Chocolate Eggs

Watching Bella gorge herself on chocolate was a sight to behold indeed. He didn't know why she denied having more than the average liking for the small brown eggs but it was obvious she was either in denial or she wasn't even aware how many of them she ate.

Alice, in the festive spirit had placed small baskets of the brightly packaged treats around the house and every time Bella passed one she would grab not one egg but at least five, stuffing them in her pockets or down her top to eat when she thought nobody was looking.

Edward as a boy had never eaten chocolate; it was a luxury item that his family had not been able to afford and in his immortal existence it would have tasted like dirt. Judging by the expression on Bella's face when she stuffed a particularly melted one in her mouth the taste of them was as if they were from heaven itself.

It was Good Friday and to count Bella had eaten four hundred and seventy four eggs since Alice had re-decorated. If Edward had not witnessed this astonishing feat himself he would not have believed it but he had and now he found himself thinking about Chocolate Eggs and Bella's lips at the most inappropriate of times.

He wished with all the power in his being that he could just try one small tasty morsel and know the delicate taste of it as Bella did on his tongue. He wanted to experience the smooth slide down his throat and lick the excess of his lips like he watched Bella do every time, as if she didn't want to miss a bit.

Hearing the tearing of foil he looked over from the rocking chair in Bella's room to watch her where she lay in bed. He frowned because he could sense by her breathing and the way her muscles seemed totally relaxed that she was still asleep but he was sure he had heard the sound of an Easter egg wrapper.

Maybe he was hallucinating, yes that was it – he had become so obsessed with chocolate that he was now imagining that his girlfriend was eating it in her sleep. He looked at her more closely and watched her mouth make an odd movement, like she was sucking on something … or letting it melt on her tongue.

Getting off the chair he moved silently onto the bed, careful not to make the mattress dip too much and observed the movement again. Yes, Bella definitely had something in her mouth. She gave out a small moan as he leant forward until their noses were touching and he was almost overwhelmed by her scent and the scent of chocolate that seemed to follow her everywhere these days.

He struggled to stay still, resisting the sound of her pleasure, and nearly jumping out of his skin when her tongue swiped against her lips trying to find any leftover chocolate - he couldnt help himself as he closed the short distance between them and kissed her softly. He tasted Bella over everything, and it was amazing, her tongue felt smooth and velvety against his as she kissed him back in her sleep and he knew a deep satisfaction because he had at last experienced the texture of chocolate.

Sighing he pulled back, reluctant to wake her knowing she needed her sleep. She rolled her whole body into his, oblivious to his cold skin as she relaxed again. Edward spent a tortured night waiting for her to wake up, knowing the first thing she would do was reach for another egg. But Bella didn't, the first thing she did upon waking was to reach for him, startling him before he sunk into the kiss. She moaned again before pulling back.

"Is it me Edward, or have you been eating chocolate?"

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