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"I want a new broom, and new dress robes, and pranks from Zonko's, a new quidditch ball set and matching robes and I want a party, with a big cake, and lots of people taking photos and asking me questions and I want…"

At this point, Harry stopped listening to his brother Elliot's extensive list of things he wanted for his birthday. Harry knew he would get everything he asked for and he would get nothing, just like it'd always been. When he was little he's asked his parents why he never got any presents. His question had been met with a deathly glare from his father while his mother said smugly, "Elliot is the boy who lived, and he's the savior of the wizarding world. You're nothing but a squib!"

4 years earlier…

"Elliot is five years old now, he needs to start his training as he is now old enough to comprehend what we're teaching him," Harry heard Dumbledore telling his parents in the dining room.

"What do you have in mind?" asked his mother, a smug pride evident in her voice.

"Although I have no doubt your Elliot is a very powerful and intelligent wizard, he has not of yet, come into his powers, they are on par with average wizards his age. Ultimately I would like Elliot to be trained at Hogwarts. We can begin teaching him theory and simple spells, I think he will be able to handle that."

James and Lily Potter sat together, smiling, looking like all their Christmases had come at once. Their son was the boy who lived, the savior of the wizarding world and they were so proud to call themselves his parents.

Harry let out a sigh and walked back up stairs to the library, his favourite room in the house. He didn't know what to think about Elliot and his training. In a way he was jealous that Elliot would get to lean magic and annoyed how most people didn't even know the boy-who-lived had a twin brother. On the other hand he was glad that Elliot would be gone most days which meant he's be left alone and Elliot wouldn't be there hit him or tease him or get him in to trouble with his parents like he usually was.

Harry strolled along the fiction shelves in the library; he'd read nearly all the books there now. He walked along to the spell books. Standard Book of Spells Level 1, caught his eye. He knew he couldn't get his wand till he started Hogwarts but he was bored and curious. He knew he wasn't a sqib like his parents told him because he had been having increasingly powerful bouts of accidental magic ever since he could remember. He opened the book, 'Wingardium Leviosa' he read. 'An easy spell to cast for beginners, not to mention very useful', the book continued. Harry, instinctively pointed his hand at the a book high up and said, "Wingardium Leviosa." The book floated off the shelf towards his out stretched hand. Harry smiled; he was definitely not a useless squib.

A week later Elliot's training began. Harry would hear them leave very early in the morning and they would often not come back until well into the night. As Elliot's training intensified he spent more and more time away at Hogwarts, while different Professors tried desperately to teach the very average boy-who-lived, their unique crafts. Even though the Professors praised the famous child, Dumbledore could see that just said that it was because he hadn't come into his full power yet and he would have to intensify his training regime.

"Now, Elliot I have had purchased you a basic practice wand as you are not yet eligible to receive your own wand from Olivanders," explained Flitwick, who was unfortunate enough to have receive the 'honor' or teaching the boy-who-lived basic wand movements and incarnations.

"Well I want my own wand, not a stupid kids wand I'm the boy-who-lived!" said Elliot stubbornly.

"Yes but you are still only five, you must at until you are at least ten before you buy your wand," the short professor tried to calmly explain.

After many outrageous promises from his parents and Dumbledore, Elliot reluctantly agreed to use the practice wand.

"Now we can begin the levitation spell, you never know when that could save your life," said Flitwick passionately, "now swish and flick and say wingardium leviosa."

"Wingardium leviosa," said Elliot – the feather didn't move.

The little man tried for hours to help Elliot and by the end of the day Elliot could make the feather quiver slightly. As Flitwick said, "his magical reserves are simply not mature enough to perform these spells."

Dumbledore would have none of it though, Elliot was the people's saviour and would be again in the future and he needed to enter Hogwarts and appear to have great power – the people will need the reassurance, "he must be a very strong wizard as he did defeat Voldemort, he just needs more practice," said the ignorant Headmaster.

