Title: You Can't Hurry Love

Pairing: Claire x Bachelorettes (Claire x Elli and Claire x Karen are the main ones), A few MFOMT 'Canon' and Jack x ?.

Summary: For Claire, being a flirt is no longer a game, it's an art. With a snap of her fingers, she can have girls melting at her feet and the ladies of Mineral Town are no exception. Claire thinks she's got in the bag: marry her dream gal, settle down and live happily ever after. But life ain't that easy, especially when her ol' rival in love, Jack, comes to town.

A/N: As of now, I'm debating between first-person and third-person. So if the next chapter is in third-person, don't be alarmed. And the PoV will always be Claire's.

If you don't like shojo-ai/femslash, Yuri, shounen-ai/slash, then you shouldn't read this fic. It'll start reeking of yuri in later chapters, so much that it's not even funny. Just forewarning you. And I guess this story is taking the path of if: You make Claire a total pimp. Even with the girls. So it can totally happen. I don't own Harvest Moon, 'kay?

And at the risk of making this A/N long, the femslash will be really played up in the first couple of chapters, afterwards (when the plot gets moving), it won't be so IN YER FACE anymore, okay?

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You Can't Hurry Love

Fall 10, 3:28pm
Mineral Clinic

A faint blush quickly washed over the chestnut-haired nurse's face as the blonde planted a tiny kiss on the back of her hand. She was then flashed a large grin as the woman pulled away, drawing the bottle closer to her.

"Thanks for the Turbojolt, Elli." Claire said in a low voice, mindful of the other patient the doctor was currently taking care of. "It'll help me a lot." And with a wink, the farmer turned on her heels and started to make her way out of the clinic.

After a little deliberation, Elli threw a "You're welcome! See you later." at the departing lady before slowly bringing her hands to her chest. She just couldn't help herself; whenever that girl came around...

Claire didn't bother turning back, besides, she didn't want her darling Elli seeing the enormous smile that was currently plastered over her face. She and Popuri always got flustered at the most simplest of actions–they were just too easy...


Not that their 'easiness' was a bad thing, really the opposite, in fact. I do (once in awhile) enjoy a game of 'hard-to-get', but I still prefer to get my girls at the snap of my finger. It just made things more satisfying.

A little giggle escaped my lips as I stepped out into the warm Autumn air. When I'd first landed myself in little ol' Mineral Town seven seasons ago, I'd been thinking that this was the second biggest mistake of my life (the first was dropping out of uni).

Seriously, what was I on, thinking I could actually take over a farm by myself?

That mentality soon passed, though, and I shortly found myself pretty happy with the situation I had landed in.

Besides, I thought to myself as I continued down the cobblestoned path. The people here ain't all that bad–'lot different from those in the city. Stopping in front of the local supermarket, my eyes fell on the front door. It wasn't closed today, but what would I say if I went in...

I simply snorted before making my way back to my farm–Zack would be arriving in less than an hour, and I needed to be there to collect my profit. Slipping the medicine into my rucksack, I quickened my pace.

I did consider dropping by the library, but I started having a sneaky suspicion that 'playing around' with that adorable librarian would only be a horrible waste of my time. Unlike the other chicks, Mary was...well, she wasn't all that fun.

'Too shy, hard to woo, not my type of girl.' I kept repeating that in my head, which would always successfully drive me away from temptation. Mary was one lucky gal; one could only imagine how much fondling that girl could take. That, and I could almost guarantee that Gray would be in there.

I brought a closed fist up to my mouth and snickered; that would be hilarious, seeing his reaction. No doubt the man would be jealous, what with me puttin' the moves on his girl.

Now just a few feet away from my farm, something caught my eye. With a confused grunt, I dragged myself past Saibara's shop and wound up in front of the empty lot. Or so it had always been called...

Plastered over the sign was, in bright red letter: Under Construction. What the hell did it mean Under Construction? When I had enough money, I'd been thinkin' of building some sort've vacation house for myself.

Now they're Under Construction-ing it?

All too soon, my vision descended into darkness. I blinked a couple of times (my pissy attitude immediately dissipating), sincerely surprised by the pair of soft hands that were currently covering my eyes.

"Guess who..." A voice sang out before it erupted into a fit of giggles.

I didn't even have to think, "I know your scent all too well, Popuri." 'Voice' had first popped into my mind, but I settled on scent because it was definitely more romantic.

With an elated laugh, Popuri removed her hands from my eyes and smiled at me when I turned. Out of all the women in this town, this one had the prettiest smile yet.

"I haven't seen you all day," She frowned, puffing up her cheeks and raising both of her shoulders. But I knew it was all show–this girl could never be truly angry with me. "Where were you? You've kept me waiting."

Hm, where was I? Just a few seconds ago, I was flirting with the nurse at Mineral Clinic. I'd also considered spending some quality time with the Librarian. Oh, that would (most certainly) get me killed. "I've been working all day, Popuri." I sighed, mustering up the most sincerely sorry voice I could. To add more 'sincerity', I leaned towards her, and furrowed my eyebrows. Now, Popuri...stare into my beautiful blue eyes. "Some of my chickens were upset, a stray'd wandered into my farm last night. Me and Hineas spent all night chasing it."

