Title: Royal Flush

Summary: Hundred word drabbles featuring Thrill Pair (Fuji/Echizen), Royal Pair (Atobe/Echizen), Sweet Pair (Marui/Jiroh), ToFu (Atobe/Fuji), and Smiling Pair (Yukimura/Fuji). Written for the Royal Flush OTP challenge. (Which ended ages ago.)

Rating: T

Warnings: Shounen-ai.

Notes: Written for the Royal Flush OTP challenge over on POT stands for Pointless but Original Talking! All pairings were given, all prompt words were not. They were merely the words that sparked the fics. All drabbles are real - that is, exactly a hundred words in length. Round four of four is here! :)

Also, this-chapter specific note: the translation is rough from sources online, and if you have a proper one let me know so I can correct it, but the Greek at the bottom of the second one says (supposedly) "I love you."

Reviews appreciated, thanks!

Ace of Hearts:Thrill:Innocuous

Fuji Syusuke was innocent enough. That was what most people thought. With a charming smile and the manners of a gentleman, an outsider was not the least bit afraid to approach him.

Someone on the next level, however, was scared. They felt the danger that radiated off of the teen in waves, felt the glowing energy of hate that emitted if you messed with anyone Fuji was close to.

And Echizen – he knew best.

He knew best just how innocuous Fuji truly was, harmless because he would never go past the furthest stage of consciousness that so many people feared.

King of Hearts:Royal:Translation

"You're hopeless," Atobe sighed, setting the pen down. Echizen shrugged, a slight smile playing at his lips: he hadn't wanted to learn Greek in the first place. "Really, these are base verbs. A three-year-old could do this."

"A Greek three-year-old, maybe," Echizen said, rolling his eyes. He pushed his chair back from the desk, rolling away. Before he could get far enough Atobe had stuck out his foot, pulling him back in.

"You're letting a Greek three-year-old beat you at something?" Atobe challenged, twisting his words.

It worked. By the end of the night Echizen knew one sentence:

Σ' αγαπώ

Queen of Clubs:Sweet:Fasting

"You're going to hurt yourself," Jiroh protested. He climbed over Marui, rubbing the other boy's shoulders and working out the muscles that had knotted themselves together with tension. Marui shook his head.

"I'll b' fine," he murmured. "Gotta prove 'Haru wrong."

Jiroh slowed his motions, aggravated. "You're risking your health to get back at Niou-san?" Marui shrugged into his touch as if he saw no problem with this.

"It's one week off sugar, I'll be fine."

Jiroh would have agreed, if sugar wasn't the only thing Marui ate. The last thing Marui needed was an eating disorder on his plate.

Jack of Hearts:ToFu:Retirement

"That's ridiculous."

"Being prepared?" Atobe raised an eyebrow; Fuji shrugged him off.

"Having a retirement plan set up at fifteen is not 'being prepared. It's ridiculous," Fuji scoffed.

"It's proper planning," Atobe huffed, indignant. "One with any financial or corporate background would know that!"

"You're the only teen in the world like that," Fuji said, eyes rolling in frustration. Atobe gripped his pen tightly, not wanting to start a fight.

It was too much: he couldn't swallow his pride.

"Regardless," Atobe coughed lightly, "I still believe a retirement plan is a good idea for you as well."

Fuji ignored him.

Ten of Hearts:Smiling:Excess

"They're ridiculous, I tell you." Yukimura sighed in relief: it felt good to vent, especially to someone who seemed to understand.

"They sound worse than Eiji and Momo," Fuji said softly, kissing the other teen lightly.

"I'd trade teams with you in a heartbeat," the bluenette confessed. "Don't get me wrong, I love them all for being who they are, but if I have to deal with another teacher calling me in – me, of all people! – about Niou or Akaya's behavior, I think I'll snap!"

Fuji agreed, making a mental note to thank the crazies he called his teammates later.