CH. 1

It was a typical day in Jump City, California. The Titans had broken up three bank robberies, four hostage situations, fifteen cats in a tree, three CPR situations, seven car accidents; five HIVE five instances, and one Slade robbery. All of this took place in a three hour stretch and they were all exhausted. Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing a game, but with none of their usual gusto. They stared at the screen, not really even caring what happened. Beast Boy pulled ahead of Cyborg and beat his score by a hundred thousand points. Nothing happened; no victory dances, no whoops of happiness, and no anger. Raven was leaning against the arm of the couch with one of her favorite books.

Every few seconds she'd peek around her book to glance at Beast Boy. She may have been mean to him in the past years, but they were both 17 now and had grown closer. Sure, he still made stupid remarks and jokes that made her annoyed, but they had spent more time together. In time, she grew to have a crush; this bud of a crush soon bloomed into love. She looked back to her book, not even taking in a single word. Her thoughts and daydreams had gone to Beast Boy and herself in the Tower alone with no one around to hear their moans, screams, and animalistic growls of pleasure. Cyborg had, in the mean time, started a new game. His wrist began to beep and flash green. He looked down and frowned.

"Someone is at the door," he muttered. Raven got up and dog-eared her book.

"I'll get it," she replied and phased to the front door. She approached the large doors and opened them with her powers. There standing before her was an absolute mirror image of herself. The exact same eyes, the same vacant facial expression, the same tidy hair cut in the same fashion. This was a mirror image. The mirror image reached out and hugged Raven.

"It's been to long sister," it whispered in her ear. Raven felt her heart stop and her breathing become increased. Her sister may look like her and carry the same composure, but she was a sex addict. Demons are only supposed to go into heat once a month on a full moon. Her twin sister, Crow, was still a virgin, but her demon side seemed to be haywire. She was constantly in heat and always looking for a good cock. Raven had hoped she had seen the last of her when she secretly left. She had never wanted to see her over-horny sister ever again.

Every guy she ever got was stolen by her sister, who obviously was more confident than she. Men seemed to be attracted to confidence. The excuse was always the same: I thought she was you. But before Crow could get laid, Raven would leave and Crow, being older by two seconds, would feel responsible for her and leave without a seconds hesitation. Raven knew she was devoted, but she was still more devoted to a good fuck than her own sister.

"I figured I would never find you again," she said with a small smile. The only differences between them were Crow's clothing. She wore tight black jeans that you could see a camel toe in and showed her waist line a little too much, a small black shirt that accented her bellybutton and stomach. Not only was that, but a reasonable amount of cleavage obviously apparent. Her boots were black leather and went over the jeans to end just below her knees. Raven looked her sister up and down.

"I had hoped not," she said rudely. Crow frowned.

"Raven, is that anyway to treat your blood relative?" she asked.

"I have a history of not treating my blood relatives very well. Ask our father," she implied.

"I haven't heard from him in years Rae," she said. Raven frowned at the name. She only liked Beast Boy saying that. Crow lifted her head a bit and sniffed. Raven and Crow each had an ability to smell about people. They could tell if they were compassionate, worthy of attention, were good in bed, and if they had a decent dick size.

"Ahhhhh," she said exhaling, "Three boys and an extra girl. Tell me, have you lost your virginity yet?" She sniffed again and smiled smugly.

"Hmm, guess not. And oh… I smell a certain male who would obviously serve me well," a few more deep sniffs and she looked like the cat that ate the canary.

"He smells of strength, power, and absolute animal magnetism," She said with a wicked smile. Raven glared at her sister.

"Leave Beast Boy alone," she growled.

"Beast Boy is his name? I must meet him… or should I say, eat him," she gave a mischievous grin. Raven knew what she was implying. But before she could say a word, the rest of the team stepped up. At seeing the new "Raven" their jaws dropped.

"W-wh-who is that?" Beast Boy asked, unable to speak at seeing "Raven" dressed so scantily, but sexily. Crow gave a seductive and heart melting smile.

"You must be Beast Boy," she said huskily and walked up to him, eyes never leaving his. But his eyes were trained on her ever swaying hips. They had him completely mesmerized. Raven fumed as she watched her sister flirt with Beast Boy. She had always just let her sister take whatever she had and use it to its fullest extent before either handing it back or keeping it. This was not one of those times. She had finally admitted that she liked Beast Boy and there was no way in Hell, Heaven, or God's green earth that she was going to just lie down and let Crow steal something else. Crow was about to put a hand on Beast Boy's neck when Raven grabbed her other arm and yanked her away and back to her.

"This," she started in her monotone, "Is my twin sister Crow." Robin frowned.

"You never mentioned a sister, or a twin. Why?" he asked.

"You never asked and you didn't need to know," Raven replied.

