A Vampire's Hunger
Chapter One (1)


Red eyes looked down hungrily from atop the edge of an apartment building, grinning greedily as they roamed over the many carefree humans below.

"Look at them all," he sneered out. The wind blew wildly against his cold skin, making his long black jacket flap around vigorously. He smirked at a couple down below that were laughing lovingly together. "So neglectful of what hides in the dark," he chuckled softly. "Makes me wonder if they care for their lives."

"Have you found your prey?"

His crimson orbs shifted to the male who looked identical to him for a split second, before resting his eyes once again on a particularly lone raven head down below.

"Hmm," he grunted. "Nothing special, but she'll have to do for the night," he grinned maliciously, his fangs glinting under the full moon's light.

The man next to him narrowed his eyes suspiciously, turning around to stroll over to the other side of the building. "Hurry up, because it's your turn to manage the bar."

"Alright, alright, I'll make it quick," he chuckled softly, hunkering down lowly, and resting one hand on the edge of the building while the other rested on his knee.

"Just make sure to not play with your food this time, little brother." With that said, he stepped off the ledge without a sound, disappearing from sight noiselessly.

The dark prince in all black rolled his eyes before standing up at full height and following suit, jumping soundlessly into the dark alley from the high building. He sniffed the air lightly, sticking out his tongue to lick the air hungrily. "She's already ripe," he smirked softly, watching the same raven head walk down the dark alley alone with a fast pace. "I like them hot..." he murmured. A frightful teenager always sated his hunger.

"Hello there, pretty girl..."

His voice echoed throughout the dark and empty alley, and his keen red eyes saw the girl before him jump in surprise, which he then emitted a low chuckle.

"Who--who's there?!" the teenage girl, who looked about sixteen or seventeen, trembled uncertainly, gripping her handbag tightly. Her eyes scanned the area continuously, not seeing anything out of the ordinary. She turned back in the direction she was going, and started walking at a quicker pace.

A soft, deep laugh emitted from the darkness which instantly brought goose bumps upon the teenage girl. She broke out into a run, dropping her bag as she scurried for her life. In that instance, she heard the undeniable sound of fast footsteps as she begged her legs to not let out.

"I can smell it." His voice was low but deadly, and it didn't go unnoticed to the raven head as she started breathing loudly from fright. "I can smell the fear on you...it boils my hunger."

"Why--why are you doing this?!" She tripped over a bottle and landed flat on her face, skidding to a loud halt against the wall. If only she could reach on the other side of the alley, then she'd be able to blend herself in the mass of people.

She groaned out in pain while pushing up herself slowly in a sitting position. She sighed tiredly, not caring about the bruises on her knees and elbows along with the big gash on her left cheek, which was now flowing freely with blood.

A dark figure blocked out the little light that was flowing down on the teenage girl. She peered up into the red deadly eyes, watching as he sniffed the air long and hard and sighing as his eyes rested on her.

"You're blood smells exquisite." He crouched down low in front of her and she started to whimper softly. "Aw, don't cry..." he cooed. "It's not like you'll…" he grinned and stopped, reaching out a finger to run across her cut. "What am I saying?" He brought his blood-covered finger to his lips before pausing. "You are going to die, aren't you?" His long tongue rushed out to lick his finger hungrily, moaning softly at the warm taste it brought.

The young female's eyes shifted quickly to the other side of the alley, preparing to run, even if she died trying.

The red eyed man gripped her chin harshly, his once playful orbs now hard and cold. "You aren't thinking about running, now are you?" He tilted his head to the side slowly, roaming his eyes over her slender body before resting against her long legs that were visible with her skirt hiked up from the fall. A white pale hand slithered up her thighs and she flinched from the cold contact. His hands roamed slowly up her legs, stopping short of her nether regions. "You're not that bad looking you know." He wet his lips slowly, as he reached to play with her down below.

"Pl-please don't."

He moved his hands upwards more, ripping her panties off of her in one swift movement. Gripping her chin more tightly, he jammed two fingers into her, and she screamed out in shock and pain.

