Serenity's POV

I've been walking for what feels like forever. It feels like the time my dad took me to Vampire Mountain. We couldn't flit, and the walking took ages. BORING! I was in a forest somewhere in North America. I knew that much anyway. Why did I have to find the one place in the world that rained every minute of every twenty-four hours? I was soaked to the skin and was getting what felt like a cold.

I'm guessing you'll want to know who I am. Well, I'll just start with my name. I'm Serenity Crespley. I've been a full vampire for a while now, and by that I mean five or six years. I had been bleeding to death and my dad had no choice but to turn me into a full vampire. It'd never been done before. Going straight to full vampire I mean. It was highly dangerous. As far as I knew, I was the only living successful case of it happening.

I hadn't fed on human blood for about two weeks and I was getting weaker by the hour. Full vamps just can't go that long without human blood. I had no idea what time it was. The clouds blotted out the sky and made everything seem darker, but I'm guessing it's about three in the afternoon. I hadn't been out during day forever but the sun was so weak here that it didn't affect me.

I came to what looked like a hunting camp. There were three teenage guys sitting around and drinking something. And that's when I smelled it. Blood, it was fresh blood. I ran my tongue over my lips. These guys were my kind. Hopefully, they wouldn't rip me to shreds before I could tell them what I was.

I crept into the clearing. "Hey," I said to get their attention. They turned to me simultaneously. "Can I have some of that? I haven't had any for a while."

Before I realized what happened, they'd run up to be and pushed me against the ground with my arms and feet pinned down.

"Who are you?" One growled through his teeth.

I looked at him. At least they hadn't ripped my up. "I'm one of you. I'm a vampire. Now let me up!" I put as much force into my voice as I could but it came out in what was barely above a whimper. At least they understood me.

I struggled but they were healthy and I was weak. I stood no chance right now. I thought about what my dad would say about the position I was in now. He'd probably get me out of here, and then tell how stupid I was for pulling a stunt like this. But he wasn't here and he couldn't help me. I was on my own.

"I can here your heart beating. You're no vampire." I don't which one of them said that but I was confounded at his stupidity. Of course I was a vampire.

"Oh course I'm a vampire Stupid." I didn't know what else to call them. "Vampires don't die." Then I realized my mistake. They didn't have heartbeats but they were undoubtedly vampire.

They looked at each other. One of them nodded to the youngest looking one. He looked at me as if he was reading my mind.

"She believes what she says," he told the others. Oh crap, how'd he do that? Maybe he did read my mind. Then I remembered the stories my dad used to tell me.

"I'm a Vampira Humana," I said. They looked at each other again. Finally, the Mind Reader spoke.

"We're going to let you up, but you're not to try anything. Got it?" I nodded. What else could I do? They were beyond my strength right now.

Slowly, they let their grips loosen and I was allowed to sit up. "I thought you're kind didn't live in America." It was the big one.

I nodded. He was right. "We usually don't.," I said. "I was separated from my dad about a year ago. I've been trying to find him. I tried stowing away on a ship, but it came here instead of going where I needed to go."

"What's your story?"

"Hold it." I said. "I don't even know who you are and you want to know my story?"

"Fine," One of them said, exasperated. "I'm Edward. This is Jasper and Emmett." He pointed to them in turn.

"I'm Serenity." They nodded, waiting for me to continue. They seemed okay enough and they were of my kind so I went on with my story.