I have faith you'll be able to figure out which italics are which: when Fakir's thinking and when they're silently conversing. I know you're not an idiot. Enjoy...

He knew right then that he'd better do something. About himself or about her, he wasn't quite sure. He was well aware that it was his decision to make everything normal again, and that included Ahiru. But that horrifyingly perverse thought had crept up on him when he was not prepared.

Do you think I'd be able to kiss her? That beak…

And then he had kicked that strange musing into the way way back corners of his mind. He had been washing the dishes, and it left him staggered.

He stared at the dripping plate, pale. Where did that come from?

A perplexed "quack" came from behind him, and slowly, so slowly, he turned around.

Ahiru was frowning at him, confused as to why he had stopped cleaning.

He shook his head. It's nothing.

Then Fakir went back to his business. But, unable to stop himself, he turned back around to Ahiru and stared at her.

That beak…

"Quack?" she asked flatly. What?

"…" None of your business, baka.

"Hmpf." She ruffled her feathers and narrowed her large blue eyes. Meanie head.

He stepped closer to the table and crouched, so they were eye level. It was orange, rounded at the end…

That beak...

He cocked his head sideways. Could I?

She stuck her duckie tongue out at him, and he chuckled shortly.

"Oh yeah? Well, just you wait, Ahiru, I'll get you when you least expect it."

Ahiru retracted her tongue and scampered off before he could "get her".

Fakir looked swiftly around the house. I gotta find a pen. And some paper…

Ahiru peeked from under the hutch. What's with you?

Fakir smiled vaguely, and retreated to his study.

God, do I love this anime. The name is kind of unfortunate; I bet a lot of people don't even give it a chance. My brother didn't...his loss.

But anyway that thought crept up on me randomly, about the beak (but not if I would be able to kiss her, duh), and I was like, "What? Where on earth were my thoughts when I wasn't thinking?!" Who knows...