"Well, I think that anyone related to us should stay in the Tower, what do you think Rob?" Cyborg asked as he looked at Robin. Robin looked Crow up and down with a well trained eye. He and Star had been going out for quite some time now. He had to admit that this Crow person certainly wore a weird assortment of clothing. But Raven's family was Raven's family. She couldn't help who she was related to. Robin gave a small nod.

"Sure," he answered. Raven showed no emotion, but inside she was screaming, kicking, and yelling. Crow's face lit up as she followed the others out of the foyer to the Common room. Raven turned to head for her room when Beast Boy stepped out of nowhere.

"Raven… you don't like your sister much do you?" he asked. She shook her head as she continued to walk.

"Why? I could smell the hostility you held for her. And is she always horny?" he asked. Raven ignored the last comment and told him about her sister. He listened as they climbed the stairs. As soon as they got to Raven's room, the door opened and there stood Crow in Raven's outfit.

"Hey Rae," she chirped, she looked Beast Boy up and down with a lustful gaze and licked her lips. That was all she needed to say as he turned red in embarrassment. Crow looked back to Raven.

"Crow, why are you wearing my things? Better yet… why are even in my room?"

"Well," she said, pulling the cape to its fullest extent and twirling slightly, "I thought it looked better on me." Beast Boy rolled his eyes, "and I was in here because I thought it'd be cool for us to crash together." Raven raised an eyebrow.

"I think not. You get Terra's old room two doors down next to Beast Boy's," she said pointing. Crow looked out the door. Beast Boy's room was right in between Terra's old one and Raven's.

"But I wanna sleep in my little sister's room," she whined, pouting slightly. Beast Boy had to admit she looked rather cute and adorable when she did this. He made a mental note never to say it to Raven out loud unless he was 100 sure she wouldn't mind it.

"You are only two seconds older than me. And my decision stands firm. You sleep in Terra's old room," Raven said crossing her arms. If only she had gone along with it… she might have been able to keep a closer eye on her. Crow was much more cunning than she let on. She had put on the act to throw suspicion off of her. Now Raven had no idea that she was planning a late night visit to Beast Boy. That evening, before bed, Crow was battling Cyborg in a racing game while Raven read a book. Robin was talking in low tones to Starfire and Beast Boy was up in his room doing God knows what. As the clock struck ten, Crow was beaten by Cyborg and she stood up and stretched. After yawning loudly she looked to the others.

"Well, I'm headin off to bed. Night all," she said and phased through the floor. Raven barely acknowledged her as she kept on reading. Crow came into view on the living quarters floor. She looked left and right before creeping to Beast Boy's room. She laid her ear to the door and listened intently. She heard the scritch scratch of a pencil. Closing her eyes, she sank into the door; when she came out the other end she was one with the shadows. There sat Beast Boy writing in what looked like a journal. He had a small smile upon his face as he scribbled. Crow watched intently until he closed the book, held his hand over it and spoke in a light African language before heading to bed. Crow amazingly understood.

It was something like voodoo magic. It kept it locked and the secrets safe. She would have smelled the magic if he carried it. The book must have been blessed by a witch doctor. He took off his shirt and threw it aside. Crow caught herself before she gasped in amazement and longing. His chest and pecks seemed to be carved into his chest. His abs moved with his breathing and his arms were no bean poles… more like telephone poles, only a tad bit skinnier. He took off his pants and threw them among the rest of the junk. His legs were defiantly track star legs. And his tiger stripped boxers made him look absolutely exquisite to her. She licked her lips in anticipation and stared eagerly and hungrily at him as he got under the covers.

After a few minutes, she heard his very light snoring. Unable to believe her luck, she floated up to the foot of his bed. She crawled across, one hand and one leg on either side of him. She continued her cat like crawl until her head was just above his. His light breathing ruffled her hair slightly and noted that his breath smelled much like mint and his skin like pine. She inhaled deeply and raised her head and smiled as she slowly exhaled. Beast Boy awoke to find a pair of breasts in his face. He flinched ever so slightly in surprise. Crow noticed this and looked down on him. She licked her lips once again.

"Hey sexy," she purred. He gulped and the first thought that ran through his head was as follows: 'I am so dead'. Crow leaned forward to kiss him, but Beast Boy seemed unable to move anything but his neck. He moved it to one side and felt her soft lips connect with his cheek. This didn't discourage her; in fact, it enticed her and made her more excited. She had never had someone deny her what she wanted. This made things more interesting… a challenge. Beast Boy smelled her wetness as if her clit was being pushed up against his face. It was overpowering and despite how hard he tried, a certain part of his anatomy was excited by it. Crow looked over her shoulder when she felt something nudge her rear.

"I see you are enjoying the attention," she whispered into his neck. Her hot breath sent shivers down his spine and made him squirm slightly. She nibbled and sucked on his neck and Beast Boy had to fight back a moan that was desperate to escape. Crow worked her way down to his chest. She ran her nails down his chest and stomach as she kissed all over his neck. Beast Boy closed his eyes tight. He couldn't move his body away from her. She must have done something to stop him from doing anything but moving his neck.

