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The Tornado III landed just outside of the hideout

The Tornado III landed just outside of the hideout. Sonic was the first one to jump out, before Tails even put any of the landing gear out. He made a quick dash towards the entrance to the fortress-like hideout. The wolf was waiting right at the front gate.

"Ahh, Sonic the Hedgehog. I've been expecting you," the wolf said.

"Where the hell is Amy!?" Sonic shouted.

"Now now, no need to shout. I've been ordered to take you straight to her. So just follow me."

The two went inside, as Tails and Knuckles got out of the Tornado III. They went to the gate and were confronted by a group of other anthros that claimed to be the guards. The guards had forbid them from entering, but Tails and Knuckles had to get in to help Sonic. Tails drew his staff and Knuckles cracked his knuckles (A/N: no pun intended) and were both ready to fight. Meanwhile, Sonic and the wolf reach a door in the lower corridors of the fortress.

"This is our stop, Mr. Hedgehog," the wolf said, then walked off to assist the guards.

"Amy….you better be in here" Sonic said to himself as he opened the door. His eyes widened in horror as he saw the battered Amy.

"It's been a long time, Sonic the Hedgehog," Scourge said, walking out of the shadows with an evil smirk on his face.

"Scourge…you son of a bitch!! I'll kill you!!" Sonic shouted and dove at Scourge, landing a right hook across his jaw.

Scourge slid back a bit, spitting out some blood from Sonic's punch. He growled and leapt at Sonic, punching back. He grabbed Sonic by his leg and swung him around, then launched him towards a wall. Sonic slammed into it at full force on his back. He was down, but not out yet, quickly getting back up on his feet. He went for an immediate spin dash at Scourge that sent both of them going through a couple walls. He kicked Sonic off of him and started punching him left and right, making sweat, saliva, and blood fly from the blue hero's face. Scourge then head butted Sonic, knocking him down onto the ground again. He grabbed his throat and started to choke him.

"This time, you're the one who dies, Sonic." Scourge said, grinning and choking Sonic.

Sonic struggled to get Scourge's grip off of him and he was losing air quickly. He grabbed Scourge's arm with both hands in an attempted to get him off, but it only seemed to make him tighten his grip. Sonic had to think quickly, which wasn't one of his strong points. He then noticed something; Scourge was standing right above him. With a few swift kicks into his crotch, Scourge was now the one on the ground, writhing in pain. Sonic managed to stand up and regain his breath, and then went over to Scourge and picked him up and flung him across the room. Panting, still trying to regain his breath, Sonic walked over towards Scourge, only to be met with a pair of feet to his face. Stumbling backwards, he managed to catch himself before being impaled on a wall spike. Scourge came running at full speed towards Sonic, holding what looked like one of his own quills, only sharper.

"When I knock you down, you STAY down!!" Scourge shouted as he slashed at Sonic with the blade.

Sonic managed to duck and avoid it, performing a sweeping kick at Scourge's legs. He jumped over his legs and stabbed one of them with the blade.

"Aahhhhhh!!" Sonic screamed out in pain, staring at his bloody leg.

Scourge lands with one foot on Sonic's stomach with the blade aimed right at his throat. Sonic tried to kick him again with his good leg, only to have it stomped on, bruising it and rendering it temporarily useless. He points the blade back at Sonic's throat.

"You've lost, Sonic. I win. Amy is now mine, and the best part is: you didn't get to save her this time!" Scourge said triumphantly.

Those words echoed in Sonic's mind. "you didn't get to save her this time!... you didn't get to save her this time!... you didn't get to save her…" Those words haunted him, realizing he failed to protect the one he loved so much. For the first time in his life, he felt that he was not the invincible hedgehog he once thought he was. He felt broken, defeated, weak. He was angry at himself and sad at the same time for not being able to protect Amy, for not being able to show her that he loves her, for not being who he is. His anger rose up inside of him until he couldn't hold onto it any longer.

"Now die!!" Scourge said as he was about to plunge the sword into Sonic's throat.

