Chapter One: Arrival

Vexen stared at the sheet of paper held in his hand. In the other, was a beaker filled with a mysterious liquid. "He wants me to go… I have more important things to do!" he exclaimed to Zexion.

Zexion glanced up from his lexicon. "Where?" he inquired to be polite.

"To this… this… tournament!" Vexen slammed the paper down on the table. "Xemnas ordered me to go, to participate. He didn't even tell me in person! Just sent me a note!"

Zexion picked up a brochure for El Centro Del Mundo and began to scan through it. He would wait out the storm.

"And do you know who he's sending me with?! That neophyte, Marluxia!" Vexen looked at the liquid in the bottle. "This entire situation is going to be a nuisance," going to be a nuisance," He wrote down several observations about the liquid on a sheaf of notes, setting the beaker down in a holder. He turned to face Zexion. "The only good thing to come out of this is that I will be able to perform some experiments… I'll have to pack some of my equipment though…"

Zexion glanced up. "They have a chemical supply store there…" he stated, pulling out the map that had come with the brochure. He pointed out the small store. "The brochure states that this chemical store has most of the chemicals known to man. You could use that as a base for your experiments."

Vexen nodded. "Good idea." He picked up a case and began to put lab equipment in it. Zexion didn't really help, just stood around reading the brochure for the mall, occasionally pointing out something Vexen missed.

Vexen stared around his lab, once last time before he left via a dark portal.

He arrived in the Hall of Empty Memories, where he was to meet up with Marluxia, before they were to depart for the tournament. He began to tap his foot impatiently. Where is that stupid neophyte? he thought to himself, displeased. He's late.

It took Marluxia another ten minutes to arrive. Vexen scowled in displeasure. "What took you so long?" he snapped.

Marluxia laughed, passing by him. "I was getting several things set… were you worried?" he replied sarcastically.

"We are Nobodies, we have no hearts. Thus, we cannot feel," Vexen lectured, before stepping through the portal.

The shop was well hidden. Vexen had parted from Marluxia soon after arriving, having desired to be rid of the neophyte's presence as soon as professionally possible. It had been ridiculously easy; the pink haired man had not wanted to work with the blonde either, only doing so because of orders from the Superior. They had agreed on a meeting place, a small, nondescript cafe in one of the smaller food courts. It was safe, or at least moderately safe, place to report to one another on their various activities. Not that Vexen would report to Marluxia often; Vexen didn't trust the Graceful Assassin. The assassin was too ambitious for anyone's good. Vexen suspected at times that the Assassin wasn't content with his position, hungry for a higher spot.

Vexen peered inside the shop. It was completely unmanned. He grinned, walking in and setting down his case of supplies, taking in all the various chemicals and supplies inside. He began to set up his temporary lab. He knew it would not be as good as his old one, but it would suffice.

Five minutes later he heard the announcements begin. He payed half an ear to them, more concerned with the assembly of his portable lab. The rules he made sure to memorize, along with the names of the other contestants. Zexion had allowed him to borrow a small laptop from him, so that Vexen could access the Organization's files on characters. It would help him when the fighting began.

"Now, for the first round, here is our line up!" The announcer stated dramatically.

Vexen waited patiently for his battle to be stated. Soon, his answer came.

"Vexen, the Chilly Academic, versus…!"

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