"You're so tight...don't tell me that you're a...." He retrieved his fingers to find them covered in blood. Grinning widely before chuckling out loud, his deep voiced rocked her with even more fright. "It's been a while since I tasted a virgin's blood."

"Who are you...?" she moaned out in pain. "Why are you doing this?"

He moved his blood coated fingers to her lips and smeared her blood on her mouth. He knelt on either side of her with her legs between his legs, and moved his face close to her bloodied mouth.

"The right question is: what am I?" His lips crashed down on hers, invading her mouth with his powerful tongue as he tasted her blood against her lips. She started to thrash wildly, begging him with throaty screams to release her.

His slender fingers started to caress her chin, going southwards towards her neck. She gave a strangled gasp as his fingers tightened around her neck.

"Scream. Go on! It makes me fucking hard!" He rammed his two fingers back into her tight cunt, rubbing her clit vigorously as her screams grew louder. Tears started to flow down her face, mixing with the blood and dirt. She gripped his hand that was in her tightly, trying to pull him out.

"Please..." she let out another throaty scream. "Stop!" Her scream turned into a cough when his hands tightened around her neck.

"You're so wet..."

"I..." She coughed. "I don't even know you..." Her tears rushed down her face and she felt so dirty. "I fucking hate you!"

Her only response was a chuckle. His red eyes and her eyes clashed together, neither of them looking away.

"So you're a little spitfire." He pushed his fingers deeper inside of her, using his thumb finger to rub her clit roughly. A low moan escaped her. "You say you hate me, but you're so fucking wet already."

"Let...LET ME GO!"

He sighed mockingly, moving his hand from her neck and leaning over to kiss it softly. "I'm not holding you;" he gave her damp neck a long sensual lick. "Yet you're not even trying to run now..."


"I know how you feel," he teased. "Your mind is telling you one thing, yet the body still doesn't rebel."

He gripped her shirt and pulled it roughly, exposing her bra-covered full breast. Nibbling on her neck without a care, he moved lower with his mouth towards her breast. He gripped her thigh and pulled her forward, making her fall on her back with a soft 'thud', before pushing her bra off her breasts. "It's also been a while since I fucked a virgin."

"Don't...don't..." She gave a sharp intake of breath when she heard the zipper of his pants.

The dark red-orbed prince took a full nipple into his mouth, swirling his eager tongue around the aroused bud. He moaned out when his already erect cock made contact with the dripping virgin's private part.

The raven head young girl gave an undoubtedly muffled moan when she felt the large cock at her core. Her rebelling legs spread wider, wanting to feel more of him. Her free hands came up to run through the long black silky hair, before gripping them tightly.

"I don't care if..."

Her sentence was cut off when the man thrust into her forcefully, and her hands went slack against his hair while she gave out a loud scream, begging someone to help her.

"Fuuuck!" He gave another wild thrust into her tight cunt. His mouth was making quick work of giving her dark marks all over her. She gripped his shoulders tightly, crying and screaming at the same time.

"Stop it! You're hurting me!" Even as she screamed, cried...begged for him to stop, she still thrust forward to meet his wild pace.

Loosing control, the man bared his fangs and bit down on the teen's flesh just above her breast. He drank her blood hungrily, his eyes opening wide and turning a darker shade of crimson as he consume the tasteful nectar of the teen beneath him.

"Let me go!!"

The man came up, his mouth filled with blood as it over flowed, droplets of blood splashing against her. "I bet you love teasing guys with this body of yours." He gave her a thrust. "It's a wonder than none of them fucked you unwillingly yet." Another hard thrust followed his silence. "You say one thing, yet your body does the other." He gripped her legs that were wrapped tightly around his waist. "But I've come across bitches like you..." He followed with yet another hard thrust, and the bloodied angel beneath him sobbed harder. "And just like the previous ones before you..." He gripped her chin roughly, bringing her face to face you him. "I've always...always had pleasure of giving them what they so rightfully need!" He licked his bloody mouth with a groan, gripping her waist tightly. "...and that's a nice hard fucking!!" He slammed inside of her rough and hard, making her rise off of the ground before gravity took over.