"Seriously?" She crossed her arms and stared hard at me. "That happens at our farm too, Claire. We need to tell Harris to do something about it. Or the Mayor!" My sweet rosebud then clenched her fists. "It's almost like those strays are really active during Fall and Spring. Rick and I stay up every night for three extra hours making sure none of them bother our chickens."

Well, sucks to be her.

I reached forward and clasped one of her hands in both of mine. "You know...I could give you Hineas for a week, or 'till Fall's over." I suggested; my dog would chew the hell out of me if he knew I was trying to lend him to one of my girls. "Really, anything I can do. I can't stand the thought of you losing sleep just to keep those nasty strays away."

And Popuri's eyes started to glisten; damn, I'm good. "Claire...thank you so much for caring. But it's all right, keep Hineas, you need him more. Me and my brother'll manage."

Good enough for me. Now to add the icing to the cake, "Just call on me anytime you need help, Popuri. Believe me, I'll do anything to make you happy."

"You're laying it on a lil' too thick, Claire."

I probably looked foolish, with my mouth hanging open, my head tilted a little and my arms dropping to my side. God damn it...oh, well I guess 'Goddess damn it' would make more sense here. "Rick! Didn't see you there, buuuuddy."

"Nice to see you too, Claire." He adjusted his glasses and nodded at me. "I hope the season hasn't been too hard on you?"

Popuri groaned and started to move her body side to side. "Arg, Rick! You're ruining the moment, go inside. I think mama needs help."

"Seriously?!" He screamed, his eyes widening. "Okay, see ya later, Claire!" And with that, the dude just ran off to the farm screaming, "Mama! I'm coming!"

With a grateful sigh, his sister turned back to look and me, clearing her throat. "So...uh, have you decided what you're going to do the 13th of this season?"

She wasn't even trying to be discreet; that was when the Moon Festival was supposed to take place. According to the television, you were supposed to invite your 'favorite boy' to the peak of Mother's Hill. When I went there last year, Cliff had been waiting. I didn't mind in the least bit, but I was still a little upset that none of the girls were there. Then again, during my first year I'd mostly kept to myself, so I guess it was only natural...

Though, I had to admit...the mood was kinda dampened because it was him and not her...

I sighed inwardly as a small smile managed to spread across my face. It was obvious that Popuri wanted me to ask her to meet me there; there wasn't any harm in it, seeing how I'm such a puss and I can't even gather up the nerve to ask her out.


"Um...well, o–"

"Yo, Claire!" And in came Zack, strutting his stuff down the path towards my farm.

My farm...holy shit, it's already five! Popuri seemed to take the hint and simply rolled her eyes. "You'd better get back to your farm, Claire," She moved the upper half of her body forward and whispered, "You know, Zack's not all that great with counting. He might end up ripping you off. I'll see you tomorrow."

Just when I was about to leave to chase after him, I bowed slightly and gave my little rosebud a kiss on the cheek. "I'll get back to you on the arrangement, hunny." And then I sped off, calling after Zack.

He managed to ignore me for a good few minutes, humming an unknown tune to himself while those pistons he calls 'arms' pumped back and forth. By the time I caught up to him, he was already at my shipping box.

"Z-Za..." I didn't even bother finishing his name. I just dropped to the ground right next to my mailbox.

"Oh Claire? What's up? Look's like you've been running..."

After you, ya buffoon. I snarled in my mind, tossing him an aggravated glare.

Apparently he didn't see that. Instead, he walked over to me, taking money from his back pocket. "Your profit today if 4,000 bucks. Good job. Oh, and you have mail."

Oh get the hell out of my farm, you loser. I snatched the money from his hands and shoved it into my front pocket. "Hey, Zack. You know what's up with the vacant plot of land in front of the Chicken farm?"

He shrugged, "Dunno, apparently someone from outta town's gonna buy that place up. You should go ask Gotz, since he's the one who's building on it." Zack nodded his head and gave me a short wave before leaving.

With a small snort, I turned my attention to the mailbox and shoved my hand inside, pulling out the letter and lowering the flag. Surveying the rest of my farm, making sure no chicken, sheep, cow, Hineas or my horse was out of place, I made my way into my house.


Fall 10, 7:10pm
Doug's Inn


Come to the Inn around 7 o'clock today, the 10th of Fall. There's going to be a phone-call for you.


I blinked my eyes a few times and yawned before taking another sip of the wine I'd just bought. Why the man couldn't just write down the message for me, I would never know. Now I was stuck here with Ann, who was currently wheeling around on the stool next to me, talking about Goddess knows what.

...I wonder what she'd do if I kissed her...


Wine soon gurgled back up my throat, causing me to get trapped in a coughing fit. Tears soon began to form at the sides of my eyes as I tried to breath in some air. But, after a few deep breaths (and ten slaps on the back from Ann), I calmed down enough to pick the phone up.

I sputtered, "H-Hello?"

"...Is this Claire?"

My eyes narrowed, that voice sounded a little familiar. "Yes it is. Who's speaking?"

A loud chuckle carried through the receiver, "Claire, my girl. How could you've forgotten my voice so soon?"

And I couldn't keep a groan from escaping my lips. God, not him. Not him.

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