When Lily and James told Harry that they were taking Elliot and moving to Hogwarts permanently and that Harry was to stay with the house elves at Potter Manor, Harry was thrilled. Harry was just as glad to be away from Lily, James and Elliot as they were glad to get away from him.

Harry was not thrilled however when he discovered that his parents had set up wards around many of the rooms and corridors in Potter Manor that he had been anxious to explore.

From then on his parents and Elliot only returned once a year, for Elliot's annual birthday ball. The Potter's used this opportunity to show all the other pure blood families how rich they were and what a grand house they had. Apart from the days leading up to, and the day of Elliot's annual birthday ball, Harry was alone and thoroughly enjoyed this time.

Once he got use to the idea that he didn't have to walk around on egg shells all of the time, for the first time since after that fateful Halloween night, Harry felt he could relax in his own home. When he wasn't reading and practicing magic, he would be snooping around Potter Manor, flying on his brother's Cleansweep 7 or exploring in the forest surrounding the property. He also became friendly with the portraits that lined the walls of the huge marble house.

Harry had found a very useful book on wards that he had read cover to cover. He carefully countered the tangles of wards and his life once again took an interesting turn when he had unlimited access to all the rooms that were previously restricted.

He also enjoyed long walks in the forest and around the lake. He would meet all kinds of magical creatures and soon befriended them. The centaurs taught him how to read the stars and would tell him ancient stories past down through time by the centaurs. He spent so much time with the centaurs in the forest that he quickly picked up their native language. He met also met vampires, merepeople and unicorns, quickly picking up their languages and customs.

It was one morning, after a long walk in the forest, that Harry was heading back to the Manor when he heard a strange hissing voice.

"Help me! I'm dying! I'm dying!" came the strange hissing sound that he could somehow understand.

"Who are you? Show your self!" hissed back Harry, not knowing what was responsible for the voice or realizing that he could speak parstletongue.

"I am Saran. Please help me, I'm dying!" the creature hissed back.

Harry looked around, searching for the owner of the strange voice. His eyes settled on a green snake, flopped over a thin tree branch, blood dripping from deep wounds along her side. Without a second though Harry scooped Saran up. Conjuring a rug that he spread on forest floor, he laid Saran gently down on it. He mumbled a few quite incantations and the blood stopped flowing and her green sparkly scales began to mold back together.

"Thank you, I owe you my life. You are my new master, I will be the most faithful companion you will ever have master," hissed Saran.

Harry smiled at the snake, which was no longer than his forearm, just less than thirty centimeters. From that day on, Saran, as she had promised was Harry's most faithful companion. She went everywhere with Harry, coiled around his forearm or neck, and the two, however strange it may seem to the average witch or wizard, became best friends.

Saran began to teach Harry parselmagic and Harry told Saran stories that the other magical creatures had told him, as well as about his family. Saran was riveted by the stories that Harry told her, and equally appalled by the way Harry was treated by his family.

Over the years, Harry's love for learning never ceased and he had quickly gone from simple first year spells to NEWT level spell books. His story sessions with the centaurs and other magical creatures that he had come across on his walks turned more into lessons about their language, culture and magical abilities.

He had taken to calling his parents by their first names, as he didn't see them as his family for he knew they didn't love him. In fact he wouldn't have been surprised if they didn't even remember they had another son, they certainly made no effort to see him whenever they returned to the manor for Elliot's birthday ball.


At Hogwarts, the Professors and even Dumbledore were starting to grow impatient with Elliot. After nearly four years of lessons dedicated to repetitive theory he had memorized the basics of what they had taught him. When he used his wand, that Dumbledore had eventually gotten special permission from the ministry to purchase, much to the Potter's delight, he could case a weak version of some of the basic first year spells such as wingardium leviosa, lumos and stupefy.

'How he defeated Voldemort I will never know, he must be still yet to come into his magic' thought Dumbledore, who had complete, undoubted faith in the boy-who-lived. Had he gone over the facts and thoroughly analysed his power levels and intellectual abilities compared to his twin and other children he would have realised that Elliot was just an average child and that it was not Elliot that defeated Voldmort, but Harry.