In a not-so-far-away land
There are islands fit for the
palm of your hand
Crystals sticking out of them
Oh what a hidden gem!

A magic show gone wrong
Island's in a wreck
Looks like these magicians
Aren't quite there yet

The creatures of the land
So is the slide
The animals are agitated
Quick hide!

The flowers drink the
potion anew
Letting off rings in shades
of blue.
The polar bears are crystalized
Ready to crush you guys.
The raccoons are done they've
been weighted down
The octopi are spinning round
and round
Hurry so you don't drown.

You think you're done
With this magic show
but it has just begun

Fly to a secret island
In the sky,
Wack-a-mole if you've
got time,
Then take a ride
on the world's longest slide

With so much to do
So much to see
You wonder what problems
may be
After you solve the magic
Feel free to leave this
hidden gem.