The Unravelling Truth

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Kagome stood frozen in front of the mirror, the towel in her hand only covering her front. Her brown depths were glued the pained reflection of Inuyasha who stood just outside of her bathroom. Although his gaze was focused on her back, she still felt the heat rising within her, wondering if the lust, the pure wanton feeling will always spark whenever he was in her presence.

"You never did tell me what that tattoo meant."

His soft voice sent a chill against her and she wet her lips while grasping the towel against her bosom. That pain that came off of him in wave should bloom a burst of happiness from deep within her, but Kagome was fast realizing that whatever connection they had going on, the emotions weren't left out. Her heart ached for him even as her mind tell her she should be basking in the way he drowned in his sorrows.

"They are your eyes."

The soft whisper of her voice had him lifting his gaze to meet hers.

"After what happened to me four years ago, I lost faith in God." Shrugging to act as if it didn't affect her more, she snorted when he eyes clouded with tears. "He was supposed to protect me. I went to church every fucking Sunday, I prayed morning, afternoon and night. Read the bible, did everything right… I never even fucking cursed! Yet He couldn't even save me that night!" Making a sound of disgust, she turned around, the towel long forgot as she watched her tattoo with disgust through the mirror. "What God allows such heinous thing to befall his people? Why the fuck was I not good enough for the Almighty God," She spat, "To save?"

The night leading up to the date flashed before her like a sick joke. Her father telling her that she was too young to date, that she should go to her regular bible study and stop thinking about things of the world. Her mother agreed with him, never opposed her father yet at the same time she still tried to please her. Kagome realized how weak her mother was then, and just maybe that weakness was what befell her – the weakness of not refusing.

Inuyasha listened intently as the woman he loved crumbled before him. Each hated words like a spare pressing slowly against his heart, pricking him but never wounding him. Yet wounding him but never killing him. It was a fucked up cycle that danced to the tune of Kagome's anger. For four years, this was what she was struggling with. For four fucking years, she battled with her self-worth, drowning in the taint that he tattooed her with. The scared forever marring her beautiful mind, corrupting her outlook on every fucking thing.

"…I placed the cross as a reminder." Her voice sounded strained, the anger boiling just beneath the surface. "I knew that no amount of prayers, no amount of believe and hope could ever stop you from getting me." Snorting at the irony and the truth behind it, she shook her head, running shaking fingers through her tangled hair.

"I'm sor –…"

"What good is that fucking apology?" She spat. "I'm in love with you. I'm your fucking chosen one for all eternity." Moving to brush pass him, she was stopped by the firm hold he had on her wrist. "No matter how hard I try to fight this, it's inevitable because…" Her confession choked her.

"Don't…" Inuyasha shifted until he was directly behind her.

One light kiss against her back made her shudder.

"If you'll let me, I'll spend every day showing you just how sorry I am." Another kiss as he laced his fingers with hers had her biting her lip to stop the sob from escaping. "I'll make you believe the worth of my apology – no matter how long it takes." Kissing the side of her neck, he almost buckled when he felt her sway towards him.

"Am I crazy for believing you?" Taking his entwined hand, she wrapped them around her, resting her head on his shoulder. "I… I think about killing you." She confessed. "Even now as I yearn for your touch… I want to kill you."

"You own me." His whisper against her ear had her closing her eyes as if hypnotized. "If you want to kill me, I'll accept it." Taking her lobe between his teeth, he growled when he caught a whiff of her growing arousal. "You fucking own my life to do as you please. I promise you that."

"Don't say that Inuyasha." She moaned, her body unconsciously rocking against him.

"I'm telling the truth." He lightly pushed her off of him, her actions making his train of thoughts fly all over the place. "I want you to be able to trust me. I don't want you to think just because we're fated to be together that our own minds aren't relevant." Turning her around to face him, he cupped her face, drawing her closer until their forehead kissed. "I'll never stop loving you – even if you want to kill me."

Tears tumbled down from her eyes like a waterfall, and she grasped his wrist to try and root her to this moment. "Why me?"

"Because you saw beyond the surface even before I knew such a place existed."

Kagome tilted her face upwards, a light touch of her lips sparked against his.

"In the past, when vampires dominated I relished in everything that was for my taking." Keeping his eyes locked with his, he wanted her to see the truth and understanding within his depths. "I had women crawling at my feet for a chance in my bed – the fucking government paid handsomely for me to ravish their wives, their fucking daughters. The world became my playing field and I was the best at playing it."

Closing her eyes, she tried to mask the disgust washing over her.

