Chapter Thirteen: The End

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Draco fidgeted as he stood in front of the mirror in his tux. Tonight was the award show, but he was a lot more nervous than he'd expected. Tonight would be the first time people saw him and Harry together. It was the big night all of America and Europe were waiting for... and probably some other countries as well.

"You about ready, Draco? I hope you're not gelling your hair in there!" Harry called from the living room.

"I'm not!" Draco growled back. He stepped out of his room and into an area where Harry could see him. Harry paused to look at him.

"Wow..." he breathed out. He'd seen Draco in a tux before, but never like this.

Draco wore a plain black on black tux. As the title means, the tux was black and the shirt that accompanied it was black. Instead of a black bow tie, Draco wore a black, business tie. It blended in with his shirt and matched quite well. He left his hair fluffy and soft, just the way Harry loved it. He smiled at Harry.

"You dropped your jaw," he warned. Harry laughed.

Harry wore a black jacket, but his shirt was unconventional. It was a sort of speckled, white and brownish color. As odd and unfashionable it sounded, the shirt matched rather well - Especially with the way Harry left the last button undone. His hair was never gelled so it didn't matter, but he wore his contacts instead of his glasses.

Both young men wore a little white rose corsage. Harry's was on his left side, and Draco's was on his right. Draco walked up to Harry and placed a hand on his cheek. For a while it seemed like Draco was going to kiss him, but then he pulled away and smirked.

"You look like a deer caught in the headlights... the headlights of a hot white convertible, that is," Draco teased. Harry playfully hit Draco on the back of the head.

"Shut up," he replied in the same playful tone. "Come on. They're probably waiting for us outside."

Draco didn't complain at all, which is what made Harry suspicious.

"You... okay?" he asked.

"Yea, I'm fine," Draco replied like Harry was stupid. Harry frowned.

"I'm nervous too, you know. But based on how everyone already seems to accept me, I don't think it'll be too big of a problem. However, because you're so good looking too, we'll probably start a riot, a fan club, and a new genre in fiction," Harry jokingly pointed out. Draco chuckled.

"Harry, you're the weirdest movie star I know," he said.

"I'm the only movie star you know."

"Hello, world! I'm Rita Skeeter and we're broadcasting live from the red carpet at the England Summer Movie Awards! As we speak, a very anticipated limo is pulling up. Harry Potter announced in January that, if all went well, he and his 'special someone' would show up together. So all you hopefuls and gossiping bloggers, we've been reading your bets. It's about time to see how this all unfurls! Oh, I'm so excited!"

The black limo pulled up. Nothing weird or flashy like some American award shows. Harry liked plain old limos. First, Fred and George popped out as always, greeting their hungry fans. Then they stepped out of the way so Harry could stand up. He looked around at everyone.

Murmurs ran through the crowd. Was his date there? Had he been unsuccessful? He was smiling. That was a good sign, right?

Then Harry looked back in the limo and took Draco's hand. As Draco stepped out, a gasp ran through the crowd. An unknown person was getting out of the limo! Harry had succeeded! Oh, and his date was damn sexy! Jealous whispers, dreamy sighs, and all out cheering erupted from the crowd. The reporters could hardly be heard by their cameras.

As the people started to just call out to the four men, and things became more normal, Rita hurried over to Harry - as close as she was allowed.

"Harry Potter, I'm Rita Skeeter. Let me be the first to introduce your special someone to the world, please!" she nearly begged, but in a very professional way. Harry looked to Draco and then to Rita.

"Alright," he said.

"Great! So fans," Rita began, turning to her camera, "How did your ideas match up to the real thing? Is he a hot muffin or what? Harry, introduce us." Rita turned back to the subjects.

Harry went to open his mouth, but like a true Malfoy, Draco's pride wouldn't let him keep quiet.

"I am Draco Malfoy. I'd like to give a shout out to my family and the whor-ible person they tried to get me to marry last Christmas," he laughed good-natured-ly. Harry grinned.

