New Moon

Summary: Why did Edward choose to die at the clock tower in Volterra? One shot, Edward POV.

A/N: Just some morbid, angsty drabble. Reviews are appreciated!

I stood beneath the clock tower, waiting to die. I could mark the passing seconds from the ticking of a thousand timepieces around me, burning me within.

Hell I deserved, but an eternity in Hell could not be worse than these final seconds of my existence.

Before Bella, time had held no meaning. I was a vampire, an immortal abomination against God and nature. Bella had awoken the human I had once been, and I knew I had to let her go. I had left her so she could live out her time on Earth, savoring the sweetness of mortality. And when she died, she could go to Heaven, a place where I could not follow.

She rejected the time I gave her, but embraced her mortality. Because of her, I had never felt more human, and now I would reject my immortality and die.

It was close now. Every moment away from her had been pure torture, and any longer in a world without her was impossible. My time had come, and I was ready to pay for the unnatural years I had walked this Earth.

The clock boomed above me, heralding the hour. Beneath the clock tower, I walked toward the edge of the shadows.

It was a fitting place to die.