Inuyasha knew how she felt, he could practically smell it, but he wanted her to know him – the bad and the worst. "As a new era started to emerge, technologies grew and our powers weren't needed for everything. Slowly we faded into the darkness and my parents who wanted to be a part of this world formed a treaty."

"You hated that." A small smile touched Kagome's lips and she opened her eyes to see laughter dancing in Inuyasha's.

"Yes. I loathed the idea of bowing to the humans' rule." His hold on her tightened slightly, and he stepped closer to her, breathing in her scent that seemed to sooth him. "I lived for the thrill of the night, wanted nothing more than to dance to my own music."

With fluttering eyes, Inuyasha was taken back to a time when Shaya reigned over the dark life. The thrill of sneakily taken what he wanted, knowing that one small slip up can garner a dreadful punishment far worse than death itself. His hands began to caress Kagome's neck, and he groaned when her breathing hitched.

"I always looked forward to the blanket of darkness – going through the day like a zombie, only to awaken when night fell." He sighed. "My rebellion was to send a big fuck you to my father and mother. Especially after finding out it was humans who aided Naraku in killing my uncle."

Kagome gasped, remembering the time when she read about the massacre of Yashomaru and his family. Not much information was revealed, rather it was speculations about a betrayal within the vampire world and the humans. She felt her anger growing, mingling with her hatred for such blatant display of betrayal. Understanding the darkness that embraced Inuyasha was slightly rewarding – even though she fell in the statistics of his sadistic games. Removing his hands from her face, she took a step back, noticing how pained he look at what he saw as rejection.

"I want to see you."

Gulping at her words, he felt self-conscious, his lack of shirt paling in comparison to the nakedness he suddenly felt. The determination in Kagome's eyes made it hard to refuse, but still, he hesitated.

"I want to be able to… accept all of you." Hugging herself, she knew her nakedness couldn't compare to the raw emotions she was feeling.

"I don't want –…."

"Sooner or later, I'm going to bear witness to your change." Shrugging slightly, she smiled reassuringly at him. "I'd prefer it to be sooner."

Letting his lids shield his eyes, Inuyasha released a long puff of hair, and in the same breath his hair begun to slowly bleed black. Kagome looked on in fascination, the change in the air darkening with each pulse – as if a crack was in the air, causing her world to shake as the seconds ticked on. The darkness that should have her running for the hills danced around her, soothing her fears and drawing her closer to him. She wasn't even aware that she now stood a feet away from Inuyasha, gazing up at the beauty as his fingernails extended, the low growl rumbling in his throat gliding across her senses, pricking her with a desire she didn't know existed due to a simple sound.

"This is so…" Again, she stopped short of confessing the truth, her hand moving to cup his cheek, eager to see his eyes. To stare into the hatred that consumed her for all these years. The fascination and disgust at that very fascination battled for dominance and the silence of her other side made her yearn for her stupid voice, if only to dispel her own thoughts that confused her. Why was she so drawn to this man? This man who raped her. This man who fell in love with her?

When his windows slowly opened to gaze at her curious visage, she gasped at the intensity that rocked her. The light breeze that brushed against her naked form had her nipples hardening, the heat between her legs forcing her to bite her lips from the sensation.

"You're eyes are different."

Smirking, Inuyasha's tongue darted out to lick his lower lip. "I evolved."

"The new race…"

"Yes." His fingers lightly dance across her cheek. "The one with you by my side as my Queen."

Kagome blushed, bowing her head and averting her gaze. "I was expecting to see red… I wanted to face the demon but all I'm seeing is the monster that loves me. The monster that I want to be loved by." Gosh, she was indeed fucking crazy. Someone should just throw her into an asylum with no means of coming out.


Ignoring his plea, she placed her free hand on his hip, hooking her index finger in his pants. With one step forward, she was flushed against him, her ripe nipples pressed firmly against his naked chest. A groan spilled from his lips and only then did Kagome look up at him.

"I…I want to kiss you." Her eyes shone with lust. Unhidden, raw, and unsatisfied lust that mingled with the one emotion she dared not breathe: Love.

"Baby," His groan rumbled throughout his whole system, and Inuyasha felt himself hardening against her naked heat. "You don't ever have to ask." Licking bottom lips, he groaned once more when she sucked his tongue between his lips. "Fuck." He pulled away, his hand moving to grasp the back of her neck. "You fucking own me. In any way you fucking please."

