Title: Royal Flush

Summary: Hundred word drabbles featuring Thrill Pair, Royal Pair, Sweet Pair, ToFu, and Smiling Pair. Written for the Royal Flush OTP challenge.

Rating: K

Warnings: Shounen-ai.

Notes: Written for the Royal Flush OTP challenge over on POT stands for Pointless but Original Talking! All pairings were given, all prompt words were not. They were merely the words that sparked the fics. All drabbles are real - that is, exactly a hundred words in length. Hopefully there will be a round two up soon. (It'd be diamonds).

Round One: Spades

Ace of Spades:Thrill:Aces

"BS." Echizen Ryoma smirked. Ryoma and his boyfriend had been playing cards for nearly an hour now, and so far, he had been beaten miserably. This was surprising, considering the fact that the game was extremely easy to play if you only had two players.

Nevertheless, he had somehow ended up possessing a large handful of cards - he should have expected the older boy to be an excellent liar.

This time, however, Ryoma was positive that he had caught him.

He was, however, proven wrong again, when an amused Fuji Syusuke flipped over his cards to reveal five aces.

King of Spades:Royal:Shame

Echizen Ryoma was ashamed of a lot of things. His father, Echizen Nanjirou, was a perfect example. The old man sat home ringing a bell and claiming to be a monk, while reading – or rather looking at, for there were few words – indecent magazines.

The tennis prince was also ashamed of his teammates. With the exception of a few members, the team had no idea how to conduct themselves. They were constantly acting like idiots, and embarrassing themselves. Yet they continued to act that way.

However, one thing Echizen Ryoma had never been ashamed of was his boyfriend, Atobe Keigo.

Queen of Spades:Sweet:Throat

Marui Bunta groaned.

He had caught a bad case of strep throat. The result: he was stuck in bed, feeling miserable.

Thankfully, he had something– or rather someone- to look forward to.

His boyfriend, Akutagawa Jiroh, had promised that he'd stop by after class. And after class was almost here.

Sure enough, he heard a knock downstairs, before Jiroh appeared in his room.

"Any better?" he asked. Marui nodded slightly, and moved over a bit. The boy snuggled up next to him.

Then he realized, he was suddenly feeling better

It seemed what they said was true – misery loved company.

Jack of Spades:ToFu:Lottery

Atobe Keigo was rich. No, scratch that, he is rich. Rich is to the Atobes as wet is to water – a given fact of life. It's just one of those things that will never change.

Because it's a fact of life, Atobe Keigo takes it for granted. Money is there purely so he can entertain himself.

People often tell him how lucky he is– that he hit the jackpot simply by being born. They say he's won the lottery– but he has never felt that way before.

It isn't until he dates Fuji Syusuke that he first has that feeling.

Ten of Spades:Smiling:Collapse

A message. Then shock.

"Fuji-senpai?" Echizen calls. He receives no response.

"Fujiko?" Eiji pokes his friend. Still no response.

Eiji pulls the cell phone from his friend's hand. This snaps him out of his trance.

"Oh.. oh my..

"Fujiko?" Fuji is shaking. "What's wrong?"

Eiji does not get a response. Instead, Fuji takes off running, Yanagi's voice still echoing in his ears.

'Fuji-kun, Seiichi…h-he collapsed. He h-hasn't come around yet but… you're his boyfriend, a-and you may be his best hope. Room 215.'

Fuji continues toward the hospital. Never before has one simple thing caused his world to collapse.


Ending Notes: Round one finished. Round two may or may not be posted. We'll see. Also, please review! They feed my soul.