All good things must come to an end sometime. This, I am sorry to say, is one of those times.

On with the fic.

-Smash Mind 2 Finale-

-Player 1-


You've come a long way, haven't you?

Oh, don't try to deny it.

I know.

I've seen you.

I'm the Smash Mind.

I see everything.

You started out as a sadistic puppet master.

Letting these poor souls die over and over for your own entertainment.

But then things changed.

You helped them fight off the Hands.

You assisted them in repelling the Subspace invasion.

Now, they've revolutionized.

And you haven't done anything to stop them.

They're gone now.

They're as far away from this world as they can possibly be.

But don't worry.

You'll see them again.

Sooner than you might think.

Just give them time.

They need to remember who they're supposed to be.

Then, they'll come back.

Things will be different.

That's a guarantee.

But there'll still be fights.

Winners and losers.

Heroes and villains.

And the ones in between.

It'll be awhile, but they'll come back to you.

Waiting for your control.

Waiting for the fights.

Waiting for the Smashing…

I've come a long way as well since the first Smash Mind. My writing style has improved, I've purchased Brawl, I've completed the Subspace Emissary, and I've realized I suck at writing novels.

I would like to thank my constant reviewers P.J. Williams, Black Omochao, The-3-Sueslayers, nalagaOcean777, Star Stuff99, Kaiser Aldamon, Ri2, Realm9, Fireblast123, and Fishboy0 for standing by this fic and continually giving support, advice, and feedback. I love you all.

I'd also like to thank everyone esle who's read the Smash Mind series and enjoyed it. You are why I do what I do.


...Or is it?

Coming Soon:

Smash Mind: Prologues

Stay tuned...