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Chapter 3: I'm Graham

„So, you already know what you're gonna say to her?" Buzz asked while they got their stuff out of the small plane of Buzz airways.

"Not really. I'll try it with "hi" to start with", Jack joked lamely.

"Maybe you should call her and tell her that you're comin'", Buzz suggested and slammed the door of the plane shut.

"Nah.. then it's not a surprise anymore", Jack replied and followed Buzz inside the airport. He didn't really want to surprise her, but neither did he want to call her. He was scared that she was still angry and would tell him to stay away. Or that she needed time to think- which with women was never a good thing- and tell him to go back home and wait for her decision. However he didn't want to wait anymore. He wanted to clear the air and get his woman, the woman he loved.

"So, you go over there and get your ticket to New York and I fly back home", Buzz nodded when they stood inside the airport. There were lots of people around them and Jack already felt suffocated. He wasn't used to that many people in one room; all of them chatting and hurrying past each other. He took a deep breath.

"Ok, I will. Thanks again Buzz", He said and gave the pilot a manly hug.

""It'll be ok, son", Buzz replied and patted Jack's back. With one last look over his shoulder Jack walked to the counter to get his ticket to New York.

"To the airport please", Marin said when she sat down in one of those yellow New York cabs.

"Sure Ma'am. Going on vacation?" the driver asked and looked curiously at her though the rear-mirror.

"No, I am going home to tell Jack that I love him", she told him openly and with a happy smile, although it was absolutely none of his business.

"He's one lucky guy, this Jack", the driver grinned and started into the crazy New York traffic.

"I hope he thinks so. The last time I saw him he basically told me that we are not even friends anymore. And I get it, I really get it that he was angry and everything, but he shouldn't have let me go. I shouldn't have gone away. I should have stayed in the first place and force him to talk it out and to read that stupid article."

"There was an article about you? Are you famous or something?" the afro-American wanted to know.

"Me? No, absolutely not. I mean.. I was a bit famous once…. When my books came out… I am still writing that is and I wrote a chapter about Jack and then some women came only to see him and 

prodded about his personal life and he thought I betrayed him and published all his secrets, which is not true. I was just writing about what a great guy he is, but because he never read the article he didn't get it and ended our friendship", she rambled and the driver nodded silently.

"If I would sell an autograph of you, would it get me any money?" he asked after a few minutes of silence.

Marin laughed. "Maybe Annie would buy it… or would have bought it. Now that she's in Elmo as well she can just ask me for one herself at any time she wants".

"Elmo? Never heard of it", the driver replied. "West Coast?"

"Alaska", Marin said.

"Alaska? Nice, uhm… cold", he grinned.

"Yeah it really is… cold", she giggled after she spoke out the last word.

"Small town?"

"Really small", she nodded.

"It's where Jack lives, huh?"

"Yeah, I met him there. But it's not why I went there at first. "

"You don't look like you're into fishing", he smiled.

"Oh believe me, I am not. Although when Jack taught me a while ago…"

"Jack again", the driver interrupted her and his smile got even bigger.

"Yeah, Jack again", Marin laughed. "Anyway, I went there for a job and then just stayed".

"Didn't you say you're an author?"

"I am a relationship coach. After my fiancé cheated on me I find out though, that I know nothing about men. And where else can you learn something about men, than In a town full of men?" she asked with a smile.

"You could have asked me", he laughed.

"I will remember that for the next time".

"If Jack will be okay with it. I mean, you will tell him that you love him and he is a damn fool if he doesn't feel the same way about you," the elder man nodded. Marin just smiled, but didn't say anything. If Jack would only feel the same way….

After Buzz had left Jack in the airport building he had a meeting he had never guessed. While he was walking back to his plane he suddenly heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Hey, is this the flight to Elmo?"

Buzz turned around and came face to face with Lynn. Photographer Lynn, traveler Lynn, Lynn who had grown up in Elmo. Jack's Lynn.

"Lynn?!" he stuttered and was surprised when she actually hugged him.

"It's good to see a familiar face again", she smiled.

"What are you doing here?" he asked her and glanced over her shoulder to make sure that Jack was not coming after him, for whatever reason.

"I'm on my way back to Elmo", she smiled and let go of him.

"So you're coming back?" he asked her surprised. After she had left Jack no-one would have thought that she would ever come back.

"Not for long, just to get the rest of my stuff from Jack", she replied.

"Oh ok, then let's go", he said and took one of her backpacks from her. He didn't know why, but somehow he feared that Jack would seek him out again and then run into Lynn. He wasn't sure what would happen if Jack would see her. Maybe he was angry now that she had just left him and wouldn't even talk to her. But maybe seeing her would stir up old feelings of hurt and maybe even love and he wouldn't go after Marin anymore. And he, Buzz the pilot, needed to avoid that.

"Wait, wait", she smiled and stepped away from his arm which was leading her. "I need something to eat and drink first, I'm starving", she said and wanted to march back to the airport.

"I just bought something", he replied and waived with the Dunkin Doughnuts bag. "It's really crowded in there and we need to hurry. There's storm coming up and I want to be back home this evening", he said and grabbed her arm again to get her into his plane.

The Menaissance by Marin Frist

My friend Jack has taught me about balance. That it is just as important in nature as it is in yourself; That when you care for someone they can care for you back; That you can trust other people to help you out and that you can trust yourself.

You don't have to say everything you feel. I know this because I met Jack, the first real man I've ever known.

Jack had read this article multiple times since he had first read it. Even know on the plane to New York he couldn't stop reading it. He had memorized the words while he had waited the whole night at the airport for the flight and still every time he read his name it gave him goose bumps.

He had read every word and thought about every word and he couldn't understand anymore why he had been angry. 'Because you were too stubborn to read it, you stupid idiot', he scolded himself and read the first paragraph again.

"Pretty good article, huh?" grinned the woman who sat beside him.

"Huh?" he snapped out of his daze. "Oh yeah… pretty good".

"God, I wish I knew a man like this Jack", she sighed dramatically.

"Ah really", he grinned.

"Yeah he just seems like… the perfect man. This Marin Frist is a lucky woman.. if he really exists", she said.

"Or Jack is a lucky guy to have her", he muttered, but she understood him.

"Huh, nice thing to say. Do you know her?" she asked.

"Me? Yeah, actually I do know her", he nodded and smiled a smitten smile.

" You look like a Jack", she contemplated. "Are you Jack? The Jack?" she grinned.

"No, I'm not the Jack. I'm not that perfect", he shook his head and closed the magazine.

"What's your name?" she wanted to know.

"I'm… uhm… Graham. My name is Graham", he said and thought about Jerome's and Buzz cracker joke that still made him smile.

"Hi Graham. I'm Julia", she introduced herself and they shook hands.

"Hi, I need one ticket for a flight to Vancouver today", Marin said to the woman behind the counter.

"First class, business class or economy?"

"Honestly? I don't care, I just want a ticket", Marin replied and fidgeted giddily.

"I'm sorry mam, but we're booked", the woman said after a few minutes of silent typing.

"What? But I need to get home today", Marin shrieked.

"I'm really sorry".

"Isn't there another flight?"

"Not today. Half the flights got cancelled because of the bad weather in Vancouver and the others have been delayed", the woman replied.

"But… is there really no way?" Marin asked panicked.

"I'm sorry, but there really is no way," she smiled apologetically at Marin.

"Ok, thank you", Marin sighed and went to a bench and plopped down on it. First the traffic jam in New York, now the flights to Vancouver had been cancelled. What should she do now? With a sigh she stood her purse between her feet and decided to wait. She would wait here until there were flights to Vancouver again. And then she would tell Jack.