"And I'd like to shout out at them too," Fred interjected, putting his face between Harry and Draco's. "Ha! Lookie here, losers! Harry found yer son before you did!"

"Hm?" Rita asked, obviously curious. Harry shook his head.

"Rita, it's a long story and we'll have to tackle that in an official interview," Harry laughed.

Draco intertwined their fingers. Rita wished Harry the best of luck and then the couple began to walk away. Draco held Harry's hand up a bit, as if bragging. It was all in his family nature. They got cheers as they passed until they finally got inside and found seats.

"How do you get used to that sort of thing?" Draco asked. He was already tired, even though he didn't show it.

"Don't worry. No one ever gets used to it until they're too full of themselves," Harry replied. He pat Draco's knee. "And I'll be beside you to walk down every red carpet... unless it's to my concerts."

"Excuse me?" Draco asked, giving Harry a suspicious look. More red carpets and concerts? Harry smirked back in a way Draco had never seen Harry look. It was devious and almost sneakily.

"So... How do you feel about America?" Harry asked suavely. Draco started and then laughed.

"I've always wanted to go," he replied. Harry was such an ass, but in such a cool way. He was going to kidnap Draco to America, as Draco had been waiting for him to do for two years.

Draco could have predicted that Harry's movie would get an award. Harry's movie was named and given an award for best producer and soundtrack. Harry was nominated for best actor but he didn't get it. Avery didn't even get nominated for supporting actors. Apparently, the fans had a grudge against him after finding out he'd tried to force himself on Harry.

Fred and George got best supporting actors for playing a man who seemed to be everywhere at once. Using the two twins, they could use one camera shot and get two of the same man in the picture.

Draco had to say hi a few more times on the way out, and he and Harry had to pose a million times, but in the end, they got to the car. Once the vehicle began to roll, Harry leaned over and kissed Draco. Draco smirked into the kiss and leaned over, cupping Harry's cheek and deepening the kiss.

"Now, now, Harry. Doing that in public could be dangerous," Fred pointed out teasingly.

"But that's the beauty of it," Harry replied, mocking the twins.. "It's more daring to do it in public. Besides," Harry turned and pulled Draco closer to his own body, "We're in a tinted window limo, driving down the road at a decent 50 miles an hour. I don't think anyone's going to see."

The twins laughed and Draco was confused, but the ride home was relatively uneventful and yet funny. Draco leaned on Harry and was sleeping by the time they got home. Harry smiled down at him. How cute.

Harry carried Draco inside and laid him out on the bed. The twins took the limo back to their home with Ron and their mother and father. Ginny was visiting too. Harry smiled and pushed bangs from Draco's face. He smiled and leaned down, placing a soft kiss on his lips.

"Welcome to the world of me, Draco," he whispered.

"Welcome to the world, period," Draco replied groggily. "God... you're such a brilliant idiot."

Harry chuckled softly and laid his head on Draco's shoulder. There he fell asleep, and there he would be found the next morning by Hermione coming to check on them. She'd snap a picture or ten before waking them to show off a magazine article detailing a try at interviewing the Malfoy's. Oh, what a riot. But Draco didn't care. He'd already disowned himself. He may go back for Christmas, this time with Harry, but he'd never see them unless he had to.

Harry was happy now too. After a week in England, Harry kidnaped Draco and went back to America. His first order of business was showing Draco around New York and his other favorite towns. This could take them weeks, though, so Harry had to settle for just New York before beginning work on his new album.

On a brighter note, they were named entertainment's hottest couple two months in a row. Draco bragged that it was because Harry was hot, and he was hot, and together they were melting. Harry argued that it was all Draco, but Draco didn't have time to argue. He was taking Harry's place as the newest hot movie star. He excelled at playing action heros and dramatic pretty boys, but it got him the fans and showed off his looks, so how could a Malfoy refuse?

You're on your way to the stars, so just go.

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