Title: The Offer

Summary: A Daniel Betty story. When Betty gets an offer she can't refuse, what will she do?

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own Ugly Betty or the characters.

Betty stood at Daniels office, her hand perched on the frame in a delicately and obvious expression of thought. She watched her boss from the door of his office, his arm stretched out with the phone to one of his ears, the creases on his face evidence of his concentration and attention to what the person on the phone was saying. Betty watched him for a moment, not able to decide if she should interrupt him. She wanted to simply give him his mail, but at the same time she didn't want to disturb him. After pondering it for a few minutes, she decided she would quickly walk in, give him his mail and quietly walk out.

She walked into his office, slipped the mail on his desk and glanced towards him as she started to turn. She turned on her toes in a futile attempt to slip out of Daniel's office.

Daniel, hearing shuffling sounds, looked up to find the source of the distraction. He chuckled to himself at the sight before him- Betty on the toes of her feet, attempting to gently walk out of his office, something completely unBetty he thought to himself. Betty stole a glance at Daniel, and as Daniel watched her, he held out a finger, gesturing her to wait a minute, stopping Betty in her tracks. She quietly stood near his desk, patiently listening to the one sided conversation.

"uh ok..sure…we'll figure it out...ok" Daniel sighed as he put the phone down, reaching back in his chair as he ran a tired hand through his hair.

'that was the writer we booked for one of this month's articles. He called to tell me he can't do the article." Daniels voice trailed off.

"Well I can pull up a list of other people we can use" Betty started to say

Daniel watched her for a moment, before breaking into a smile 'actually I was thinking maybe you might want to try it?"

"me?" Betty looked at him surprised

"uh no…I don't think so…' she started to shake her head in protest

"what? Why not? You've been taking those writing classes. I've read some of your work..its not bad" his voice trailed off, he could tell she was thinking about it, and was likely going to refuse the offer, he needed some way to convince her, some way to clinche the deal.

"I mean I could get someone else, but I just thought maybe you would want to get some experience" he raised his shoulders, trying to be indifferent, keeping his voice from showing any preference to what she decided. He raised his eyes to steal a glance at her, trying to see if he had convinced her.

Betty thought for a moment 'well what is the article on?"

Daniel knowing that with that one small statement, he had gotten her to at the very least consider the offer, which for Betty usually meant she would likely agree. Daniel knowing he had convinced her to write the article, jumped up from his desk and stood excitedly with a wide smile on his face.