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Depthmon and BG: *gape*

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TDCFH: Which scares me slightly, aru.

Depthmon: *ignoring rude comment* And secondly, I don't review cuz I love Edward! I like the action in the plot, okay?

BG: *snickers* Who are you kidding? You just have a good hankering for a romance.

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Kenny: BandGeek doesn't own Twilight. If she did, there would be a tad bit more to each character and Bella would be less of a whiny pants.

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20 Ways to Annoy… Rosalie!

Replace her bottle of shampoo with a bottle of black dye.

When she throws a tantrum, laugh.

Tell her that you've found a way to bring her ex-fiancé back from the dead.

Laugh when she barricades herself in her room.

Shove her in a small closet with a pervy human boy.

Remind her… She can't kill him.

Have Alice shave her head in a makeover.

Refuse to get her a wig.

Hightail it out of there before she gets a butcher's knife!

Rob her of her cosmetic products and watch her flip.

Tell her she's a sucky musician.

Cut the strings on her piano.

Total her Mustang.

Take her mechanic's tools and bury them at the bottom of the Atlantic.

Take Emmett's phone and set her ring tone to "Ugly Girl" (a real song (I can't think of the artist)

Laugh as she freaks out at Emmett for being a malevolent jerk.

Give her obnoxious pet names (e.g. Barbie, Bratty McGee, Bitch-a-zoid).

Use said pet names frequently.

Tell her that animal blood is high in fat.

Say to her, "Rose! Rose! Have you seen Jack? Rose, look! Rose, it's Jack! Rose, you've got to save Jack, Rose!"

"THIS IS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT, EMMETT!" Rosalie roared, shoving the printout violently in her mate's face.

Emmett, who had been innocently playing MarioKart Wii on his 42'' flat screen, looked up. His face was absolutely appalled, his golden eyes seriously hurt and his expression screaming "Kodak moment!" He hit the plus button on the Wii-mote and whined, "But Rosie, how is it my fault?!"

"I don't know, it just is! If you really loved me, you'd make sure that nobody knew this crap about me!" The blonde girl ranted and ranted, tossing old issues of Seventeen across the room, chucking a high-heel at Emmett's head, and pounding her fist through the wall.

Carlisle silently appeared at the door, his lip trembling. "My beautiful house… Why must you break it so?!" If he'd still been human, there was no doubt in his mind that tears would be streaming down his face and he'd be flying a white flag.

"Rose, sweetie?"

"What?" she growled.

"Is it… Is it your Japanese Flag Day, by any chance?" Emmett asked quietly, ignoring his foster father in the doorway.

Rosalie was enraged. "EMMETT!"


Kogami Manabe almost cackled as she found the final deportation site of the mysterious lists. SilverSunPickupsFanatic, you're in for it.

The dark-haired girl had Edward Cullen's number halfway dialed on her ancient Nokia when a thought occurred to her.

Then again... What those guys don't know… Well, that can't hurt them now…She grinned wickedly and shut off her phone, resting her size-6 feet up on her desk next to her laptop.



Only a chapter or two more to go. I think the only one of the Cullens that's left is Carlisle. (I'm not doing Renesmee. I don't particularly like Renesmee.) So… yeah. Review, review, review, people!


Who was Carlisle modeled after in this chapter? Here are a few hints as to whom it was he was modeled after:

-Has a thing for high school girls
-Is a novelist (writes romance)
-Shares his house with two teenage cousins and their female friend
-Wears traditional robes at ALL TIMES
-Is possessed with a dog
-Could very well be gay with a certain dress-maker
-Wrote a song that goes, "High school girls, High school girls, one two three! High school girls! High school girls, High school girls, all for me, high school girls!

If you're a real otaku, you should be able to guess this one ^.^

Anyway, reviews are lovely, I could go for one right now!! (Pwetty please?)