Hello, it's me again! Brawl is here, and made of pure, unfiltered WIN. With a new Smash Bros. game, a new Smash Mind is sure to follow! Given the many characters, bosses, and NPCs in the game, this one looks to be bigger than ever. We'll start with the core five from the first game, then branch out into new territory.

Disclaimer: Subspace Emissary spoilers. You have been warned.

On with the fic!

Smash Mind 2

-Master Hand-


This isn't fair.

I just want to play.

Yet I am taken.

The one of lesser space controls me.

He makes me do what he says.

I am his eyes, his ears, his voice.

The ones of real space think I am evil.

But it's not my fault.

If I disobey….he uses his wings.

It hurts so much.

One day I will get free.

The one of lesser space will pay.

And I will return to my toys.

Old and new.

I love them.

I always love to play…

Did Master Hand have it bad in SSE or what? Only in four or five cutscenes, trussed up like a puppet, and totally pwned by you-know-who.

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