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Two weeks later

"Daniel, you're next interview is here" Amanda crooned as she stood in Daniels' office watching him as he worked at his desk

Daniel sighed and glanced up at Amanda 'Thanks Amanda, send them in", he returned his gaze to his desk.

Amanda turned and walked out of his office.

Daniel had been going through so many interviews but no one compared to Betty. It had been two weeks since that day at the airport, he hadn't heard from her and while he had wanted nothing more than to call her or more so follow her, he knew he just couldn't.

When he heard the sound of footsteps in his office he sighed.

"You can have a seat" Daniel gestured to the seat in front of his desk without looking up, his attention on his work.

"So tell me about.." his voice trailed as he reluctantly glanced away from his work and looked up, with a look of surprise

"Betty…what are you doing here?"

His face expressed confusion and surprise

Betty smiled "I'm applying for the position" she said as she watched him carefully

Daniel looked at her surprised as he got up from his desk and went around his desk to stand near her

"But..what are you doing here?" he asked confused

"I'm uh..applying for the position" she said as she laughed softly

Betty looked at him and then sighed "I'm sorry Daniel"

Daniel looked at her confused

Betty reached out and took Daniels hands, she looked down at their hands

Daniel looked down at their hands

"I'm sorry Daniel, I'm sorry I hurt you" Betty said as tears started to form in her eyes

"Its just that there was so many things changing, my job, I was leaving my family and then you showed up at the airport and told me how you felt. I'm so sorry" she said as tears fell on her face

"Hey" Daniel said softly as he reached out a hand to wipe away her tears

"I'm so sorry Betty, I should have been more understanding…" his voice trailed off

"I should have told you how I felt…I love you Daniel" Betty said as she smiled at him

Daniel smiled and then reached out to kiss her.

After a few minutes, Betty pulled away "so do I get the job?"

Daniel smiled at her "I don't know..I did have a lot of interviews"

Betty smiled 'well maybe this will change your mind" she said as she reached out and kissed him

"I don't think I need to do anymore interviews" Daniel said as he smiled at her as Betty smiled.