Chapter one The Bet easy won ?

Derek's Po v

"Hey man how ye doing king of bets?" Shane asked me in a challenging way.

"Good are you up for another one ? or did my last victory scare you?" I smirked my famous smirk and waited for his reply. To my surprise a grin widened on his face

"Sure I got one for you , I bet you hundred bucks that you can't get into some certain girls pants before prom , are you on!?". His smirk only widened and as all know me I can't turn a bet down which is so easy 'cause every girl is head over heals for me.

" Of course but are you sure you can handle losing one hundred bucks? "

"So you are on , OK here are the rules ,first you can't tell her from the bet ,second I choose who it is and last you'll take her to prom got it ?"

I was curious as to why I had to take her to prom but well who cares.

"OK man who is this mysterious girl you think I can't get, do I know her?"

" Yeah you know her better than everybody else in this school, turn around she is just about to go to history lesson" I saw a smirk upon is face and as I looked at who it was I knew why . It was Casey the nerd step-sis of mine ,whom I despised with everything I had.

"CASEY are you totally out of your mind? Are you high?!"

"Wow are you chicking out? Well then that would be my hundred bucks eh."

If I had any common sense I would have taken the defeat, but where would be the fun in that eh? I am after all the great Derek Venturi so I did something stupid as always.

"No, I don't chicken out so start saving one hundred bucks I will win this bet " with that said I left him behind and went to my next class.

Finally schools out I went towards my car when I noticed Casey talking to a guy out of my Spanish course. He was known as a player and I didn't know why but Casey talking to him made me dare I say jealous?

"Hey Case do you need a ride home ? Nora just called and said you had to watch ED and Liz so better hurry up" I yelled hoping she would believe me.

She jogged towards me and I could see she was angry.

" Ugh Derek do you always have to humiliate me in front of everyone you couldn't just have said that you wanted to go home could you? Nooo of course not ,you had to make a fool out of me in front of Kevin".

"Well it's no like you didn't do a good job on your own Spacey "

I started the motor and waited till she got in to drive her home.

"For your information Derek I am His girlfriend so I must've done something right" this caught my attention.

"You are his WHAT !! " I nearly enough chocked on my own saliva.

"Well we didn't make it official but we will tomorrow so just so you know " she said that and that was that was said for the rest of the drive home.

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