OH MY CARLISLE! 20 Ways to Annoy Twilight Characters – by BandGeek99

Hey, everyone! For those of you who are reading this and are saying, "Gee, who are you? It says you've written ten other stories, but I've never read them before in my life!" my name is BandGeek and I'm usually a Harry Potter/Anime/Manga author. I just read Twilight and I decided that I'd get a good list in.

For those of you who have me on Author Alert for stories like "Life is Full of Suprises" and "Double Destiny" and all my anime/manga stories, well, keep reading! If you don't know a thing about Twilight, don't read though, cuz otherwise it's hard to follow.

I was bored in Spanish class and my thoughts started to drift to Bldlf's, "20 Ways to Annoy Adventure 01 and 02 Characters!" and I decided to write one for Twilight. I drew a cover for it and everything! The cover is now in possession of my friend bellaedward247love.

This is dedicated to Bldlf, who gave me the idea and to Becka, Michelle, Jill, bellaedward247love, gracie41, and Brilliant Innocence for their help with writing this. Luv you all! xxMUAH!!xx

DISCLAIMER: me no own Twilight. Twilight Stephenie Meyer. Sorry.


20 WAYS TO ANNOY… Bella Swann!

1. Put her in a bathtub filled with blood.

2. Watch her and laugh as you see her get sick.

3. Run away when she tries to attack you for laughing at her.

4. Tell her that Edward is dead.

5. Laugh while you watch her cry.

6. Tell her that JACOB killed Edward.

7. Laugh as she goes out to kill Jacob.

8. Tell her that Emmett "met" her mother.

9. Tell her that Charlie hates her cooking.

10. Lock her in the mall… with Alice.

11. Have extreme makeover week.

12. Give Bella a duck with a bite mark in it, shrug, and say, "Edward got hungry."

13. "Break" her truck.

14. DENY IT!!

15. Tell her that the Cullens moved to Russia and took Jacob with them…

16. …as a pet.

17. Tell her that Edward thinks she's ugly.

18. Say that Esme doesn't like her and doesn't want her and Edward to go out EVER AGAIN!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

19. Watch her cry.

20. Laugh. Hard.

Bella slammed a fist onto her computer desk and started sobbing. "It's not fair! Why do they have to pick on me?!"

Edward, who was reading a Mark Twain book on her bed, stood up and leaned over her shoulder to read what someone had e-mailed her.

His face became stony and he gave off angry vibes. "I swear to God, if I ever find this person, I'm going to KILL THEM!!"


Hahaha, I had so much fun writing this chapter. I'll try to update soon!

Peace, Love, and Billabong (lol).