A loud clapping sound broke through the silence in the darkness, and the man above the teenager looked around, his red eyes looking at a dark area, yet nothing looked out of the ordinary. "Why the fuck are you here?"

"I told you not to play with your food, little brother," echoed the voice in a bored manner.

"Aw, c'mon...what the hell is your problem?!"

"Please...please he-help me..."

The man folded his arms with a loud sigh. His dead looking eyes shifted over to the blooded woman beneath his brother. "Only stupid kids play with their food." He started to walk towards them, stopping short next to his brother. He gave him a hard slap on the back of his head, before walking off.


"When I reach the club, you better be there bartending like a good fucking dog."

The alley went in silence again, with the exception of the breathing of the frightful, teary girl.

The man leaned forward and took her lips captive, bruising her mouth with his wild kissing while thrusting into her hard and fast until he felt the warm gush of her river flowing around his cock. He gripped her legs roughly, spreading them wider as he dug deeper into her core, fucking her harder as her climax made her passage easier for him to thrust. The more she screamed and thrashed beneath him, the more he became aroused and excited to ride her. His eager mouth latched on to her breasts, taking turns swirling each nipple in his mouth and sucking them hard like a newborn baby. The teenage girl beneath him, cried out loudly in a mixture of pleasure and fright. Her tears glistened on her face and all she could think about was how wrong this was and how much she wanted it to end, yet her body welcomed this horrible feeling shamelessly. Her slender finger traveled over his chest to rest on his lower half, trying to steady herself from his powerful thrusts.

Her mouth fell open when she shuddered from her powerful climax and the red eyed before her only sped up his thrusting to higher heights. She felt so different, nothing like she ever felt before, and at the same time, she loathed this person above her that had stolen something so precious from her. When she came down from her release, she felt him gave her lazy thrusts before pulling out just as his release came, and emptying himself on her tattered clothing.

He licked the blood from above her breast, watching the two deep holes above it. Getting up slowly, he started fixing himself. "I guess you can call yourself a soul survivor for now." He bent down and took her by the elbow, bringing her in a standing position next to him.

"You're a good fuck, even though you tried to resist me."

"I can't believe...!" She glared at him, covering up herself as the tears started again. "Why don't you just kill me, you fucking vampire!"

He chuckled softly, slamming her against the wall and coming within an inch of her face. "My name's Shaya...remember it, because you'll see me again."

The poor teenager in front of him trembled with fright, her sobs increasing while this Shaya gave her a long slow lick from her chin moving upwards to her forehead.

"F--fuck you!!"

He threw his head back in laughter. "Didn't we just fuck?" He grabbed her still dripping cunt, rubbing her clit in a fast pace. "Don't ever forget that your first time was with..." He bit her ear softly, before releasing her and moving into the darkness.

"A vampire." The echoing realization made her trembling to the core, while she watched those deadly red eyes dissolve into the darkness.

After all, until this day, she would have never believed that vampires existed. Her watery brown eyes looked down at the two holes above her chest. She was raped, bitten and threatened by a vampire. Her once innocent eyes were now cold and indifferent.

She hugged her body tightly before breaking into a run.

"I hope I never see that fucker again."

Atop the large building behind the disheveled girl, Shaya stood with a smug expression on his face.

"I'd like to fuck her again," he chuckled softly, turning around and finally disappearing into the night.


Four years later...

"Kagome!" The loud banging on the closed door increased with each pound. "Kagome, dammit! We have class in an hour, get your ass up!"

A rustling was heard underneath a black comforter, followed by a muffled yawn. At the end of the bed, a dark head with red streaks poked out from under the covers. "The door's open!" she groaned tiredly, moving in a sitting position and rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

The door slammed open and a fuming young woman walked in wearing low hip huggers and a white tank top. "Today's Thursday, the only day in the week we have morning classes, so why can't you wake up early just this once?!"

