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Bella's POV

It started out just like any other day. I was sitting on the couch in Edward's arms, in the Cullen's living room. We had turned on the T.V., but I had no idea what was on. Ever since the day in the meadow when Edward wanted to throw away his rules, he has been much less boundary ridden. He was currently trailing his cool fingertips right above the edge of jeans. I on the other hand was trying not to hyperventilate.

"Do you have to keep doing that …Edward" I panted out breathlessly

"Do what Bella?" he chuckled.

"Keep touching me like that"

"What, you don't want me to touch you?" I could hear the amusement in his voice.

"Of course I want you to touch me; it's just that it drives me crazy"

"Well good, because YOU drive me crazy by just being in my arms and besides I love touching you."

Humph, I thought. Maybe I could turn the tables and see how he likes it.

Edward's POV

God, I loved feeling her warm skin under my cold hands. It always felt so silky and soft. I couldn't get enough of her. No matter what we were doing, I constantly thought about all of the things I wanted to do with her, hell about all the things I want to do TO her.

I was just beginning to daydream about all sorts of wicked things, when my Angel abruptly pulled away from me.

"What, what is it, did I do something wrong?" Oh God, could she tell what I had been thinking?

"You didn't do anything wrong Edward, I just wanted to get more comfortable" she informed me by rolling her eyes.

She turned so that she was now facing me and tracing my jaw line with her warm fingers. I leaned into the softness of her palm, while she began to kiss every inch of my face.

Bella's POV

Okay Bella just breathe, you can do this. I kept repeating this mantra over and over in my head. I had successfully maneuvered myself to where I wanted to be. I had complete access to every part of his wonderfully sculpted body.

I decided to start with his inhumanly perfect face. I was running my finger down his jaw, and kissing every part I could reach, when I heard a very strange noise.



"What was that noise?" he leaned up on one elbow and said,

"What noise?"

"Relax; I think it came from you"

"WHAT!!" he exclaimed.

I tried so hard, but I just couldn't keep it in, I started laughing.

"Edward, you purred"

"I purred" he said as he relaxed and laid back down beside me.

"Yes, you purred" I realized then that I had really liked hearing him purr.

"Wow, I've never done that before"

"Well, let's see if you can do it again. I liked it, it sounded really sexy".

"You found my purring sexy?"

"Yes I find everything you do sexy"

He just smiled my favorite smile and brought my hand back to his cheek.

This time I placed a kiss at his neck, and scooted down so I could reach just above his shirt collar. He instantly started purring again. I moved my hand so I could open the top button on his crisp white shirt, I then let me tongue peek out so I could taste his skin. Edward immediately jumped and looked down at me with a very shocked expression on his face.

"What I just wanted to taste you?" I said with a smirk on my face.

"I'm going to do it again too, because to be honest it was the best flavor I have ever had in my mouth".

I didn't look up at his face to read his expression; I just bent right back down and took another lick.

"Yummmm, your skin tastes amazing"

I wanted more, so I pushed on his shoulder slightly so I could get him to lie down on his back. I then began to unbutton his entire shirt, taking little licks along the way.

Edwards's POV

I could not believe how good her tongue felt against my skin. When I first felt that warm little thing come out of her heavenly mouth, I thought I would die. Then when she said that I was the best flavor she had ever had, I lost all ability to speak coherently. All I could do was moan and beg her to continue.

"Oh God Bella you have no idea how that feels"

"Show me then Edward" she said as she sat up to straddle my hips. My beautiful Bella began unbuttoning her pale blue shirt. At first all I could was sit there totally dumbstruck. Then in the next second I had her flipped under me.

"NO, it is my job to take it off." I growled.

"Then do it already" she panted.

I growled again as I reached down and tore the garment off her beautiful skin.

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