Title: McGee Tube

Summary: Takes place after episode 5x05 "Leap of Faith". Tony decides to post an embarrassing video of McGee on YouTube. Trouble ensues, Gibbs sorts it out. WARNING: story contains non-sexual discipline of adults, if that's not your cup of tea, don't read!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The following story is for fan entertainment only.

Chapter One: Wasted Coffee

"Hey! What the hell is going on here?" Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs entered the NCIS bullpen, cup of black coffee in hand, to discover two of his agents rolling around on the floor, both struggling to land a punch on their opponent. A few other agents were standing close by, looking dumbfounded, including Officer Ziva David. Gibbs thrust his coffee into her hands as he let out a high-pitched whistle. Spotting his boss looking rather irate, Tony DiNozzo released his hold on the lapels of Tim McGee's jacket and scrambled off the younger man. Both agents quickly stood up and stared at the senior agent with wide eyes.

"Ah, hi boss. We were just—" Tony started to explain as he adjusted his jacket.

"Both of you. With me. Now." Gibbs stated, shooting them both death glares. The two wayward agents followed the older man to one of the interrogation rooms. Gibbs held the door open as the pair scurried past him. He closed the door a little more forceful than necessary then grabbed the chair from one end of the table and placed it alongside the chair opposite it.

"Sit" He demanded. The younger agents did as they were told, both knowing that they probably wouldn't be sitting comfortable for a while after Gibbs was done with them.

Gibbs stood in front of them across the table with his arms crossed. He glared at them for a few moments before he spoke again as Tony was scrambling to come up with a good explanation for their little rumble in the bull pen. Maybe he could tell Gibbs he was making sure the probie was up to par with his hand to hand combat skills?

"Would you like to tell me exactly what you two were doing?" Both agents didn't know who the question was directed at, so they both remained silent.

"DiNozzo?" Gibbs shot Tony a look that suggested whatever he said had better be the truth.

"Um, well…we were fighting?" He said nervously.

"Is that a question, Tony?"

"No, boss. We were fighting" He stated more clearly.


"McGee started it."

"I did not! If you hadn't posted that damn video---"

"You shouldn't have tried to delete it!"

"You shouldn't be such a baby!" The pair seemed to forget their boss was in the room. Gibbs whistled again and the younger agents fell silent.

"Tony, shut it. McGee, tell me exactly what happened"

McGee shot Tony another look before he began his explanation.

"Tony put that video of me on the roof on the internet. I asked him to take it off, but he said he wouldn't, so I was about to hack into his account and delete it—"

"Yeah, that's illegal, you know!" Tony stated, not actually sure how illegal it was.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs warned. Tony looked down at the table and Gibbs nodded for McGee to continue.

"I was going to delete the video, but Tony wouldn't let me get to my computer. So I…" McGee scrunched his face up.

"You what, McGee?"

"I hit him, boss. And then we ended up on the floor, and then you came in" McGee finished quietly. And almost poured hot coffee on Ziva, Tony thought. Gibbs sighed and let his arms fall to his sides.

"DiNozzo, wait outside" Tony shot a look at McGee before getting up. Before he got to the door, Gibbs spoke again.

"And don't even think about leaving the hallway" Tony grimaced as he closed the door behind him.