Looking deeply into his purple gaze, Kagome rubbed against his hardening cock, her moan increasing with each slide. She eased up on her toes slowly, her body pressed against him like white on rice. The closer she got to his lips, the harder her breathing increased. When her lips finally touched his, only then did she exhaled slowly, only to gasp when she felt Inuyasha rock against her.

This was the finest definition for crazy, and in all honesty – Kagome didn't give a fuck.


"Rin, you're really starting to freak me out," Sakurin shouted in her cellphone as soon as the beep sounded. "I've tried calling you, texting you… where the fuck are you?!" Pacing her small bedroom, Sakurin fought to keep her voice leveled, the events of today taking a toll on her. "I need you." She whispered, only then did her voice crack.

The sound of the recording ending had her flinging her phone on the bed, a whimper leaving her trembling lips. With her hands on her head, she gasp for air as her tears ran thick. There was no way she could handle this day without her sister – no way could she handle anything without Rin! At first she thought Rin was simply working late, but the hours ran too long and the fear of something dreadful kept pricking at her mind.

"I can't even…" Sniffling loudly, she screamed with irritation, scattering everything that rested on her table.

From the month long suspension she got, crippled with the fact that Souta kept hounding her for a few minutes, she needed someone to vent to. With a sick realization, she found only her sister would suffice and that it was only her sister she wanted to talk to. Rin was the rock she didn't even know that kept her grounded. And with her lack of presence, only then could Sakurin feel the emptiness building up inside of her.

With her mind wondering where she should look for her, and who to ask, her phone started ringing loudly, pulling her out of her train of thoughts. Not even bothering to look at the caller I.D she answered it instantly.

"Rin! Is that you?! Where the hell have you been?!"

Silence was her only response, and she heaved a sigh of impatience.


Making a sound of disgust, Sakurin checked the name on the phone before narrowing her eyes angrily. "I told you to never call me again!" She screamed, and with all the emotions mingling and mixing together, she broke down crying. "Can't you just -…Dammit, Souta – I can't deal with this right now. I can't find my sister and all this bullshit with you and –…"

"What do you mean you can't find Rin?" He cut her off, the worry making her choke on a sob. "Sak…? Sak, you can talk to me –…"

"Leave me the fuck alone!" She sniffled, ending the call instantly.

Gosh! What the fuck was wrong with him! Not only did a video of him and Kimiko hit the internet – the same time he told her he was leaving Kimi, she had to find out that an old video of her and some nameless dude had gotten out. The hurt and humiliation were both battling to dominate and she couldn't figure out which was worse! She was too foolish to think that a guy who she thought was amazing would leave Kimiko for someone like her! And she was simply naïve to think that her past wouldn't come to expose her perverted actions. The time in the principal's office, with Kimiko acting all innocent, shock and hurt didn't fool Sakurin for one second. She knew that the bitch uploaded both videos. Sakurin just couldn't understand why she would expose one of herself – the taunting and humiliation couldn't have been a consequence she wanted.

"She's fucking smart." Sakurin praised her, grabbing her phone and some cash from under her pillow.

She needed a distraction, and hell if the world now saw her as a slut, with the evidence to boot, why not embrace it? Scanning through her contacts for someone to talk to, she stopped as her phone began to ring once more. This time her hands shook as she looked at the name, wondering what he now thought of her.

Mustering up what little courage she had, she closed her eyes and accepted the call.

"Dios," the voice on the other end breathed, a wave of relief emitting from the phone. "You weren't answering my text, chica…"

"Sammy," She whispered, clutching the phone tightly. Her eyes started to shine with unshed tears as she listen to him whisper words of encouragement in Spanish. A soft smile touched her lips, loving how easily he slipped into his native language, even though he knew full well she couldn't understand him. Although all of them hang out together, Samuel was the only one who she found herself getting close to on a platonic level that could possibly turn out differently had she never been caught up with Souta. The fact that he called her, worrying about her and defending her in comparison to Souta and Kimiko made her tears tumble down in a hurry.

"I know a lot is on your mind right now, and don't listen to anything any fucker says about you." He warned. "All those assholes are doing way worse than you, the only difference is that their shit hasn't been broadcasted."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"I understand," He exhaled heavily. "Are you busy today?"

A light bulb went off in her head. "I actually wanted to forget… I mean, I have…" Huffing loudly she ran her fingers through her short hair. "Can you come over? Just to talk and keep me company?"

Gnawing on her lips, she waited in silence to hear Sammy's response. If she was alone any longer, Sakurin had no idea what she would do, and she didn't want to find out either. The walls, the silence, it was all too much, too suffocating when her thoughts were free to run loose. With Rin not answering her calls, and everyone turning their backs on her, laughing smugly behind fake worries – she just needed to not be alone.

