In Which Stellovet Schemes, Luxa Displays Her Nastier Side, and Gregor Acts Like…well, Gregor

(Between CotW and MoS, point of view: temporarily Stellovet's)

I grinned in a very maniacal fashion as I watched Gregor and Luxa walk off in different directions—Gregor taking a break, and Luxa sharpening her sword. I must say, she did so in a very snobby way. A snobby, ugly, disgusting, ugly, unpleasant, ugly, rude, ugly, vile, ugly, horrible, dreadful, horrid, icky and most of all UGLY way.

My therapist says I have some anger issues with my cousin. I had him fired after that one. That will teach him, the impudent bastard…

I am digressing, am I not? The point being, that ugly etc. cousin of mine and the warrior were off in different directions. It was time to set my plan in action. Looking myself over, just to make sure I look my best (I always do), I flounced over to where Gregor was sitting.

"Greetings, Overlander," I said as perkily as possible with a toss of my hair. He looked at me a bit oddly, like I had something stuck in my teeth. I checked; nothing. Oh, well. He must have simply imagined it.

"Hi, Stellovet…" he said awkwardly then trailed off, obviously mesmerized by my beauty. I beamed prettily, as my beams are always pretty. Suddenly, with a cry from my lips, I fell over, feigning pain in a brilliant feat of acting finesse. Gregor, being the gentleman that he is, rushed to catch me—alright, maybe he just kind of stuck his arms out, as I had fallen directly toward him, but it is the same thing, right?

"Oh, Gregor, you saved my life!" I cried, eyes shining. He looked perplexed.

"But I—"

"No! Do not speak! Kiss me now!" I yelled out and threw my arms around his neck. Poor gullible, fool…he did not even have the chance to resist. By my calculations, the scream of rage should be here in about—


And that was my cousin. Oh, she is coming over…she looks rather miffed (at the thought, I gave a lovely sort of tinkling laugh). I had better run now…


As Stellovet ran off with a short shriek, Luxa caught up to a stunned Gregor. For a second, he stared at her, speechless.

"She—she—your harpy of a cousin just kissed me!" he exclaimed when he found his voice. Luxa was livid. And when I say, livid, I mean really livid; fire in her eyes, Overland wolves howling, everybody cowering in fear, livid. Yeah—that livid.

"Overlander…" she whispered in a tone that suggested somebody was going to be badly injured in the next few seconds.

"Luxa, I—" he began, raising his hands defensively.

"Where is she?" Luxa exploded. "Where is that—that WENCH?" Gregor guessed what the Overland equivalent of 'wench' was. He mutely pointed in the direction that she had run off to. Luxa was off like a shot, screaming rude things in an incomprehensible dialect. He didn't see her for the rest of the day.

That evening, when Gregor was about to return to the Overland, Howard approached him.

"Gregor," he said, arms crossed. "I just found my sister hog-tied and stuffed in a closet. How did this happen?"

Gregor's eyes widened. He made a mental note to never, ever irritate Luxa ever again.

"Nope, no clue at all, I really better get going or my mom's going to throw a fit, well, bye!" he said very quickly and mounted Ares to take him back up to the entrance.

Later, in the middle of the night, Gregor suddenly sat up, wide awake. Something had just occurred to him. "Hey…wait a minute. Why would Luxa do that to Stellovet unless she…" Realization dawned on the Warrior. "Oh, geez...she must—" But he never got to finish the thought, because he had stood up too quickly, slipped, twisted and hit his head in the wall of all things. He collapsed, drooling slightly, back on the bed, knocked out, thoughts forgotten in the morning.