Sonic grabbed his hand just before the blade reached. He was growling at Scourge as he used his own force of will to push his arm back and get the blade away from him. His fur started to darken in color, his eyes began to lose the pupils, and a dark aura surrounded him. Using this newfound power, Sonic pushed Scourge back and stood up, despite his leg injuries. He shot a death glare at Scourge, who was busy getting himself back up. Scourge saw the look in Sonic's eyes, a look that had never crossed the blue hero's face in a long time: the look of bloodlust and hate.

"So, you show your true colors at l-" Scourge was cut off by a lightspeed punch across his jaw, a loud cracking sound was heard.

His jaw snapped clean in two, Scourge held onto his face in severe pain, when he let go, his jaw was just dangling, and blood was coming out of his mouth. He growled and was about to strike when Sonic vanished. Scourge looked around quickly, the speed of it making his jaw swing, which made it hurt even more. Seeing Scourge distracted by his pain, Sonic didn't hesitate to attack, landing several quick, yet painful punches to his back. He then grabbed his arm and twisted it until the bones snapped clean in half. Scourge screamed bloody murder in pain. He held his now broken arm, and looked at Sonic, whose fur is now completely black, his eyes glowing white with no pupils. He started to back away from him, actually scared and regretting he ever picked a fight with Sonic in the first place. Sonic had no intentions of letting Scourge get away this easily however, as he landed a punch on his forehead, actually denting it inward and making Scourge's eyes bulge out a bit.

"Ghh..wh..what..in the world….are you?" Scourge barely managed to ask, getting an evil chuckle from Sonic.

"Your worst NIGHTMARE!!" Sonic said as he grabbed Scourge by the throat and lifted him up.

Without both his arms, Scourge wasn't able to break Sonic's grip. He kicked Sonic's chest to no avail. Sonic raised his right hand to shoulder level as Scourge tried in agony to get himself free. In the next moment, Scourge's eyes went wide open, no breath escaped him as a piercing sound was heard, followed by the sound of something squishing. Sonic has pierced Scourge's chest, through his heart, with his bare hand. He grabbed his heart and crushed it in his hand, ending Scourge's life. Dropping his body, Sonic let out a victorious yell, but before he could bask in his victory, he remembered why he came in the first place, and his sanity returned. He transformed back into his normal form, grabbed a key from Scourge's body and limped his way to the dungeon where Amy was being held.

"Ghh….Amy..I'm coming for you" Sonic thought to himself as he limped towards the door, and made it inside. Amy was still chained up, bloody and bruised, and barely conscious. He made it to her at last and was starting to undo her chains.

"S…Sonic?...Is that….really..you?" she squeaked out.

"Relax, Amy. I'm here for you.."Sonic replied, getting her down from the chains. He carried her in his arms, cradling her and limping towards the exit.

At the front gate, Tails and Knuckles had just finished dealing with the guards. They were numerous, but no challenge whatsoever. They looked around and saw a wounded Sonic carrying a battered Amy. They immediately rushed over to help and managed to get the two hedgehogs into the Tornado III, though Sonic refused to let go of Amy.

An Hour Later

Amy was in a bed in Sonic and Tails' house, resting from her injuries. Sonic received the news that she may not have long to live. Her ribs were broken and bruised, she had severe head trauma, and was internally bleeding. Though they were able to bandage up her external injuries, her insides were too injured beyond healing. Sonic was heartbroken when he heard this.

"Sorry Sonic…even if we took her to the hospital, they'd just say the same thing." Tails said, patting his brother on the shoulder.

"Tails…you mind if I have some time alone with her?" Sonic asked. Tails nodded and left the room.

Sonic limped over to Amy's bed and sat down next to her, holding her hand. She slowly woke up and looked at him with a weak smile. Sonic smiled back and ran his hand through her hair. She motioned for him to come closer, which he did.

"S..Sonic…I was..so scared…it hurt…" Amy was barely able to say.

