (A/N: Cassandra's a month old, but since she has the Uchiha genes she smart for her age, and she also grows faster thanks to the Uzumaki genes)

Cassandra woke when she heard a growling noise, she rolled onto her paws and did a sweep of the room, when she saw no one in there she squeaked for her parents then began to spin around slowly, constantly surveying the room they growl came again and she let out a growl of her own.

The door opened and she spun around growling at who ever entered, she immediately stopped when she saw it was he momma,

"Momma, something's growling at me," she yipped quietly.

Whatever it was growled one last time before she whipped her head around snarling at everything in the room, whatever it was might try to hurt her momma, and that was a big no-no, you never threatened a Uchiha's mother, mate, or siblings, it was okay to try to threaten her daddy because he would shred whatever was trying to hurt him in the first place. Her daddy would usually be with momma but he was hunting with Uncle Itachi and her Grandpa Fugaku who she called 'grampa' so he couldn't defend her momma from the evil growling thing.

Cassandra heard light laughter and turned to her momma.

"Kit, that's your stomach growling, it sounds like someone's hungry."

Cassandra let her head drop sheepishly as she nodded,

"Yes I'm hungry, I want fish!" she yipped happily now that she knew that there was no one there to harm her momma.

"Your dad should be home in a minuet with the fish," as Naruto finished saying that the door bell rang.

Cassandra ran to the door and sat there wagging her tail waiting for it to be opened, as soon as it was, she flung herself at who was behind it.

"Daddy!" she squealed licking Sasuke's face as he laughed.

"Hey Pup, I got some fish for you," Sasuke chuckled and handed the fish to Naruto he smiled and kissed his mate lightly on the lips.

"Daddy, why," Sasuke's eyes snapped open, 'of please, oh please, oh please, don't ask about that, I really don't think its time for the fox and the wolf speech! (1)' "do you call me Pup when momma calls me Kit?" Sasuke let out a sigh of relief, he remembered that after seeing his parents kiss when he was younger he asked what they where doing and why, he also asked how babies where made, and he really didn't want to explain that to his daughter yet, as smart as she may be, she was still only a month old.

"Well Pup, momma is a fox and their babies are called kits, but I'm a wolf and we call our babies pups, so when we call you that we're calling you our baby, who we love very much."

Naruto grinned at his mate and daughter, they where so cute, the both of them. Naruto smiled when Sasuke walked up to him and gave him a hug with their baby still in his arms. He didn't see how life could get much better then this

when he says the 'fox and the wolf speech' he means the same things as 'the birds and the bees' I just really hate that name, besides he's a wolf and his mates a fox so……

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