"I'll be over in ten." Sammy finally spoke, his voice like a soothing balm to her worries.

Sakurin smiled into the phone, releasing a breath of air she hadn't even known she was holding. "Sammy?" When he answered, she wiped at her tears. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For being you."


A cold chill washed over Kami's entire body as Ruka slowly made her way along the path that was slowly revealing the mansion up ahead. The closer they got, the larger the house grew, the more Kami felt her throat constricting. Dread enveloped her like her favorite cloak and even though the late afternoon had become rather windy, she found herself brushing away the sweats on her brows.

"Maybe we shouldn't be here." Ruka whispered, her eyes shifting to her rattled sister. "I mean, you're a stranger and I'm just the help – how rude of us to invade on their personal issues."

Kami sighed softly, her gaze shifting from the house to her timid looking sister. She wished she had the strength to tell her everything, to reveal to her just how little of a stranger she was. But truth be told, she was nothing but a coward, refusing to open up the wounds of the past fully. By chance Ruka had found out who she was, but her age at the time allowed Kami to fill her with shrouded truth and ignorance. That very ignorance was what pushed Kami to go on day by day, the little deed she did at nights penance for her cowardice… Or so she hope.

"I can't just let them suffer," She whispered, her ocean green gaze like crystals. "And if Naraku is still alive, I can only imagine the suffering they've endured while I've been…" She heaved a heavy sigh, bowing her head so that her hair could veil her face.

"You're scaring me Kami." Ruka's voice trembled as she parked near the entrance, turning off the engine and shifting her body to her sister. "Is there something you're not telling me?" She whispered, placing a hand on her sister's leg.

Kami flinched at the contact, and Ruka gasped in response, pulling back her hand as if fire had licked it.

"I'm sorry!" Kami rushed out, the fog in her head clearing up momentarily. "I…gosh…I think I drank too much…" Her attempt of a lie didn't persuade Ruka and Kami ran a shaky hand through her hair. "Just… Just let me get through today then we can go back home and go back to our lives."

"Considering how this is affecting you," Brushing her crimson hair behind her ears, Ruka pursed her lips in annoyance. "Do you honestly think nothing will change?"

"Of course!" The smile splitting her face in half felt like someone had slapped her with a plank. "I'm just throwing some information to help your employers and then I'm out. I gave this hot guy my number the other night and…" Taking out her phone she pushed it in Ruka's face. "Boom! He's already texting me!"

Shaking her head at her sister's sudden change, Ruka got out of the car. "I swear sometimes you're the definition of a slut."

Jumping out of the car, with a duffle bag slung over her shoulder, Kami gasped in shock. "Just because I enjoy life does not make me a slut!" But then she giggled, holding up her index and thumb, with a little space between them. "Maybe just a little."

Ruka smiled softly, looking over her sister who wore a long baggy cargi pants that rode low on her hips, black commando boots and a white cropped shirt. Considering how she looked earlier in the day, Kami definitely cleaned up good. Her hair that kissed her jawline looked flawless as if she'd went to the hairdresser to get it done. As Ruka moved from her sister's fashion style, she noticed once again the faraway look dulling her bright glower. There was something troubling her sister, and Ruka knew from the past that she will never get anything from Kami unless she wanted to reveal it. That was one of the many things she both loved and hated about her sister.

Sighing, Kami made her way towards the entrance. "Now or never coward." She chastised herself, shaking her shoulders to dispel the frigidness that shackled her.

"Don't look them directly in the eye." Ruka whispered hurriedly. "If the sons answer… you'll know by the expression. One is always scowling and the other looks like a murder – but they're harmless!" Ruka stuttered some more, much to Kami's amusement. "Okay… I lie…They are not harmless…So please… Just be courteous – don't talk out of place and… Gah!"

"I'll let you do the talking." Kami hugged her sister reassuringly. "I'm prepared for anything."

Groaning, Ruka slapped a hand over her face. "You really don't know what you're saying." Moving to stand in front of her sister, she placed her hands on her shoulders to stop her short of ringing the doorbell. "These people are like the gods of what you are…. They don't hesitate to act because they make the rules, do you get me?"

Shrugging, Kami shifted and pushed the doorbell in one breath. "Stop freaking out so much will you?" Nudging Ruka, Kami shook her head. "Gosh, I swear – when was the last time you had sex?"

Blushing deeply, Ruka ducked her head just as the door flew opened. By the way Mrs. Izayoi was smiling, she knew she had heard her. 'Kill me now.' She groaned.

