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Summary: Draco died in the war. Lucius and Narcissa need another heir, the only problem is Narcissa can't have another child, so Narcissa and Lucius want the next best thing. They want Hermione Granger to have their heir. Will feelings get involved? Will they learn to accept the feelings? How will Hermione react? You just have to see.

"Lucius, what are we going to do? The healer said when I had Draco that I cannot have another child, and if I would have another child there is a ninety-nine percent chance that I and the child were to die if I went through another pregnancy." Narcissa said, casting a worried glance at Lucius.

"How about we get a young girl to go through the pregnancy for us? We could make the potion that Carmine Eduardo made because she wanted to have both of her lover's traits in her child. The potion was called, Combínenos todo, meaning combine us all." Lucius said, looking up from his paperwork in his study.

"What young girl Lucius? I do not wish for our child to be stupid like most of the young girls out there." Narcissa said, as she leaned back on the leather sofa sitting in front of the fire.

"Well, Dumbledore offered me a job as the DADA professor. I think we would have more luck finding the girl if we were in a place full of young girls." Lucius answered as he stood from his chair and walked over toward where Narcissa sat.

"I think that is a great idea. Will I be able to come with you?" Narcissa asked, opening her eyes to see Lucius towering above her.

"Yes, of course you will be able to come with me. Dumbledore told me that if you wanted you could help Madam Pomfrey in the Hospital wing because there have been so many injuries." Lucius said, while picking up his wife's head, sitting down, and putting her head in his lap.

"Maybe I will, I do not know. Can I go around the castle when ever I like and where ever?" Narcissa asked, looking up at her husband.

"Of course, although Dumbledore wanted to know if he could ask one little favor from you, and I have to do the same favor along with the other professors." Lucius said, preparing for how he was going to explain it to her.

"What is the favor he is asking?" Narcissa said, preparing for thee worst.

"He believes it is time for the students to learn about sex." Lucius said, shuddering at the thought.

"Of course, it will be fun Lucius." Narcissa said, a huge smile breaking out on her face.

"Well, do you really wish to go back to Hogwarts? You know because of all the memories of Draco?" Lucius asked Narcissa.

"You know Draco wouldn't want us to sit here and mourn over him. He would want us to be happy, and if he were here, he would tell us to go for it, life is only so long." Narcissa said, leaning up to kiss her husband.

"Narcissa, you would want to do that because if you were to keep kissing me like that I would lose control of my actions." Lucius said staring down into his wife's blue eyes.

"Who said I wanted you to stay in control of your actions?" Narcissa replied. As soon as she had said that Lucius had picked her up and apparated then to their bedroom.

Now at Grimmauld place there were other things going on.

"Hermione, I love you and I want to marry you when our sixth year is over because then we will both be seventeen." Ron said in front of the whole Order of the Phoenix, down on one knee and holding Hermione's hand.

"Ron, you know I love you, but you got to give me time to think things through. Maybe you are just rushing things because the war is over and everyone always expected me and you to get together." Hermione said, looking down at Ron with pleading eyes.

"Okay Hermione but I want you to wear the ring for now, if that's alright with you." Ron said, still holding Hermione's hand.

"Okay, only if you don't mind." Hermione said.

At that, Ron slid the simple diamond ring on her right ring finger, stood up and hugged her, and whispered in her ear so only she could hear, "Hermione you are going to be mine one way or another." Hermione gasped at his words and pulled back from the hug to look him in the eye but he would not meet her eyes.

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