Break Time: A Toyomi Short Story Series

By Funakounasoul

Disclaimer: Don't own Tomo, Yomi, or Azumanga Daioh. There.

Author's Notes: Well, for those who don't know, my desktop PC screwed up. I have to go get it fixed...The problem is, that's the one I use to do all my work, art and fiction. I was in a deep computer-lacking depression the morning after it broke. Yeah, I can still write stories on our laptop, but it's just not the same as my desktop. However, I want to do SOMETHING. I can't just sigh and moan and do nothing on the laptop all decided to ask some people at Azumanga Insanity for some short story ideas while my computer is down. This series is dedicated to this time, hence the "Break Time" title.

These stories are short...and they're not written at my best abilities, but for some of you, seeing some sort of Funari-fiction is good enough...because I have YET to work on my other two stories...(cough)

Anyway, if this series is successful from my part (motivation-wise), I might continue this occasionally even after my computer's fixed. Ideas are heavily welcome, by the way, friendship or romance. Stories don't necessarily have to take place in the Flutterverse, but if they do, I will make a note of it in the Author's Notes.

And now, I will shut up and let you read the first story – suggested by my good friend, Cartoony. Enjoy.


"Come on, Yomi! The train's gonna take off soon!"

"I am not going anywhere until you tell me where we'll going."

"But I can't! It's a surprise!"

"Then I'll see you later..."

"No!" Tomo yelled as she clutched the retreating brunette's arm. "You have to come! I bought your ticket already, anyway!" She then pulled the girl towards the train. Yomi had no choice but to comply, lest she want to be forced in by those men who pack people into the cars.

Now packed within the confines of the train, the two girls grabbed their individual handles. Due to Yomi's stubbornness, they did not enter in time to grab a seat and were stuck standing throughout the whole ride. It was uncomfortable, Tomo thought, but at least they were on their way.

Tomo had planned this trip for quite some time now. Not only did she want to be nice to Yomi for once, but she also wanted to thank her for all she's done throughout the years. They were now in college, so they did not see each other as often as before. When they did, however, it was the same story all over again. For once, Tomo wanted to break away from the usual and try something different. Today was that day.

For the first ten minutes, neither girl spoke. Tomo tried to spark a conversation. "'s school?"

"Fine," was the simple response.

"Keeping up with the lectures?"


"Any hard classes?"

"...Not the classes, at least..."

"I see..." Tomo sighed. There was no use in continuing. At least they were fast approaching their destination. She was sure the interactions between the two would soar once they got there.

She looked back at her bespectacled friend. They may have been separated due to college, but they were still close. They kept in touch all this time despite Yomi's annoyed appearance. That was just typical of her, just like Tomo was usually obnoxious. It was during one recent phone call that Tomo found out Yomi was actually under a lot of pressure. A special project's deadline was fast approaching, and all this time, she had been working on it nonstop. This was a sign for Tomo to finally plan her special gift. It was the perfect time, too – with her taking Yomi to this place, she could also relieve her of all accumulated stress.

The train began to slow down. As soon as it finally came to a halt, all the passengers rushed out of the doors with screams of excitement. Yomi was confused at first, but when she saw her friend grinning and pointing ahead, the sight caught her by surprise. Before her stood the colorful grounds of the amusement park known as Magical Land. The colorful gate, the tall rides and exciting roller coasters peeking above the walls, the walls themselves colorfully painted with happy figures...It was truly a sight to behold.

"Tomo...You brought me all the"

"Yeah!" Tomo replied happily. "Can't I?"

A smile slowly formed on Yomi's face, but then she shook her head. "There's a reason you brought me here...I can tell."

"Of course there is!" Tomo simply answered, catching Yomi off-guard. "There's a reason for everything!" She looked at her astonished friend and gave her a warm smile. "Come on, you need a break. After what you had to go through, don't you think you deserve this?"

Yomi was speechless. Tomo brought her here...for her sake? That was a first – a remarkable first, in fact. Throughout their friendship, Tomo's ways of "helping" Yomi were not of this caliber. She would usually play a joke of some sort or tease her, though in the end, she would actually help her. This time, though it was simple compared to other times, was completely different from Tomo's usual ways. She could only nod in reply as she was led to the entrance gate.

As they were waiting in line, Tomo spoke once more. "See, when we were talking on the phone the other day, it got me thinking...You really need a break before you, well, break. That project sounded really tough, and I felt sorry for you. Here I am, going to some average college, passing everything with averages, but here you are...working hard at a college that took you in after failing two exams. Even still was the fact that this college was still a tough one to get into. That just shows how determined you really are...but even with all that determination, you still need a day to relax."

"Another reason I brought you here thank you. You've been there for me since day one. You were my inspiration to study hard for the high school entrance exams, you were there to constantly control my crazy even helped bring some maturity in me, did you know that? You truly cared for me. If you didn't, you wouldn't be the voice of reason behind this wildcat. I probably wouldn't even be in college right now! So...yeah...this is also my way of saying "Thanks" for all these years."

Yomi could only stare at the shorter girl. She was still taking in all of Tomo's words. Did she really mean what she just said? By the looks of Tomo's expression and the look of sincerity in her eyes, the answer was a definite "yes." This was still a complete surprise to her, though. "Tomo...I don't know what to say..."

Tomo continued to smile. "Don't say anything, then. I know you like it."

"Still...I...I..." After a few moments of stuttering, the brunette finally decided to grab the girl and hug her. "Thank you..."

"Aww...You're welcome." Tomo wholeheartedly returned the hug. The two stayed like that for a while, even though the line was still moving. They both heard a cough from behind and turned around. Sure enough, there were impatient people waiting for the two to move up. The two blushed out of embarrassment and walked forward..though they could not help but share a giggle at their antics.

"Well now," Tomo exclaimed, "I think it's time we had some fun, eh?"

Yomi nodded. "Oh, definitely."

The two paid for their tickets and entered the magical theme park. For the rest of the day, they had all sorts of fun, from park rides to enjoying many snacks. For Yomi, however, this was truly a day to remember. Not only was it was a day dedicated to her, but it was also dedicated to the friendship she had with Tomo.

Like I said, ideas are appreciated! Just let me know if it's a friendship or romance fic, Flutter-related or not...or if you don't care at all! And hope that my computer gets fixed soon!