"I thought you already left for your vacation Ruka." Izayoi smiled softly, her gaze flickering from one girl to the other.

"Is that father?!"

"No!" She smiled apologetically. "He said he'll be back in an hour Sesshy!"

A slew of curses reached them, and Kami had to grip her bag to stop herself from visibly shaking. That damn pull of longing had her chest aching, yet the dread of utter unwanted and rejection had her breathing increasing profusely.

"I…Um…My sister –…"

"Oh I never knew you had a sister!" Izayoi looked Kami over, her smile spreading wider by the second. "I love your sense of style!" Opening the door wider for them to step in, she shifted to the side.

"Thank you, Mrs. Takahashi…"

"Oh stop that. Please call me Izayoi or Izzy…" She shook her head as Ruka passed by, smiling broadly at her.

Exhaling slowly, Kami timidly took a step forward, her mouth twitching into a smile while she followed suit. Her focus on the ground made her feel like a little kid being introduced to their favorite singer, and she felt stupid for being affected as such. Her personality bled confidence and awareness yet her she was being so –

The sudden grip on her arm wasn't painful, but the force that spread throughout her body had her holding her breath unconsciously. Wide eyes looked up at the woman beside her, her eyes wide as saucers, bleeding crimson and they drew her in. Kami's whole form froze like a statue and whether she liked it or not, the flood gates where open and tears instantly sprang to her eyes as her vision blurred, casting a white veil over her ocean green windows.

This distant echoes slammed against her, blaring noisily against her senses, as if she was there reliving everything once more…

"I can't leave you… Please don't make me leave you papa."

Tears rolled down her chubby cheeks like fat raindrops, her whole form covered in blood. The sudden raid forced her to act far beyond her age and although she was good at masking her fears, in the arms of her papa she was nothing but a scared child who wanted nothing more than to be tucked into bed by none other than her papa.

"My place is here chibi…With your mother and your unborn sibling."

Choking on a sob, his large hand cupped his daughter's face, smudges of blood leaving a path where he'd wiped away her tears.

"Then so is my place…"

"You have to protect your brother and sister…"

"I can't!" She screamed, burying her face in her papa's chest. The scent of blood and death engulfed her, the bile rumbling deep inside her threatening to mingle with them. "I'm too young – I can't even cook good…and then, who will be brave enough to look for monsters papa…Who…Who will…Who will…" Her tears blinded her, her voice broke too much to form a valid sentence.

"You can do it… You must live on for all of us… The three of you…" His cough produced more blood. His eyes felt heavy and the will to fight, to move on without the love of his life was far more painful than death.

"Please don't leave us papa…" She begged, "Don't you love us? Can't you see that we need you?"

"Oh chibi…" His lids fell closed…


Kami's scream echoed throughout the house, and with a power she knew should be dormant until the vampire blood left her system, she pushed Izayoi away from her, breaking the contact and causing her to stumble backwards.

Sesshomaru was beside his mother in an instant, her labored breathing and silent tears making him angry by the second. "What the fuck did you do?" His sudden grip around Kami's throat didn't even elicit a reaction from her.

"Sesshy – No…Stop!" Izayoi shouted, grabbing her son by the arm and pushing him away from the girl before them.

Falling to the ground in a heap, both of Kami's hands were tugging at her hair, her form rocking back and forth, causing her forehead to kiss the ground each time she rocked forward.

"Papa left us…He chose mama….didn't want us… never wanted us… He left…Chose death… We're unwanted…. Unwanted…I…I…"

Tears sprang to Izayoi's eyes, her sobs choking her as she looked at the fragile girl before her. The simple touch that Izayoi needed to feed her curiosity proved to reveal so much more. Far more than she could even dream to comprehend. Looking from Kami, to the shock expression on Ruka's face, Izayoi knew that the poor girl knew nothing.

"Who is this mother?"

Sesshomaru glared hotly at Ruka, displeased with the idiot for bringing home some crazy bitch considering all the problem that he had to deal with at the moment. All he wanted to do was figure out how to save Rin, find Naraku and kill him before moving on peacefully with his life. But the fucking help just had to make things more complicated. She just had to bring some amped up looney to distract his mother and inevitably his father upon his arrival.

Enough fuck you in the world couldn't amount to the scene playing out before him.

Kneeling beside the mumbling girl, Izayoi hesitantly place a hand on her back, removing it quickly when the girl recoiled at the contact.

"Her name is Kamiko Takahashi."


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