Chemicals React

She is standing in front of him, wearing the grin that is uniquely hers. Her perfume clings to the air and he breathes it in, enjoying the soft fragrance as it fills his senses. It is only natural that he wants to wrap his arms around her waist and pull her to him and so, because he is in a mood, he does just that.

The closeness makes him feel warm and safe and everything he knows he shouldn't feel for someone he works with and if his lips find hers, he tells himself that it is only by accident. It's an accident he intends to take full advantage of.

Their bodies meld together like they are two parts of a whole and his hands tangle in her hair while he kisses her. She returns the kiss with an intensity to match and her hands travel down his sides to rest on his waist.

He wants the moment to last forever and he holds onto it for as long as he can, but is the first to break away.

He feels like he could live off this, but he needs oxygen.

Once they have each caught their breath, she fixes him with a pleased grin. Her eyes sparkle more than they usually do.

"What was that for?" she asks, teasingly.

He shrugs and runs his tongue over his lips, thinking. He can still taste her on him and he loves it.

"I wanted to kiss you," he replies, honestly, earning another of her flashy smiles.

She studies him for a moment and then nods towards the awaiting crime scene.

He smiles in silent agreement (they really should go to work now) and begins to walk towards it, keeping in step with her without thinking.

"I hope that wasn't a one time thing," she finally says, pausing briefly and brushing her lips with her fingertips.

Before he can tell her that it's the first of many kisses that he wishes to bestow on her, she is moving. Back to work. He grins and follows her.

He can tell her – or better yet, show her – just how much he wants to kiss her more, later.