"Aw, come on Sango. You know we had a wild night, so lay off." She grinned and threw herself backwards on the bed, scratching her nether region openly.

"Gods, you're nasty," Sango grinned and picked up a pillow off the floor, throwing it at her best friend. "And your room is proof at that."

"Oh, come off it Sango. I'm just like any normal girl."

"Abnormal in your case." She rolled her eyes with a small smile. "I already got some coffee and sweet buns out on the table, so hurry up and take a shower, then let's get going before we're late again." She closed the door behind her, hearing Kagome sigh loudly.

Kagome got up lazily, and yawned in her hands, wrinkling her nose from the scent of her breath. As she walked slowly towards the bathroom in her room, she stripped off her big tee and boxers, stepping in the bathroom and walking towards the shower, before turning it on and stepping into the water.

"Oh fuck Sango!" she shrieked as the cold water ran down her warm body. "You took all the fucking hot water!!"

"It's your fault, so deal with it!" she heard Sango shout back.

"Fucking great..." she grumbled. She raised her head, letting the cold-water flow freely in her face and down her body.

After a few minutes, she came out shivering slightly with a towel in her hands, drying off her skin carefully. When she was completely dry, she stood in front of the mirror like she usually did. Like always, her chocolate colored orbs landed automatically on the two dots above her breast. Her hands rose to caress it slowly.

"It's been four years..." she whispered.

Ever since that night, she had never been the same. She couldn't stop thinking about those that hid among the human race. The red-eyed beast was something she feared, yet the night he took her, he made her feel so…

She shook her head, turning red with anger. She turned around to throw her towel in the nearest corner of her room. Her reflection in the mirror showed a good size tattoo. It was a black cross with pointed tips at the four ends, with a red eye on either side just below the pointed line that went side ways to make the cross, which was on her lower back.

Kagome came out of her bedroom fashionably late, wearing a blue tank top and a pair of black jeans with blue flip-flops.

"Did you have to dress similar to me again?" Sango teased, taking a bite of Kagome's sweet bun.

Kagome rolled her eyes and flipped her off. "Did you have to eat my sweet bun, you fat ass?"

"I'm not fat!" She dodged sideways from Kagome, who was stretching towards her for the sweet bun in her hands.

"Whatever, just give me my damn breakfast."

Kagome snatched the bun from Sango's hand, already picking it apart piece by piece with her black nailed fingers. "How much time do we have?" she asked, munching on a piece with raisins in it.

"About ten minutes." Sighing loudly, Sango flopped down on the couch, searching under it for the remote. "Why the hell can't we ever find the remote?"

"Beats me!" Getting up, Kagome started gathering her books. "Man, I hate morning classes..."

"You're not the only one, but this is our favorite subject, so stop bitching."

"I know, but I'm so tired!"

"Can you please act like your twenty and not your shoe size?"

Kagome flipped her off again. "Sit on it."

"I don't deal with imitations, how many times do I have to tell you?"


"So, Kaggie-pie..."

"Great, what do you want now?"

Sango laughed at her friend. "Nothing ever gets past you, does it?"

"Nope...so what is it?"

"Do you have an extra textbook for class today?"

"Ah...let me go look, where is yours anyways?"

"I think it's at my old man's place or the pervs."

When she got back out, Sango had Kagome's handbag along with her own while at the door.

"Come on, let's go, we're already late."

"Ok, here." She threw a book that had on 'Mythological Studies' on it in bold letters. "Let's roll, bitch!" she laughed, as Sango threw her bag at her.

"I heard we're moving off of imps and on to vampires."

"Really?" she questioned, already getting excited by the thought.

"Yup, and I know you're excited," she waggled her brows slyly.

Kagome grinned slyly at her, looking at her with her side eyes. "You know me too well."

"Yup. Inside and out," Sango winked at her. "I really would like to meet a vampire someday."

"After what happened to me? Aren't you scared? You were the witness of how I was for weeks."

