His mouth was hot against her own, desperate, searching. She felt his tongue dart out to massage her bottom lip and instinctively opened her mouth that little bit more to allow him entrance, moaning softly in response.

Distantly, she recalled that they were in her office – in the hospital – making out and she began to pull away, but when his arms began to move up and down her sides, she failed to see any reason why she should deny herself such pleasure.

It felt so good and so wrong.

It felt like giving into temptation and she knew that that was because it was.

She blinked in confusion when House was the one to pull back. He wore a goofy grin that she fell in love with all over again, though she'd never tell him that, and he was breathing hard.

So was she, now that she thought about it.

"Bored, already?" she teased lightly. Cautiously. "Or are you worn out?"

No answer.

House reached out to place a finger over her lips, effectively silencing her.

"You might want to check your lipstick," he said simply.

She frowned slightly and stared at him. What was he-? Was he leaving her when she'd been so close to letting him sleep with her?

"And Cuddy?" he added, removing his finger and heading towards the door. "My place. Tonight."

Oh. Oh!

Eyebrow shooting upwards, she watched as he walked off without waiting for her to reply.

She fought off the smile playing at her lips until he was out of sight.

"I'll be there."