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Window Gazers

Hinata sighed as she looked out the window longingly. It's so beautiful outside today, she thought. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, everything seemed so green and full of life, she wished she could just climb through the window and fly,like all the beautiful birds. However, Hinata would not be able to go outside today. Not until her chores is finished. She was stuck cleaning the horrible smelling Hyuga Basement.

She felt something hard, hit her head and looked up to find a livid Tenten looming over her. Her hair was in its usual two buns, but much of it had fallen out sticking to her forehead and face. A layer of dirt covered nearly every available spot on her body. Her brown maid's uniform was torn up, most likely due to her late night weapon training. The only part that wasn't torn was the Gray apron tied to her front.

"Hinata, focus! We only have until the end of the day to finish cleaning this room, and what are you doing? Sitting there staring out the window! Do you want to be in trouble with Hiashi-Sama?"

It was true, they had only finished about half of the room and it was about three in the afternoon. She knew what the consequences of maids not doing their designated jobs in the Hyuga household, death.

"S-Sorry Tenten-Chan, Its j-just it looks so n-nice out today…" Hinata said turning away from Tenten and picking up her rag. She sadly returned to scrubbing the floor again.

"Your right, Hinata." Sakura said from her corner sitting up to take in the lovely scene out the window, "It is beautiful out."

Sakura had her hair tired up on top of her head, but just like Tenten's much had fallen out and into her face. Sakura's face was lined with smudges and exhaustion but she still kept a small smile on her tired face. Her dress was the same maid's uniform as Tenten's with a black apron. Her dress was slightly cleaner than Tenten's, but that wasn't saying much.

"Guys, we need to stop dreaming about how 'pretty' it is outside and work!" With that Tenten angrily went off into her mold-covered corner and started scrubbing away, trying to blow off frustration.

Hinata looked over to Sakura and saw her roll her eyes at Tenten. Hinata just shrugged and started Scrubbing the floor with her dirty rag again. Tenten had alway's been impatient. She hated her position as a maid, but it was the only work she knew. Both of Tenten's parent's had died before her fifth birthday. Her mother had been a maid for the Hyuga clan almost her entire life, after her death, Tenten had nearly been forced to live on the streets before finding work here. Tenten dreamed of fininally saving enough money to quit the work as a maid and begin weapon's training.

Hinata looked at her pitiful corner and then she looked over to Tenten's and Sakura's, theirs seemed to shine in a way she could never get hers to. She supposed it was because they had been maids nearly their entire lives, while she had only been a maid for about four years. She used to be one of their Mistresses. She was born into the main family of the Hyuga clan after all. One night, years ago, her father brought her down by her hair and woke Sakura and Tenten up. He told them that Hinata would now be a maid like the rest of them and that hopefully she could make herself useful in some way. Then he crept back up the stairs leaving Sakura and Tenten to comfort the small, howling Hinata. She had never been able to explain why this had happened to her friends. They had tried once, but this only succeeded in putting Hinata into a deep depression.

The young Hyuga still clung to her dream that one day her father would wake up from his strange rage and welcome her back with open arms as his daughter. Hinata shook her head she knew this was a fools dream.

After scrubbing at her third of the room for what felt like hours, Hinata's petite hand's were a combination of rough callous and fresh blisters. Smudges and dirt could be found all over her simple maid dress that once had been white. She felt a tap on her shoulder, and looked up to see an exhausted looking Tenten and Sakura.

"Hinata… we've been at it for hours, come on lets go to bed. You're done."

Hinata looked over to her side. It still didn't sparkle as bright as the other parts, but at least it was marginally clean. She smiled and wiped her brow as she attempted to stand. Just as she had, a noise from the stairs caught her attention. Hinata looked over to see her younger sister, Hanabi, standing hold a bucket and a wicked grin on her face.

Hanabi was all of ten years old. Since Hinata's banishment from the main house, her heart had grown wicked. Almost every day Hanabi would invent some new way to toucher her older sister and her companions. She was a typical, spoiled "only" child. Seeing her this way mad Hinata very sad. Hanabi had once been kind and bright, but time had made her cruel.

The older Hyuga's eyes grew wide. "No, no, no, don't do it Hanabi-Chan!" She ran up to the stairs pleading with the small girl.

Her sister grinned wickedly and giggled with evil in her eyes. Just as Sakura and Tenten had run up, she then threw a bucket of warm earth over the railing and yelled, "Its Hanabi-Sama to you! Forgotten Sister!" before sprinting back up the stairs laughing manically all the way.

The dirt cascaded over the railing, like a brown rainstorm. It was wet and crumby but seemed to stick to everything. It got all over the three maids, turning their body's brown. Hinata wiped the grime out of her eyes. Sakura and Tenten screeched, and were about to run up and strangle the small child. Thank God, Hinata was there to hold the cursing maids back.

"I'M GOING TO KILL HER!" Screeched Sakura.

"NOT BEFORE I TEAR OFF HER ARMS!" Tenten screamed in return.

"G-Guys! Guys! S-Stop it! You'll get k-killed if you g-go after her! Stop it!" Hinata yelled trying to calm her friends. After about ten minutes the mud covered girls calmed down enough to look at the floor. Thankfully their bodies had blocked most of the dirt, but a good forth of the room was covered in brown filth.

"Hinata, I'm going to find your sister while she's sleeping and murder her." Tenten growled as she refilled her bucket of water.

"That goes double for me." Sakura Hissed as she wiped the mud out of her face.

The next two hours went like this, Tenten and Sakura thinking of ways to kill Hanabi while, Hinata just sighed and started scrubbing the floor again. She took one last look out the window to see that night had fallen. She had no idea how much time they had left before her father came down to see their work.

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