Sango grimaced at how lifeless Kagome really was at the time of her attack. "I don't wish to go back there. I felt so helpless during that time." She sighed softly as they were both lost in thought "But that's just the past, and you won't ever see that bastard of a vampire again."

Kagome groaned. "Oh don't say that; every time we say something, the opposite of it always happens and I really don't want to see him again unless I turn into Buffy the Vampire Slayer or something."

"Okay, okay...I so hope we meet that bastard of a vampire," Sango moaned out, laughing at the look Kagome was giving her. "But to meet a vampire...it seems so surreal, yet interesting. I mean there has to be good ones out there."

She sighed dreamily, and Kagome smacked her on the head.

"Who knows, vampires can be among us as we speak."

"Hellooooo, lovely ladies." A dark haired guy slid up sideways next to Sango, imitating the moon walk and draped his hands around her waist, leaning down to nip her ear softly. "Last night was practically your best." He chuckled when Sango slapped his chest playfully.

"Shut up, Miroku!"

"So, Miroku do you believe in vampires?"

"Naw Kags, that's just superstition."

"Then why'd you pick the damn subject as your major?"

"It's an easy pass," he winked at her, and Kagome stuck out her tongue.

"Come closer while doing that..."

"Riiight...he's boring and sick, Sango," Kagome pouted.

"By the way, my childhood best friend is transferring today. He's supposed to be in the classroom by now."

"What's his name?"

Kagome was looking at Miroku, and not looking we're she was heading when she bumped into a hard chest. She looked up, fury in her eyes. "What the hell is your problem?"

Her anger dissolved when her eyes landed on a handsome young man. His eyes were a piercing golden color that contrasted perfectly with his cotton white hair. She was catching flies when her eyes roamed over his perfect muscular body that was covered with a blue baggy jean, white t-shirt and a pair of white and blue Nike's.

"You're the one who wasn't looking, you bitch!"

She gasped at his word of choice. "You've got some nerve, you little fucker!"

He smirked. "Want me to show you how little I am?"

She scoffed in disgust, and brushed past him.

The silver haired guy grabbed her by the elbow and swung her around gently, bringing his lips crashing down on hers in a deep kiss. She gave a muffled screech, hitting him with her fist. She felt him smirk and he stopped her fists, forcing his tongue in her mouth.

Before she could respond or pull away, he ended the kiss he stole from her and walked off in the direction they were heading.

"Who the fuck..."

"It's Inuyasha, bitch! Remember it."*

He walked off with a soft chuckle that only infuriated the black haired girl.

"Yo, Miro, how can you hang out with that stuck up bitch?"

"That's your best friend?"

Miroku chuckled and inched away from the girls. "Yeah, he's something isn't he?" He grinned toothily before following Inuyasha.

"What a fucking way to start a fucked up day eh?" Kagome scowled.

Sango could only laugh at the look Kagome gave Inuyasha's retreating figure.


Beta's Edit:

Just a quick note, I'm kagome313's previous beta and I'm doing all her stuff once again so…this was Re-beta'd by moi.

Re-beta'd on August 28, 2008, whilst listening to Nightwish's "Bye Bye Beautiful—Remix" and Marilyn Manson's "[m]Obscene."

I'd also like to add a comment of my own on this chapter. About two weeks ago, Anesha emailed me and was saying she received her first flame, which I then went and took a look at. I'd like to say that it is VERY obvious that Anesha did NOT state that Kagome loved the vampire who raped her. She NEVER once said that. If any of you have ever heard a rape victim's story, it is surprisingly not uncommon for the females to still have the normal sexual reaction, even though they're being raped. Some even experience orgasms. Does this mean that they love their rapists? Does this mean that they enjoyed being raped? No. It's the body's reaction to a sexual action.

Simple as that.


*I'm reminded of the review I left for this chapter, titled, "It's the Beta, Bitch!"

=D Also of Britney Spears' song, "Gimme More," where she says, "It's Britney, bitch." In the beginning.