"Please stop," he moaned with pleasure. The combined things sounded very strange. Someone moaning with pleasure and begging for the person to stop. Crow looked up and into his eyes.

"Why?" she asked as she ground against him. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and his mouth opened wide.

"Seems to me like you love it. Why not give into it and become mine. I want to own you… but I have to have your permission first," she continued to grind. She hated the fact that she had to ask permission first. Once again, her demon side was holding her back. But she had persuasion on her side. God didn't give men enough blood to run both heads at once. If it was all concentrated below, he'd say yes without a second thought and he'd become her mate once and for all. He didn't answer. This made her frown slightly and grind harder.

"Answer me," she said softly, but with authority. His mouth was about to form the word she wanted when the door flew open and a dark aura surrounded Crow. She was thrown against the wall and Raven walked in, four red eyes glowing and the evilest snarl placed on her lips. She looked to Beast Boy, who cringed.

"Are you ok?" she asked softly. Beast Boy stood up and nodded slowly and shakily. Crow glared at her sister.

"Raven!" she protested, "I was just about to make him mine! Why did you interfere?" Raven didn't answer her sister. Instead, she covered Crow's mouth with a dark aura.

"Silence!" she hissed, "You have gone to far slut. Control yourself or I will." The dark aura disappeared and Beast Boy stared at Raven in shock.

"Raven… why did you call her that?" he asked.

"Cause it is true," she replied. Crow growled at Raven, fists clenched. She never got to have any fun or mark anyone. Raven was always stubborn and left before anything good could happen. And the bond they shared was always dragging her along. That and the fact she was a whole two seconds older and felt responsible for her little twin sister.

"Still, she's your sister Rae… don't you think you ought to leave words like that out?" Beast Boy asked. Raven smiled inwardly. She liked him calling her Rae. Crow walked up looking ashamed. She gave a pout that made Beast Boy feel sorry for her.

"I'm sorry Beast Boy," she hung her head and held her hands in front of her stomach, "I didn't mean to be so forward. Do you forgive me?" she looked up at his eyes, her bottom lip protruding ever so slightly and her eyes wide with innocence. Raven shot Crow a glare that BB missed.

"Of course," he said sweetly, "Now both of you get to bed. Tomorrow is another big day." As the twins left Beast Boy the glared at each other all the way back to their rooms. The looks were identical and could not have been plainer: back off bitch… he's mine.

As Raven lay on her bed trying to sleep, she tried to figure out why Beast Boy was so forgiving. She reasoned that Beast Boy was just like that and had always been like that. He always made sure people had fun, got fair shares of everything, and protected them if need be. Raven knew damn well that she never would have fallen for Crow's little show. Raven knew her plan. Make him fall in love, fuck him hard, and mark him as hers. The exact plan Raven had just formed only moments earlier. She would have to work hard… very hard. Crow was so much more experienced than she. But how did one work hard without making it seem apparent. Beast Boy and the others would certainly notice if she started throwing herself at him. This meant that her cunning would have to come fully into play. An idea suddenly struck her. It would have to be sneaky and no one could know. It was an old kindergarten trick that never seemed to fail: Secret Admirer. The curiosity would have the "secret admirer" on his mind to much to think about Crow. With that comforting thought, Raven fell asleep.

Crow was the exact opposite of Raven. She was not calm, she was not sleepy, and she was not going to sit still and think. She paced the room, hands behind her back, mind racing circles in her head. How to get Beast Boy was the question constantly asked in this little circle. Every devious plan she could think of went through her mind. Could she kill Raven and make it look like suicide? No, Raven was stronger than she looked, and she would never bring herself to kill her own sister. Could she hypnotize Beast Boy into running away with her? No, Raven would follow, mutilate her and then run back home with Beast Boy as her new mate. Could she just out win Raven… show her up in front of Beast Boy?

No that wouldn't work either; Raven knew BB longer and knew what made him tick. An advantage she did not have. Could she sell Raven over the internet? No, she'd kill her new owners and then come after her. Could she threaten Raven? No, Raven was so much smarter than that. She'd know it was an empty threat. Crow stopped pacing and growled in frustration. She wanted Beast Boy so bad. She already had the idea of making him fall in love, fuck him hard, and than mark him. But how to get to that bridge so that she could cross it?! She threw herself onto her bed and stared at the ceiling painted with stars and dark like the sky.

Given the sky outside… it looked like she was really out under the stars. She sighed loudly and that was when it came to her. It was so simple that anyone could do it without a single bit of trouble: Secret Admirer. She would of course act like normal, her usual sex crazed self. But with this idea, she'd blow Raven out of the water. Crow grinned wickedly and got under the covers and promptly fell asleep.