I laid in the dark, staring unseeingly at the dark ceiling. I felt like I was in a dream, that any second I would wake up to Renee's shouting. That someone like me could never have a happy ending.

I rolled onto my side, tugging the duvet tighter around my body. I was currently staying in the Cullen's lavishly furnished guest room, sleeping in a king bed that seemed suitable for royalty.

I still felt extremely guilty for forcing myself onto this family, but I didn't have any other opinions. I couldn't live with Renee anymore, not with Dad gone.

I turned over again, unable to get to sleep. The Cullen certainly seemed okay with my staying here. I laughed to myself as I remembered everyone's reactions. Alice had been thrilled beyond belief, insisting that we go shop for new clothes for me first thing in the morning. Emmett and Jasper had also been genuinely happy, both giving me a warm and big smile. Rosalie, well, she gave me a polite smile and tried to not look completely upset, and I was glad for that.

My lids slowly became heavy as the stressful events of the day caught up with me. I sank deeper into the down mattress, letting my exhaustion overcome me. . .


I stumbled into the downstairs, still half-asleep. I found Rosalie and Jasper sitting in the living room, watching the morning news. I sat next to Rosalie on the couch, returning their good mornings. I watched the TV for a minute before asking them where everyone else was.

"Edward, Emmett, and Alice mostly likely still dead to the world, Carlisle's at the hospital, and last time I saw Esme she was fixing breakfast," said Rosalie. I nodded shifting slightly in my seat. I sat with them for a few minutes, then finally stood.

"I'll go see if Esme needs any help in the kitchen." I said, not wanting to feel very awkward for much longer.

"Hi, Bella," Esme said cheerfully when I walked in.

"Hi, Esme. Do you need any help with breakfast?"

"No, thanks. But could you wake Edward and Alice? I'd ask you to get Emmett up also, but I've yet to figure out just how." She grinned at me, and I smiled at her joke.

Maybe I can start fresh.