Title: Paint it Something Tragic

Summary: we were team seven, we were alot of things,

now we're just ghosts in the wind playing at wisps of happier times

Pairings: None.

Rating: T

Note: Hm, suppose I don't have one. Funny, that.

They were famous.

Stubborn blonde boy with eyes like stars and dreams that reached farther than all of them.

(--I have a dreamhaveadreamhavea--)

Pretty girl with a big head full of hopes and crushed feelings and hair that was shockinglyshockinglypink.


Handsome tragic genius with eyes like murder and a smirk like heartbreak.


Looks on with a smile, lone eye crinkling, always watching but never knowing.

(--I'll say it right now, I hate you all.)

People wondered if they'd make it.

Blonde boy was too loud, Pink girl was too bubbly, Handsome/Tragic/Genuis was too beautiful and too cold, like chipped ice and broken hearts. And Teacher was just too relaxed, he didn't look like he even owned the situation no matter how hard he could have tried.

But Blonde boy opened his mouth and started talking. He started igniting them like a fire, like a flame, like something untouchable.

Something beautiful. He became the dream. (--touched hearts.)

Pink girl started growing up. (--We'll start by cutting our hair.)

She started intervening, she started crying, her heart falling on their wounds like her teardrops,

she started moving.

Handsome/Tragic/Genuis started smiling.

Wanted his heart to start beating again.

(--Maybe he could replace blood with snoring tents and spilt ramen.

Maybe he might let her smile shine in.)

Teacher started believing.

'We're one, we are one.' They had it in their eyes, in their smirks in their smiles.

One. Always forever and ever.

Something changed.

Blonde boy became better.

(Or so he thought--)

Pink girl started caring too much.

(--I don't want to see you like this.)

Teacher was too slow and too easy.

(--We use this to protect--we're lucky we have people

who saved us from that path.)

Tragic/Handsome/Genuis wanted more.

Pink girl tried her hardest.


She tried to run in, but they were too far gone.

(Is this a dream?)

She looks out her window, into the night, her thoughts whispering,

(Go, go. Find him. Stop him.)

She runs.

Pink girl tried. She poured her heart, her feelings, her love.

Tragic/Handsome/Genuis broke her.

He broke her with just his look and his voice.

(--You're still annoying. Go home and sleep.)

The stars shone cold on her back, and she smiled through her tears.

He broke her like tiny shards, cutting her to pieces with his voice and

his words.

She tried to remind him.

(Remember? Remember we said we're one? )

He moves to grab her head. Because he doesn't wanttowantherbutohgod--

(We're one--we're one--you're my whole world--)

Pink girl fails.

Blonde boy goes. He promises her, he promises to protect that smile.

I tried--she chokes out, but he smiles simply at her.

(--You did all you could.--)

He tries.

(--You are my blood!)

He screams at him.

(My brother--we're one--)

Tragic/Handsome/Genuis smiles brokenly at the battered face.


(--..you are my blood...)

They're making history.

Pink girl grows, in mind, in heart.

(--In body.)

She learned to never wear her heart on her sleeve ever again.

Because there was too much of a chance at seeing another person's back.

She heals harder. Trains more.

To make up for the one person she could not heal. (Not now, not ever...)

Blonde boy grew up, got stronger, but he never ever smiled completely again.

But he clings to Pink Girl sometimes, when they're just afraid of being alone.

They sleep like gemini twins in each others arms, afraid of losing another piece of themselves.

For a moment two puzzle pieces connect.

(One is still missing.

(--We're one..)

Tragic/Handsome/Genuis meets them.

He's like a body without a soul, Pink Girl tells Blonde boy.

And they don't want to look at each other.

(They are each others puzzle pieces.

Every shattered piece inside them yearns to

be made whole again.)

Blonde boys calls and Pink Girls broken whispers

are far away on the bottom of the ravine, and he's as high as an angel, looking

at them. Did he forget everything?

(You are my blood..)

(Did you forget how I made you tomato soup when you were sick?)

Pink Girl whispers.

(Remember how I dragged you to do ridiculously stupid things?)

Blonde boy chokes.

Tragic/Handsome/Genuis is dead. Cold and dead.

He forgot about the tents and the fights and the moments in time where they

clung to each other because they were still alive. They were whole.

He forgot that that they were his puzzle pieces.

He forgot them.

---(Forgot himself.)

Simply they're who they are.

Team 7.

..--and they are tragic.

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