Break Time: A Toyomi Short Story Series

By Funakounasoul

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Azumanga Daioh

Author's Note: I drew a pic recently. Since FFnet hates urls, I can't show (I can at least lead you to my Tumblr which is "funakounasoul" if you search there)... BUT! Basically, I drew a thing, wrote a neat accompanying piece, and then got *inspired*!


Sparks, fireworks…Big Bangs? Sure, why not. Surprise first kisses were weird like that. It could vary from person to person, hence the various ways one could describe them – mileage might vary, after all. The best was when the feeling's mutual, or so I've heard. It's been said those were especially electrifying. The suddenness of it all mixed alongside a double realization that your feelings don't have to be secret anymore, and you could relax right into that kiss…No wonder it could possibly unleash the most energy of all.

But…I digress.

…What's going on?

Oh, right. Tomo was kissing me.

It happened all too sudden – isn't what how it usually goes? I'm not sure. I've never fallen in love with anyone before. Well, except Tomo. She doesn't count. No one really ever caught my attention. I was always so focused on either studying or keeping Tomo under control. In junior high, when the girls in class would talk about whichever boy was popular at the time, I was usually hanging out with Tomo doing who-knows-what. We were a little mischievous, yes, but once high school loomed over, I knew I had to straighten out. Tomo never did. At the same time, my own feelings for her never changed.

But…I digress.

Wait…What's going on again?

Oh, right. Tomo had just finished kissing me.

She looked at me pensively, but, I guess, something about my own expression reassured her. A warm smile formed on her lips – those same lips that had just kissed my own just a few moments before. They usually revealed a bright and cheery grin. Sometimes that grin could be quite obnoxious, a warning that Tomo was going to attempt something very stupid. Other times, like tonight, it would be soft and sweet. She had a knack for saving that gentler side for these quieter moments, just me and her. Don't get me wrong, she could still be annoying – but she knew me and I knew her. We bounced off each other perfectly. It was like slipping into a comfortable pair of slippers after a long day out in public…as weird an analogy that was. I might be hanging out with Osaka a little too much.

…but I digress.

What just happened?


I stared out my window, watching Tomo head back to her house after wishing me a good night. She had ruffled my head and patted my cheek gently before completely hopping off my windowsill. Now, she was just a dark shape jumping over my place's wall. That was one of those few talents that she did have.

The breeze was gentle, yet cool. My lips were still tingling, almost like the leftover sparks from a firework…or was it more akin to the last major stars forming after a big bang-like explosion? I still haven't quite nailed what our particular kiss felt like. My heart was still pounding, my chest warm. Where Tomo had touched my cheek was also quite warm – a little bit of her own warmth lingering, perhaps? I want to keep that with me until I could see her again tomorrow. That's right, I could finally tell her tomorrow how I felt tonight, with actual words. Maybe an action or two…if we had time before school. Tomorrow morning was so many hours away…but I digress.

I really should head to bed.

Goodnight, Tomo.

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