"Shh..please Amy, try to save your strength." Sonic was able to say, tears coming to his eyes. (A/N: With some coming to my own as well…)

Amy shook her head and attempted to reach up to Sonic. He grabbed her hand, which he then put on his face. She rubbed his cheek and smiled again. He lowered his head to hers and looked into her eyes. Under all the bleeding and bruising, he saw it. He saw his rose wilting right in front of his eyes, bringing forth more tears. Amy saw this and smiled.

"Don't..cry for me…Sonic. Th..that's not…the hero I fell in love with.." she was able to say, as she kissed him.

Hearing that only made Sonic cry a bit more. He kissed her as well, and he blushed when he heard her speak again.

"Sonic..please…I don't have a lot of time…please, take me now. I want to know…that you t..truly love me. Please..take me..Sonic." she said to him, looking at him with a longing face.

Sonic looked at her confused that she'd make such a request, but knowing her situation, he couldn't say no to her. He simply nodded, then kissed her again. They started kissing each other while Sonic gently caressed her breasts, minding her injured ribs. Amy moaned slightly, using what strength she had, she reached down and rubbed Sonic's crotch. Sonic kept rubbing her breasts, and teasing her nipples with his fingers. He started to kiss her neck and work his way down, planting kisses all over her body, causing her to moan more. He reached her sweet spot and kissed there as well before he started to lick her.

"Oh..S..Sonic..that's the spot…right there" Amy moaned.

Sonic kept licking all around her pussy, taking in her flavor and licking up her juices. He licked faster and deeper, his tongue brushing up on her clit. By this point, Amy felt as if she had already passed through the pearly gates of heaven. To her, being with Sonic was heaven. She moaned in pure pleasure as Sonic kept licking her insides. She rubbed his head, and he looked at her.

"S..Sonic..please…I can't wait any longer…I want you inside me.."she said, whimpering a bit.

"Ok Amy. Anything for you," he said, smiling as he got on top of her, again minding her ribs.

Sonic rubbed his member on her lower lips before he started to push inside her. Amy moaned and clutched the sheets with what little strength she had. When he was completely inside her, they both kissed each other.

"Take me…now, Sonic…" Amy said, kissing him again.

Sonic started at a slow pace, so he doesn't hurt her any further. He never experienced this himself either, and it felt like if he were to die right now, he'd die happy. The look on Amy's face told him she wanted him to go faster, which he did. They both moaned as Sonic sped up to a faster pace. He pushed inside her in and out and rubbed her breasts, making her moan a bit louder. He licked her breasts and sucked on her nipples as he went even faster. Amy moaning in pleasure, she brought Sonic's head up to her and kissed him deeply, Sonic kissing back, they're tongues wrapping around each other. He reached her G-spot and kept going faster and faster, Amy crying out his name is pure joy.

"A..Amy..I'm about to..!"

"D..do it..inside of me..go ahead and…let it out!"



They both shouted out each others names as they came at the same time.

After pulling out and catching his breath, Sonic got his shoes clothes back on and kissed Amy.

"We'll do this again when you're better, ok?" He asked her, but got no response. "Amy?" he asked, still no response from her. Panic set across the hedgehog's face as he tried to get any kind of reaction from her. He checked for a heartbeat, and his face went lifeless when he heard nothing. He looked at her face and didn't see any sign of pain or suffering, just joy spread across Amy's face. But he saw even deeper than that, he saw his rose, it had wilted.

"No…Noooo!! Amy no!!" Sonic shouted out, breaking down in tears next to his wilted rose.

Tails heard the shouting from outside and started to cry as well, knowing full well that Amy has passed on. It's a dark day for Team Sonic, one that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

Me: actually crying a bit I swear by the Great One, I'm never doing a sad ending again.

Sonic: crying as well You're sad? What about me? You killed Amy, you bastard!!

Me: Oh relax. snaps fingers, Amy reappears, alive There.

Sonic: Amy!

Amy: Sonikku!

they leave together

Me: sniff Hope you enjoyed, and yes, I really am crying right now.