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Scourge: 25

Amy: 19

Sonic: 22

Tails: 15

Knuckles: 23

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Amy's POV

Where am I? I don't remember anything…the last thing that happened was that I was in the mall, and then the next thing I saw was blackness. I don't remember blacking out though…but where am I? It's so dark in here. Dimly lit candles or torches are on the walls, but it's still to dark to see. Why can't I move? I look up to see my arms are shackled so some rusty chains on the ceiling, then I see my legs are the same way. At least my feet can touch the ground. But why am I here? Where am I? Who brought me here? Wait, what's that sound?

Normal POV

The door to the dungeon-like room opens, and a bright light shines through. The silhouette of a hedgehog appears in the doorway. The hedgehog grins as he sees the chained up rose.

"S-Sonic? Is that you?" she asks, nervously.

The hedgehog didn't say a word, instead he just closed the door, concealing himself in the darkness again. He walked to the rose and grabbed her chin.

"How's my little whore of a rose today?" he said in a dark tone.

"Wh-who are you? Tell me!" Amy demanded, which earned her a swift smack across the face, making her wince in pain.

"Don't talk back to me, you little slut. Just look at yourself, short skirt, revealing back, you're just a little whore looking for attention aren't you?" the hedgehog said.

"….wh-who are you? Please, just tell me that.." Amy asked, now scared.

"I suppose I can show you, after all, it wouldn't be fair for you to not know who's going to take your virginity," he said with an evil chuckle. The hedgehog seemed to disappear into the darkness again for a few seconds, then as the light turned on, Amy saw why she thought it was Sonic.

"Scourge!? You bastard!!" Amy shouted.

Scourge just grinned and walked back to Amy and grabbed her chin again. "Now what did I say about shouting?" he said, earning a spit in the face, which he retaliated by smacking her again. "You'd be wise to not do anything stupid, unless you'd rather end up with a bullet through your skull, you little bitch," Scourge threatened, pulling a gun out and aiming it at her head.

Amy, now terrified beyond a doubt, reluctantly agreed to do anything as long as he doesn't kill her. Scourge grinned, knowing exactly what he wanted.

"That's a good little bitch. Now just stay quiet and give me what I want," Scourge demanded, grabbing her breasts.

Amy gasped, and would've struck him if it weren't for her bonds. "Y-you sick pervert!! What are you do-"and she was cut off by a hit to the stomach.

"I thought I said no talking back to me!" Scourge shouted, "Or did you forget about this?" he said as he held the gun back up to her head. Amy immediately shut up after that, fearing for her life again.

Scourge then started to grab and squeeze her breasts hard, making Amy wince in pain. He tore off her tank top, exposing her breasts, which already have marks on them from the squeezing. He continues squeezing them and pinches her nipples, watching the pained expression on her face. Amy's screams of pain are like music to his ears.

After torturing her tits for a while, Scourge lowered the chains so she's forced to kneel on the floor. He unzips his pants and reveals a large erection and puts it near her face.

"Suck on it," he said.

Amy just shook her head and did nothing. Scourge pinched her nose to force her mouth open and he stuck his dick inside her mouth.

"Suck on it, now. And if you even think about using your teeth.." he said, aiming his gun at her head.

Amy had no other choice but to agree, and she started sucking on it as she was told to. Scourge held her head with one hand and kept the gun pressed against her with the other. He thrusted into her mouth as she sucked to make sure she took it all in. Amy gagged and cried as she sucked on him, she had never tasted anything this disgusting in her life, it was as if he never washed himself in his life. After about ten minutes of sucking and gagging, Scourge came in her mouth.

"Now swallow it," he said to her, keeping his dick in her mouth to make sure she does.

Amy hesitated, it tasted bad as it is, and she did not want to swallow and keep that taste. She tried to look away, but it was pretty hard to do so with Scourge in her mouth, his hand on her head and the gun pointed at her.

"What are you waiting for? I said swallow it." Scourge repeated, his finger resting on the trigger.

Amy reluctantly agreed and swallowed, nearly choking on it, but tried to force a smile. Scourge couldn't tell whether this was a real smile or not, but he didn't care. He pulled out of her mouth and raised her back up so she was standing upright, in a sense. He lifted her skirt up and saw her pearly white panties. He sniffed them, inhaling her scent, the aroma intoxicating him.

"Your scent…it's like a drug. Now I have to have you," Scourge said, rubbing her pussy through her panties.

Amy gasped at the touch and again struggled in vain to get free. The last thing she wanted was for Scourge to enter her, she had been saving herself for Sonic all these years.

"N..No, please…stop…" Amy begged, "Don't touch me there…please, don't do it…"

"I'll do whatever I please with you. You're in no position to be making demands here." Scourge said, being completely right. He continued to rub her pussy, moving his finger in circles, making her cry even more. He stopped and tore off her skirt and panties. Now Amy was completely naked in front of him, and no matter how much she hated it, Scourge did not care at all. He adjusted the chains so her legs were lifted into the air, leaving Amy in a makeshift laying down position. He moved closer to her, listening to her begging for him not to enter.

"No! Please don't! Anywhere but there!" Amy begged and cried, but to no avail.

Scourge rubbed his member on her pussy, then started to push in. Amy still begging and crying for him to not to. At first it seemed like he would pull out, and Amy thought it was over, when she felt a sharp pain inside of her as Scourge pushed himself inside of her quickly, breaking her barriers, making blood come out. She screamed out bloody murder and cried more than she ever had.

"Now you really are mine, Rose." Scourge said.

He started to fuck her wild, going fast from the beginning. Needless to say, this hurt like hell to Amy. She bounced on the chains, hurting her wrists and legs as he kept going in and out. Scourge grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, he continued to pump inside of her. He made sure it hurt her as he increased his speed and started biting her nipples. Amy screamed in pain and was barely able to move her legs, not even getting close to him. She wanted to hit him so badly, but being restrained made it impossible.

Scourge kept pumping as hard as he could inside of her, enjoying her screams. Eventually, he shot out a big load inside her pussy, Amy screaming out as he filled her up. When he pulled out, he just looked at her.

"You're nothing but a little slut, remember that." Scourge told her as he zipped up his pants, then walked away, leaving Amy chained up and hanging.

Amy just cried silently, praying for Sonic to come soon. She had no way of contacting him, nor did she even know where she was. She could only pray that someone would come and get her.

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